InSound Noise-cancelling headphones  

InSound are dynamic, ear-enclosing, stereo headphones with an active noise-cancelling function.

Disturbing ambient noise in the low frequency range is recorded by tiny microphones and deleted by counter-sound, achieving more than 85% noise reduction.

The avid music fan is able to shut out the world and fully absorb the music in any environment and the in-flight adaptor makes InSound perfect for air travel.

With soft, padded ear covers and headband, InSound has an easy and comfortable fit. The noise cancelling function is powered by battery and InSound can also be used passively.

InSound is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and all other 3.5 mm devices. Headphones include an in-flight adaptor, two audio cables of differing length and a protective hard case.

Experience the sound-gasm!

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