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Phewwwwww. We're glad you clicked through.

As we've been saying, the internet is rife with new iPad talk. And yeah, as per usual, we're gong to give away some shiny new Apple hardware to celebrate and get everyone in the mood. 

This time it's realllllly simple, to be in the running for a NEW iPad all you have to do is give us your email and what country you're in. Your email and country is just so we can email you with other cool competitions, giveaways and ocassionally (like a handful of times per year) a promotional deal that you'll be glad you got :) 

We think it'd be pretty lame if we didn't giveaway just in time for Christmas, so if you win, expect to hear from us in early December

Sign-up form is below.

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big scary band

I’m at the HiFi Bar in Melbourne’s  CBD late on a Friday and the crowd is humming. I heard Big Scary had sold out the show, but now that I’m standing here with 600 or 700 people in the packed audience I can’t believe how popular they’ve become in a short space of time. Only two months ago I heard the Not Art album played to a modest crowd the Triple R studios. Not Art has really helped the band crossover to another genre and help them appeal to another audience. I guess Cygnett should be thankful that we were able to use their previous hit, ‘This Weight’, for our very recent Utility Street Test before the band totally exploded.


Not Art from start to finish and the crowd bays for more and that is exactly what they get when Tom and Jo return to the stage without their new band members and belt out a few tunes from Vacation.

Before I knew it the gig was done and the crowd disperse and again I’m left reflecting upon how popular they’ve become in such a short space of time and then I reflect on the show I’ve just seen and realised that nothing is going to surprise me moving forward

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Big Congrats to Big Scary and their recent nominations for the Australian Independent Record Awards. Catch one of Big Scary's tracks when #Utilitydrops in the next week or so!

big scary

To read more about Big Scary performing on the night and learn who else got nominated, click here

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Yewwwwwwww! Falls Festival!!!

When Falls Festival is held in Marion Bay, Hobart it is easily the liveliest week on the Tassie calendar. Leading up to Falls, a series of events kicks things off: first, some mad yachties set off from Sydney and then arrive in Hobart (aptly named ‘the Sydney to Hobart’); immediately after, gastronomes rejoice as The Taste of Tasmania kicks off and, by the end of the week, Salamanca is buzzing with tourists primed for Falls. The anticipation in Tassie is the same as Lorne or Byron and the conversations no doubt IDENTICAL in the lead-up. “Are you smuggling booze in?” “How early are you getting there?” “Oh, you wanna convoy with us?” “Where will we meet?”

My first Falls was back in ’04, with the Black Keys and De La Soul headlining the festival. I can still remember You Am I having a big dust up on stage and subsequently cancelling the show and also I vividly remember slow jamming to Donovan Frankenreiter.

2013 looks like another doozy with a international headliners MGMT and Vampire Weekend and solid live acts like The Wombats and The Cat Empire (ridiculously good to boogie to) on the line up. The clock is also being wound back with 90s favourites The Violent Femmes and Neil Finn making an appearance. Plenty of talent on the cards, but I’ll be hanging out to see Big Scary drop their new Album Not Art and also see some of the artists from Tame Impala form as Pond.

Regardless of which Falls you’re at Tassie, Byron or Lorne it will deliver seriously good times :)

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I think the most apt way to describe World’s End Press' musical stylings would be to say they live at the point where Simple Minds meets Cut Copy.

I’d also comfortably say that the energy on the d-floor at Ding Dong, last Friday, was matched by the four band members of this classy Melbourne outfit. WEP were really getting down and the crowd was digging their electro new wave vibe.

If you like getting your boogie on and like that DFA-esque super-really-fun-party-vibe then World’s End Press should be on your radar.

