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Hi, I’m Viv. This original KISS bag from the 1980 ‘Unmasked’ tour has become a family heirloom; picked up by my Lithuanian grandmother of all people, because she thought the word KISS was ‘sweet’. I break out my white electric violin at wedding gigs and impromptu recording sessions; it looks amazing and lets me keep up with my friends’ non-acoustic babies. Can’t live without my iPod classic, its packed full and ‘well loved’, which is just my excuse for it being covered in scratches. I’ve never been a fan of photographs, so my Canon camcorder accompanies me to parties/outings to keep a record. I collect perfume and makeup and two of my favourites are my Chanel ‘Chance’ perfume and Yves Saint Laurent lip-gloss. I picked up these sunnies at Victoria Market for a steal, so I don’t have to feel guilty if they get knocked about. My scrunch-able, Vapur water bottle has an awesome geometric print and the pliable bottle lets me take it everywhere, no matter how small my handbag is for the day. I’m always buying notebooks and these two bronze hardcovers from Typo are some I’ve been scribbling in lately. Pens and pencils are also a must for writing down everything that comes into my head before it disappears. I’m loving my new Galaxy S4 and this cool Lavish case features a hidden triangular geometric print on the inside that matches my water bottle. The Swarovski Tinkerbell clip was a surprise from a friend to commemorate a long standing in-joke. Finally, the Nissan car key is for the first car I’ve bought brand new and the little sugar skull references my favourite theme; the Día de Muertos or the Mexican Day of Dead.

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FOR THE FASHION FORWARD Form and Feel (Joan Harris or Betty Draper?)  This season, the cultural currents have guided our Galaxy S4 colour collections towards the 1960s. In Mad Men terms, the Form and Feel cover the spectrum from ‘Joan Harris’ to ‘Betty Draper’. Whether the look is boldly bejeweled or whimsically girlish, this most elegant time travel is elaborated on awards reds carpets, haute couture and high street fashion.

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Get your Dad a man-present  Ties, socks and jocks for Father’s Day? Don’t think so. Get him a man-present.

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WorkMate Released  We're very excited to announce the release of a new extra-protective case for Samsung Galaxy SIII – WorkMate. WorkMate has become one of Cygnett’s most renowned series, after the huge success of the case for iPhone and Galaxy SII.

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Apollo for Samsung Galaxy SIII about to lift off  After the successful launch of the Apollo series for iPhone, Cygnett’s thrilled to release Apollo for Samsung Galaxy SIII in White/Grey, Black/Grey and Winetasting purple/Black.

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Design files; Cygnett Colour Collection, Darkest Spruce   Ever wondered how we develop Cygnett case colours? This month we feature one of the hottest new tones of the season; Darkest Spruce, included in the Frost for Samsung Galaxy SIII range.
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