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“I’ve Finally Found The Perfect iPhone Case: The Cygnett Icon” – TechCrunch  No, we didn’t write that ourselves!

Posted by: Ben Stokes    |   Posted on: 02/04/2012

Petie the dog versus Lavish – Win 1 of 5 Frost cases for iPhone 4S  Cabin fever might become a factor in the frostiest spot in America, but can you imagine being bored enough to try to eat an iPad outside, when the barometer is at minus-28 degrees? Well, Petie was.

Posted by: Ben Stokes    |   Posted on: 30/03/2012

We’ve had some brilliant independent reviews and endorsements over the last little while that we thought we’d share.

Posted by: Ben Stokes    |   Posted on: 26/03/2012

The new iPad Launch around the world  The new iPad drew crowds around the world, braving inclement weather and pavement sleeping.

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Posted by: Ben Stokes    |   Posted on: 16/03/2012

The new iPad has arrived, hoorah!  Cygnett has been a hive of excitement today, with one of our number hitting the Apple Store line at midnight last night to make sure to we had the third generation new iPad in our hands today.

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Posted by: Cygnett    |   Posted on: 27/02/2012

New iPad Rumours  So the web has recently been flooded with rumours about the new iPad. At this stage, no-one knows when Apple will announce iPad 3 (or is that iPad 2S?)

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Love is in the air Valentine’s Day 2012 Give away

Posted by: Ben Stokes    |   Posted on: 12/01/2012

For the first time ever, Cygnett is exhibiting at 2012 International CES. We opened our booth today, introducing more than a dozen new accessories for today’s popular mobile devices.

Posted by: Ben Stokes    |   Posted on: 18/01/2012

Hello everyone! We’re proud to announce our new branding, a new website, an updated logo and a range of new products.
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