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Hi, I’m Karen. This gorgeous scarf was a gift from my newly-married sis and bro-in-law, which they spotted in H&M Santiago, Chile on their honeymoon. These pink Zara jeans are the perfect complement to a black or white basic top…very girly! My ASOS lime boyfriend beanie is fun and makes any winter outfit pop. My InSound noise cancelling headphones are the first thing I pack when I have a long flight ahead of me. I am obsessed with runners, I have equally as many runners as I do shoes (a lot, that’s what formerly working at Footlocker will do to you). These Jordan 60+s are super retro with lime and purple highlights. My ASOS Leather pants are so-hot-right-now and very slinky! People stop me all the time and ask where I got my necklace. It’s from Fiorina and each unique piece incorporates a coin. Coin jewelry has been around for decades and my mum’s first ring from my dad was a coin ring when she was just 18, so it has some sentimental value, too. Love these boots, the silver tip make them trés chic and handy for kicking ass in supply chain. I’m obsessed with trying the new O.P.I nail polish colours and I’m currently wearing Lights of Emerald City. These Mimco hoop earrings with braided leather keep it a little ghetto.

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Hi, I’m Viv. This original KISS bag from the 1980 ‘Unmasked’ tour has become a family heirloom; picked up by my Lithuanian grandmother of all people, because she thought the word KISS was ‘sweet’. I break out my white electric violin at wedding gigs and impromptu recording sessions; it looks amazing and lets me keep up with my friends’ non-acoustic babies. Can’t live without my iPod classic, its packed full and ‘well loved’, which is just my excuse for it being covered in scratches. I’ve never been a fan of photographs, so my Canon camcorder accompanies me to parties/outings to keep a record. I collect perfume and makeup and two of my favourites are my Chanel ‘Chance’ perfume and Yves Saint Laurent lip-gloss. I picked up these sunnies at Victoria Market for a steal, so I don’t have to feel guilty if they get knocked about. My scrunch-able, Vapur water bottle has an awesome geometric print and the pliable bottle lets me take it everywhere, no matter how small my handbag is for the day. I’m always buying notebooks and these two bronze hardcovers from Typo are some I’ve been scribbling in lately. Pens and pencils are also a must for writing down everything that comes into my head before it disappears. I’m loving my new Galaxy S4 and this cool Lavish case features a hidden triangular geometric print on the inside that matches my water bottle. The Swarovski Tinkerbell clip was a surprise from a friend to commemorate a long standing in-joke. Finally, the Nissan car key is for the first car I’ve bought brand new and the little sugar skull references my favourite theme; the Día de Muertos or the Mexican Day of Dead.

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Last Saturday, braving frosty weather with a multitude of other public art lovers, I wandered down to the GERTRUDE STREET PROJECTION FESTIVAL.

Now in its sixth year, the festival continues to transform public spaces and bring locals and visitors together with interactive and inspiring media art installations.

The street was packed with people and at times, we were backing into each other’s photos, but the crowd was so captivated no one seemed to mind.

I did mention it was pretty cold; so, to take some respite, we popped into the classic Belle’s Diner for a retro American-inspired diner experience. I’d heartily recommend the Wagyu beef Dinerr Burger, followed by the Key Lime Pie!

Check out the About GSPF video and get inspired to head down to Gertrude Street between 6pm and midnight until 28 July 2013.

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Entering the Triple R studio’s in East Brunswick late last Friday night, I was buzzing. It coulda been that I was going to seeing a gig inside the hallowed halls of 3RRR, Australia's oldest independent broadcaster; maybe it was the best behavior I had to be on because the set was LIVE to air; or perhaps it was the couple of vinos I imbibed prior to arriving (probably).

Regardless of why, once I was in the band room, the energy in was electric, the crowd as diverse as the listenership of Triple R and everyone was just as buzzed about hearing the first live set from Big Scary’s new Album, Not Art. 

It’s been a big couple of years for the Melbourne duo comprising Tom Iansek (on evocative falsetto vocals and guitar) and Jo Syme  (on economical drums and vocals). They’ve played the tops of the Australian festival scene Falls Festival, Splendor In the Grass and overseas adventures to Austin’s world-famous music and film festival SXSW. The past couple of weeks have been no exception.

Big Scary’s new album, Not Art, was the Feature Album on nationally-broadcast Triple J in the week prior to the gig and the critics have been showering the album with rave reviews. No Art is a shift from the heavy-rock sound of their previous album Vacation to a much moodier, melodic feel. The album has some big rocks sounds, emotive ballads and even trip-hop influences. All these influences flow through into an album that is best listened to as a whole to get its full impact. The vocals on the album are really stirring and the sounds sampled on Luck Now are epic.

