As gorgeous as the fabrics and prints coming out of fashion-houses worldwide are, they still lose their spots in comparison to Nature’s original pattern, Animal Print!

You can’t get any more original than the feminine polka dots on a leopard, or the powerfully brushed strokes on tigers (didn’t they invent pin-stripe?) and who could forget the racing colours of the cheetah?

Animal Print is never far out of sight in the fashion world and it is well loved by celebrities and every day festival-goers alike.  Sure, there have been some fantastic hits and many tragic misses when applying a touch of ‘animal instinct’ to our wardrobes but, we’re calling it here at Cygnett, as a big returning trend for summer 2013.

Want to hear the best part…?

Nature’s ultimate fashion statement can now be brought to life with some modern imitations that don’t require a feline sacrifice when dressing to match your furry style icon of choice.  So, you need not fear the splash of red paint when you choose Animal Print as your next fashion statement.

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