It’s all about strong, definite colours this season and Cygnett has already created a series of cases that will be the exclamation point in your style statement.  The only question left before stepping out in style is 'which colour am I the master of today?'



Purple embodies a regal and luxurious lifestyle….ever wonder why the Royals are so fond of it?


The Purple AeroGrip is designed to show the world how the key to your fashion-forward thinking and mysterious nature is in the decadent, imperial colours you choose to define yourself 



"Blue, GREEN, grey, white, or black; smooth, ruffled, or mountainous; the ocean is not silent." - H.P. Lovecraft


There's no reason to be silent or meek when it comes to your style choices either!

Embody all the power and grace of the sea with the ultimate aquatic-hued accessory


Our Sea-Green AeroGrip is the ultimate statement of refined beauty and urban flair



Is there anything more chic than black?  That deepest of shades invokes thoughts of sophistication, power and class. 

Black tuxedos and obsidian limousines…need we say more?   

Our AeroGrip case is ‘the little black dress’ for your iPhone 5



Tangerines point to all things electric, fresh and new!  It really is the perfect partnership of energetic reds and happy yellows


Make a statement with our Tangerine AeroGrip and show off your multi-directional point of view



Pinks have the most fantastic range, from soft vintage hues to razor-sharp, electric neons.  This year we're all about 'The brighter, the better!'  

Be bold and strike a post with a strong, feminine neon!