I hadn’t listened to the album prior to the live set and immediately purchased myself some heavy vinyl that has been spinning most days since the gig. You can hear more of Big Scary on Spotify and iTunes or check out their website to get buzzed about the band yourself. :)

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Cygnett’s newly released Alternate case takes the iPhone 5 from low-key-workplace to after-hours-flash, in two moves. Featuring two pairs of ends in alternate colours, this case makes it easy to dock and change the accent of your iPhone. Cygnett Product Manager in charge of iPhone, Freya Torrington said, ‘We developed Alternate for users of the latest Apple smartphone who like to switch up their look, from day to night or work to play.’

To accompany the release of the ALTERNATE series for iPhone 5, Cygnett has released a short, stop-motion film, called WORK+PLAY:

Alternate is available in three colour ways:

-Grey with Black & Lime ends

-Silver with White & Blue ends

-Pink with White & Pop Pink ends

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Hi, I'm Dan. During the week, I always have my Lamy 2000 ballpoint pen, iPad mini with our Enigma flexible folding case and Omega watch close at hand. I use an iPhone 4S with WorkMate Pro and I love this Danish-designed wine finer and aerator, for decanting a nice bottle of red. On the weekend, I like to head out of town and go dirt biking with the guys: so I need my Fox helmet and goggles, Caribee hydration back pack, 8/10/12mm tri-socket tool, Gerber multi-tool and fork saver in my motorbike kit; along with my head lamp for when the sun goes down. 

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Hi, I'm Kelly. My favourite object is my Madrid: Limited Edition Pink Ribbon, Weezer Longboard – a portion of the purchase went to breast cancer research, and it's a pretty great board for cruising around town. I picked up this Recycled Leather Satchel from Rainbow Serpent Festival, made by the hands of hippies. My Wacom Inkling lets me sketch out designs to be uploaded Illustrator/Photoshop later, saving layers and converting lines to vectors (awesome, if you’re a design nerd). I have a Nintendo DS, covered with this brilliant 'Ragdolls' piece by Yoko d'Holbachie. This Evangelion Kubric Lego references my favourite Japanese Anime. I’m using the iPhone 5 ICON Nathan Jurevicius case 'Haven', right now, loving the rubberised feel and animation aesthetic. I found this handmade ring at Rose St Artists Market, made out of the end of a spoon. I carved this Dino Rubber Stamp from an eraser, for an online project with ZeFrank. I love my Holga toy camera and Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses, with sky blue inner arms. For sketching out concepts, I always have a 0.5 felt tip pen and my favourite Monsieur Notebook – leather cover, A4, brown dot grid.

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You Am I still have one of the largest cult followings in Australian Rock'n'Roll. Fronted, for more than 20 years, by the charismatic and sometimes outrageous Tim Rogers, the band is in transition, in Rogers’ words, “we’re moving into our middle age and looking better than we did in our mid-twenties.”


YAI are entwined in the Melbourne music scene and have played most venues across town from the Punters to The Tote, The Corner to The Espy. In 20 years, YAI have been involved in, if not headlined, pretty much every major touring festival across the country including, Big Day Out, Falls Festival, Splendour in the Grass and Meredith. Not content with fading into obscurity, YAI are undertaking another national tour and the show on Sunday night at the Forum concluded their fourth one in five days at the venue.

I was there to see the boys rock out at the Forum, a venue that's steeped in heritage, which has hosted international acts such as LCD Soundsystem, the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, Katy Perry and Oasis. Needless to say, they completely rocked and Rogers was as brazen as ever while still maintaining his control. The show was punctuated with a vibe for a boogie - “We didn’t want to sell out this gig to capacity to give you guys some space to dance tonight, and dance floor real estate comes at a fucking premium in town SO GET MOVING!”  Gold.

