Which features would YOU want in the new iPad?

So the web has recently been flooded with rumours about the new iPad. At this stage, no-one knows when Apple will announce iPad 3 (or is that iPad 2S?) or what the much-anticipated new iPad model will look like, but that’s certainly not stopping everyone from making wild guesses and dreaming up even wilder features.

In case you’ve missed any of the new iPad rumours, have a look here and here – there’s a lot more iPad speculation out there on Google of course!

What’s your dream features for iPad 3?

We’d like to know, if the sky was the limit, which new features would you like to see in the new iPad model? Retina display, faster processor, better camera, longer battery life, Siri, iOS 5.1? Any other specific iPad 3 features?

And for those who have an iPad or iPad 2, will you be upgrading to the new iPad model?

Let us know on the comments below.

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Looking forward to hearing from you!

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