ICON Art Series -- Nathan Jurevicius: The Inspirations for Scarygirl -- Part Two

Cygnett's ICON Art Series is a licensed artwork collaboration with world famous artists -- Nathan Jurevicius Scarygirl cases for iPhone 4/S, iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5th gen.

Cygnett has documented the collaboration with a series of videos with Nathan, on the 10th anniversary of Scarygirl. In this video, Nathan talks about his major inspirations and artistic heroes for the Scarygirl world: including Picasso, Gaudi, Barbara Hepworth; as well as the ocean-themed fairy tale and myth from Japan and his Australian and Lithuanian heritage, along with the mischievous personality of his own daughter. 

This is the second episode in the three-part Nathan Jurevicius series.


Credits. Editor: Alex Watkins. Featuring: Nathan Jurevicius. A film by Cygnett.

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