Rogers was joined on stage by past and present band members to play two of their most successful albums Hourly, Daily(Number one on the Australian charts) and Hi-Fi-Way (Aria Awarded). If you get a chance to capture one of their shows make sure you do, I’ve had mates kicking themselves that they missed out on the show! Here is a clip from their performance a couple years back:

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Hi, I'm Tom. I love the lip on this EarthLust water bottle; you can slam down 1L/40 secs. My wallet’s from Wild & Wolf, a smart UK designer. My back pack is from ASOS, I just really liked the tiny scorpion design. I found my watch online from Nixon, they take simple designs and execute them in interesting ways – this watch is in tortoise shell acetate. My sunnies are from Le Specs – they make some pretty cool sunglasses, plus I’ve lost too many to spend a bomb. I’m rocking the Alternate case on my iPhone 5. It comes with alternative ends in Lime, when I want a splash of colour. This Beneath the Roses necklace is a skeleton jawbone, from Sydney-based designer Arthur Sikiotis. Finally, I’m never far from my MacBook Pro 15ʹʹ retina.

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Hi, I'm Nick. Riding my bike to work in winter makes these gloves essential; the helmet and rechargeable bike lights (required by The Man in Australia) and fluro jacket keeps me relatively dry/visible to crazy drivers. Kinda wishful thinking with my Dragon glasses, but the sun does occasionally crack through the clouds. The most grown-up wallet I’ve owned, from Ted Baker, is entirely Velcro-free. Keys and a highlighter are always floating in my bag. I have a glossy AeroGrip case on iPhone 4S, which is low-drag when pulling out of my jeans. And, the Action Armband is great for pumping tunes on the ride home or when I go for a run; I love that the phone slips in with the case on.

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It was a clash for the ages yesterday down at Elsternwick Park football ground in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, for the annual Reclink Community Cup; Melbourne radio’s Triple R and PBS AFL charity match. The stage was set with perfect football conditions: a cloudless Melbourne winter day without a breath of wind.

 The match drew in excess of 10,000 spectators to watch the annual clash between ‘The Rockdogs’ (fielding a team of new/old rockers) against ‘The Megahertz’ (Triple R/PBS FM presenters). It was a tremendous day where more than $100K was raised for a worthy cause: Reclink, an organisation whose mission is to provide sporting, social and arts activities to enhance the lives of people experiencing disadvantage.

Cygnett Online Community Manager, Nick McCormack gave his assessment of the match: “I was there on the day to watch a couple of mates play on the big stage. But, a hard working veteran winger also caught my eye in the second quarter, sending some sharp left footed 'worm burners' down the throat of The Rockdogs forward flank. Our very own Andrew Kahofer (Cygnett Group Marketing & Product Director and winner of ‘The Ian Rilen Medal’ for best veteran) had pulled on the spikes for the charity day and set a blistering pace. I'd seen AK training hard around the ‘Tan in the lead up to the match and the miles in the legs certainly made the difference in dying stages.” 

The day ended in controversy, with a kick after the siren leveling the scores and resulting a draw for the third time in the fixture’s 20 year history – both teams scoring 4.4.28. Nick got a couple shots from the day, none better than this one with the legendary PK (Paul Kelly) and AK during the three-quarter time address.

Of course, the crowd had also flocked to see a raft of the two radio stations supporting bands, including: Justine Clarke & The Rebelles, Super Wild Horses, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, and post-match entertainment by the reformed Beasts of Bourbon. Tim Rogers was joined by Kat Spazzy to perform the song Pub by Cosmic Psychos, in lieu of the national anthem before the bounce.

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This is how we roll on the long weekend. The weather’s getting a little cold for the beach in the southern hemisphere, so our design team took a trip to the rolling hills of Gippsland in Australia’s south-east to get in some long boarding (and a glass or two of red, by the open fire).

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The Apple App store just had their 50 billionth app downloaded and to help illustrate the milestone we've gone BIG. released a fun post on their website this week about iPhone screens, you can read it here. The post illustrated what the combined size of all iPhone screens sold would look like if you made one large screen. The screens were given some context by placing them in Manhattan, looming over central Park.

The images created by are quite staggering when you consider the enormity of Manhattan and how much of the island is eclipsed by the mammoth screen. The images also provoked the crew at Cygnett to ponder calculations about some of the other objects Apple has given to the people en mass. With a little bit of research and some banter between the Marketing, Industrial Design and Color department we remembered the Apple App store just had their 50 billionth app downloaded. So here is what the combined size of all the apps downloaded by users globally would look like if you combined them all.


