We’ve been blushing over the wonderful things independent reviewers from around the world have been saying about us. Check out our press round up;

Run Around Tech video reviews Apollo 22/05/2012

"I previewed Cyngett’s new line at CES 2012 and walked away very impressed. I see them as a company with a lot to offer in the future when it comes to making fresh, new, exciting cases for the iPhone. The Apollo Case, available in three colors, black, white, and purple, is the company’s take on a hybrid case... I'm a big fan of the Apollo case."


Today's iPhone reviews London Underground series 18/05/2012

TubeMap "As a newcomer to the city, having that is so invaluable. It doesn’t cover the entire network, but, it gets everything between Paddington/Earl’s Court across to Tower Hill and Aldgate East... NightLines The design is great. The coloured lines look good against the black background, and the soft touch finish is really great in hand."


Mobile Syrup reviews London Underground series 20/05/2012

"Cyngett has etched the “Official Licensed Product of Transport for London” on the inside of each case, a lovely addition. Seeing this, the cases immediately became collectors’ items and I can’t wait to complete the set."


Mac Life reviews Alumni for iPad 16/05/2012

Rated 3.5/5 "Remember when hardcover books had canvas covers? Well, they don't make them like that anymore, and with ebooks rising in popularity you might as well outfit your iPad as an old book. Right? That seems to be the trend. Cygnett's Alumni canvas case for iPad feels exactly like one of those books, and protects your tablet, too."


Chip Chick reviews Apollo 05/07/2012

"When it comes to protection, the Cygnett Apollo is pretty much as good as it gets. My iPhone can vouch for this. It even includes an iPhone screen protector! This clean and suave-looking case is also quite durable and very usable."


Fox News US reviews Glam for iPad 07/05/2012

Fox News Gadget Guy, Clayton, reviews best gadgets for Mothers Day gifts: "I was telling you about that study that came out 91% of moms would want ipad over flowers. Well, they also want stylish case... from Cygnett, a shiny one, a pink one and a whole bunch of others."


Chip Chick reviews London Underground TubeMap case 07/05/2012

"Cygnett has taken a small portion of London’s Tube, specifically central London, and put it on the back of an iPhone 4/4S case. For visitors to London, it’s a great replacement for those nefarious pocket maps. This case will especially come in handy if you are making your way to London-town for the 2012 Summer Olympics."


MacWorld reviews Apollo 01/05/2012

Rated 4/5 "Some cases feel flimsy without an iPhone in them, but the Apollo is not one of those cases. Despite its relatively lightweight and slim profile, the Apollo is a rigid, well made protective case in every regard."


iPhone Alley reviews Glam for the new iPad 30/04/2012

Rated 4/5 "Cygnett are masters of design, really. They’ve focused on appealing to essentially one main group of potential customers with the design of the Glam case with the overall style attributed to it."


Impulse Gamer reviews AudioAxis-Editor's Choice 23/04/2012

EDITOR CHOICE! 9 out of 10: 'Once again a very nice piece of technology from Cygnett. The Cygnett AudioAxis best feature is the clear crisp sound that generates when the iPad is docked. The sound quality is unbelievable for such a small system, whether using it to listen to music or just watching a movie. Very clear!'


Everything 4 iPod YouTube reviews Aerosphere 20/04/2012

'When you first look at this case you thing, wow, it looks amazing... the colours are awesome, the bubbles on top give it that much more texture... overall it's a really great case.'


G Style Magazine reviews Alumni & Metalicus 19/04/2012

'For this iPad alone I purchased two smart covers, two Michael Kors iPad cases, two Belkin cases, and a Targus case. Needless to say I only have the one smart cover left. After all of those cases I think the Alumni case is one that I could really see myself using on a daily basis.' (Metalicus) 'I actually really dig the metallic inspired style that reminds me of the finish on the Macbook Pro.'


iMums review Blast Portable Media Speaker 18/04/2012

"After having used the speaker for a few weeks now, I understand why it’s been so popular. When they say “big things come in small packages”, I think they were talking about this speaker as I have been blown away by the sound quality and volume this little gadget outputs."


Today's iPhone compares Belkin Cinema Stripe, Incipio Slim Kickstand and Cygnett Lavish Earth 16/04/2012

Lavish Earth rated 4.5/5 (Cinema Stripe rated 3.5/5, Slim Kickstand, 3.5/5) “None of the cases are perfect. Each has one or more areas that slightly mar the experience, but overall, the Lavish Earth has won me over. I can deal with the extra bulk, because it offers the best all round performance. It’s pretty, it’s got some great viewing angles and it doesn’t get in the way of you using your device.”  


TechCrunch reviews ICON for iPhone 4S 13/04/2012

'I've finally found the perfect iPhone case... the other day I found my dream case, and I couldn’t stop myself from telling you about it. It’s the Cygnett Icon Art series case, which I stole from my boss John. And it’s perfect.'  


Today's iPhone reviews Lavish for new iPad 13/04/2012

4.5/5 'As an overall package, it’s the best Folio case I’ve ever used. The materials, and practicality of design make it shine in a market full of cases that offer similar features but fail to miss the mark on a few of them. My dislikes aren’t major, and for that reason I knocked off half a mark. Brilliant.'


Technology Tell reviews Lavish Earth and Glam 10/04/2012

Rating 4/5 'The Lavish Earth models work great for those seeking a professional appearance, while the High-Gloss Glam Red or Rock will appeal to those looking to make a splash. Either way, you’ll have a well-made case that’ll do a great job of keeping your iPad protected.'


Impulse Gamer review ICON Art Series 10/04/2012

Rated 8.5 'Cygnett have just released their ICON Art Series Cases that are easily their funkiest cases to date. These cases have been designed by artist Nathan Jurevicius who lends his modern contemporary images to the surface of this iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S case.'


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