Cygnett has been a hive of excitement today, with one of our number hitting the Apple Store line at midnight last night to make sure to we had the third generation new iPad in our hands today.

An evolution, rather than a revolution seems to be the consensus from the technocracy. MacWorld's video review ( from Jason Snell highlights how very impressive the screen resolution is, that the camera is a decent step up for video shooting and features fast 4G networking.

As Snell says, ‘It cranks everything up a notch.’

Of course, what we’re really excited about is releasing all you need to go along with your new iPad. We were very pleased to see our Cygnett Glam and Lavish new iPad Folio Cases featured in CNET’s review of the best iPad 3 cases (

The International Business Post quite rightly called our Lavish Connect ‘something outstanding with on board Bluetooth keyboard for typing on the go.’ (

There are lots more new iPad accoutrements to drool over. Browse our iPad accessories at

So, what was your take on the iPad release?

Like the name?

Like the reversal of the ‘Jobs’ Principle’ (newer is no longer lighter and thinner)?

Pining for Siri?

Let us know.

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