The math behind the calculations is kept very simple. We were unable to attain the breakdown of apps by device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, etc), so we standardized the size of the app icon to 1cm x 1cm (4/10 of an inch):

√50,000,000,000 = 223607cm which equates to 2.23607km, which gave us our height and our width J

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Cygnett’s Lead Industrial Designer, Shannon Brown, and Industrial Designer, Haydn Smith, describe the logic behind the WorkMate design project with an escalating drop test of the Galaxy S4 with the new WorkMate Evolution, from up to 3m/10 ft.

WorkMate Evolution has an integrated Polycarbonate, TPU and Silicone design to give your phone a superior level of shock absorbency. It’s constructed with this TPU chassis and impact corners for extra drop protection. It has a protective and feather-light rubberized PC shell.

We included this textured silicone inlay for anti-shock and grip properties and to create some stickiness on surfaces like dash boards. It has a deeply-embedded bezel to protect the screen. And, it has a really slim profile.

Shannon Brown, Cygnett’s Senior Industrial Designer explains the design logic, “With the WorkMate Evolution, we wanted to ramp up the functionality of the series, while maintaining the super-slim, slick form we’ve become known for in the protective category. We came up with a case that’ll protect user’s phones if they’re active or into adventure, but will still fit in really well in an urban or work environment.”

Click for more information on the WorkMate project. The complete WorkMate Series includes:

WorkMate for iPhone 5 (Khaki and Slate) RRP $34.95

WorkMate for iPad mini (Slate and Red) RRP $49.95

WorkMate for iPod touch 5th Gen. (Khaki and Black) RRP $34.95

WorkMate for Galaxy SIII (Red and Slate) RRP $34.95

WorkMate Pro for iPhone 4/S (Black and Orange) sold out

WorkMate Pro for Galaxy SII (Black and Grey) sold out

Click for product videos, and retail outlets.

Warning: Don't try this at home! You can see in this video how the WorkMate shock-absorbing case performs, but your Galaxy S4 isn't covered by our warranty if you try out the drop test yourself. We dropped it so you don't have to :)

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Ronnie Tjampitjinpa featured in ‘Storytellers’ AAMU, Utrecht, The Netherlands  We’re very excited to see our ICON Art Series collaborator, Ronnie Tjampitjinpa, featured in an exhibition at Utrecht’s magnificent AAMU, Museum of contemporary Aboriginal art.

Posted by: kim pearce    |   Posted on: 20/03/2013

FOR THE FASHION FORWARD Form and Feel (Joan Harris or Betty Draper?)  This season, the cultural currents have guided our Galaxy S4 colour collections towards the 1960s. In Mad Men terms, the Form and Feel cover the spectrum from ‘Joan Harris’ to ‘Betty Draper’. Whether the look is boldly bejeweled or whimsically girlish, this most elegant time travel is elaborated on awards reds carpets, haute couture and high street fashion.

Posted by: kim pearce    |   Posted on: 20/03/2013

Nathan Jurevicius Scarygirl Part Two video released  ICON Art Series -- Nathan Jurevicius: The Inspirations for Scarygirl -- Part Two. Nathan talks about his major inspirations and artistic heroes for the Scarygirl world.

Posted by: kim pearce    |   Posted on: 08/03/2013

Nathan Jurevicius Scarygirl Part One video released  Our 'ICON Art Series – Nathan Jurevicius: Scarygirl 10th Anniversary – Part One' video in the three-part series just released.

Posted by: kim pearce    |   Posted on: 27/02/2013

Perentie Dreaming; Ronnie Tjampitjinpa for Samsung  With the imminent release of Samsung’s new Galaxy S device, we’re very excited to be working with our grand master Indigenous ICON Artist, Ronnie Tjampitjinpa, on a brand new case series.

Posted by: kim pearce    |   Posted on: 25/01/2013

ICON takes the world by storm  We’ve been absolutely blown away by the reaction to our ICON Art Series cases from the world’s press.
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