Yewwwwwwww! Falls Festival!!!

When Falls Festival is held in Marion Bay, Hobart it is easily the liveliest week on the Tassie calendar. Leading up to Falls, a series of events kicks things off: first, some mad yachties set off from Sydney and then arrive in Hobart (aptly named ‘the Sydney to Hobart’); immediately after, gastronomes rejoice as The Taste of Tasmania kicks off and, by the end of the week, Salamanca is buzzing with tourists primed for Falls. The anticipation in Tassie is the same as Lorne or Byron and the conversations no doubt IDENTICAL in the lead-up. “Are you smuggling booze in?” “How early are you getting there?” “Oh, you wanna convoy with us?” “Where will we meet?”

My first Falls was back in ’04, with the Black Keys and De La Soul headlining the festival. I can still remember You Am I having a big dust up on stage and subsequently cancelling the show and also I vividly remember slow jamming to Donovan Frankenreiter.

2013 looks like another doozy with a international headliners MGMT and Vampire Weekend and solid live acts like The Wombats and The Cat Empire (ridiculously good to boogie to) on the line up. The clock is also being wound back with 90s favourites The Violent Femmes and Neil Finn making an appearance. Plenty of talent on the cards, but I’ll be hanging out to see Big Scary drop their new Album Not Art and also see some of the artists from Tame Impala form as Pond.

Regardless of which Falls you’re at Tassie, Byron or Lorne it will deliver seriously good times :)