Posted by: Nick McCormack    |   Posted on: 17/09/2013

big scary band

I’m at the HiFi Bar in Melbourne’s  CBD late on a Friday and the crowd is humming. I heard Big Scary had sold out the show, but now that I’m standing here with 600 or 700 people in the packed audience I can’t believe how popular they’ve become in a short space of time. Only two months ago I heard the Not Art album played to a modest crowd the Triple R studios. Not Art has really helped the band crossover to another genre and help them appeal to another audience. I guess Cygnett should be thankful that we were able to use their previous hit, ‘This Weight’, for our very recent Utility Street Test before the band totally exploded.


Not Art from start to finish and the crowd bays for more and that is exactly what they get when Tom and Jo return to the stage without their new band members and belt out a few tunes from Vacation.

Before I knew it the gig was done and the crowd disperse and again I’m left reflecting upon how popular they’ve become in such a short space of time and then I reflect on the show I’ve just seen and realised that nothing is going to surprise me moving forward

Posted by: Nick McCormack    |   Posted on: 19/07/2013

You Am I still have one of the largest cult followings in Australian Rock'n'Roll. Fronted, for more than 20 years, by the charismatic and sometimes outrageous Tim Rogers, the band is in transition, in Rogers’ words, “we’re moving into our middle age and looking better than we did in our mid-twenties.”


YAI are entwined in the Melbourne music scene and have played most venues across town from the Punters to The Tote, The Corner to The Espy. In 20 years, YAI have been involved in, if not headlined, pretty much every major touring festival across the country including, Big Day Out, Falls Festival, Splendour in the Grass and Meredith. Not content with fading into obscurity, YAI are undertaking another national tour and the show on Sunday night at the Forum concluded their fourth one in five days at the venue.

I was there to see the boys rock out at the Forum, a venue that's steeped in heritage, which has hosted international acts such as LCD Soundsystem, the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, Katy Perry and Oasis. Needless to say, they completely rocked and Rogers was as brazen as ever while still maintaining his control. The show was punctuated with a vibe for a boogie - “We didn’t want to sell out this gig to capacity to give you guys some space to dance tonight, and dance floor real estate comes at a fucking premium in town SO GET MOVING!”  Gold.

Rogers was joined on stage by past and present band members to play two of their most successful albums Hourly, Daily(Number one on the Australian charts) and Hi-Fi-Way (Aria Awarded). If you get a chance to capture one of their shows make sure you do, I’ve had mates kicking themselves that they missed out on the show! Here is a clip from their performance a couple years back:

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