Cabin fever might become a factor in the frostiest spot in America, but can you imagine being bored enough to try to eat an iPad outside, when the barometer is at minus-28 degrees?

Well, Petie was.

We recently received an email from Saranac Lake resident, Liz, who owns a naughty little dog and, thankfully, a Cygnett Lavish case. She wrote:

“Last week my dog was apparently bored at home alone and decided to take my iPad outside with him. Did I mention I live in Saranac Lake, NY? You may recognize the name as the weather channel commonly refers to it as ‘the cold spot in the nation’.

“My iPad was outside in the snow and cold for hours. Then my dog decided it looked like a good thing to chew on for a while.

“My husband nearly had a stroke when he saw what the dog had done – he had given me the iPad for Christmas.  But when we removed it from the ravaged cover it started up fine.”

To celebrate the survival of Liz’s iPad, thanks to her Lavish case, and Saranac Lake as the frostiest place in the US, we’ve decided to give away 5 Frost cases for iPhone 4S.

Be one of the first 5 leave a comment to win a Frost case.

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