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The Apple App store just had their 50 billionth app downloaded and to help illustrate the milestone we've gone BIG. released a fun post on their website this week about iPhone screens, you can read it here. The post illustrated what the combined size of all iPhone screens sold would look like if you made one large screen. The screens were given some context by placing them in Manhattan, looming over central Park.

The images created by are quite staggering when you consider the enormity of Manhattan and how much of the island is eclipsed by the mammoth screen. The images also provoked the crew at Cygnett to ponder calculations about some of the other objects Apple has given to the people en mass. With a little bit of research and some banter between the Marketing, Industrial Design and Color department we remembered the Apple App store just had their 50 billionth app downloaded. So here is what the combined size of all the apps downloaded by users globally would look like if you combined them all.


The math behind the calculations is kept very simple. We were unable to attain the breakdown of apps by device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, etc), so we standardized the size of the app icon to 1cm x 1cm (4/10 of an inch):

√50,000,000,000 = 223607cm which equates to 2.23607km, which gave us our height and our width J

Posted by: Ben Stokes    |   Posted on: 26/03/2012

The new iPad Launch around the world  The new iPad drew crowds around the world, braving inclement weather and pavement sleeping.

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Posted by: Ben Stokes    |   Posted on: 16/03/2012

The new iPad has arrived, hoorah!  Cygnett has been a hive of excitement today, with one of our number hitting the Apple Store line at midnight last night to make sure to we had the third generation new iPad in our hands today.

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