Posted by: kim pearce    |   Posted on: 23/07/2013

Hi, I’m Karen. This gorgeous scarf was a gift from my newly-married sis and bro-in-law, which they spotted in H&M Santiago, Chile on their honeymoon. These pink Zara jeans are the perfect complement to a black or white basic top…very girly! My ASOS lime boyfriend beanie is fun and makes any winter outfit pop. My InSound noise cancelling headphones are the first thing I pack when I have a long flight ahead of me. I am obsessed with runners, I have equally as many runners as I do shoes (a lot, that’s what formerly working at Footlocker will do to you). These Jordan 60+s are super retro with lime and purple highlights. My ASOS Leather pants are so-hot-right-now and very slinky! People stop me all the time and ask where I got my necklace. It’s from Fiorina and each unique piece incorporates a coin. Coin jewelry has been around for decades and my mum’s first ring from my dad was a coin ring when she was just 18, so it has some sentimental value, too. Love these boots, the silver tip make them trés chic and handy for kicking ass in supply chain. I’m obsessed with trying the new O.P.I nail polish colours and I’m currently wearing Lights of Emerald City. These Mimco hoop earrings with braided leather keep it a little ghetto.

Posted by: kim pearce    |   Posted on: 17/05/2012

If you’re into your music, you’ll be as excited as us by this release! InSound Noise-cancelling headphones - active noise control technology means you can enjoy amazing audio quality without any external interference.
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