Community guidelines is a community comprised of a very broad audience with regards to demographics and location. People who contribute to this community are here to talk about Cygnett and the products they produce for your enjoyment. Sometimes you’ll sing our praises and other times you’ll let us know where we can improve. We encourage you to communicate with us and with one another as often as you’d like and to help this happen in a fair and respectful manner we’ve carefully selected a set of guidelines that we are committed to enforcing.

What to Do

  • External linking guidelines
  1. External linking is fine as long as it is relevant to the conversation.
  2. Commercial solicitation, straight up advertising, or contributions solely designed to promote traffic to another site, aren’t acceptable.
  • We welcome opinions in our forums, but, please don’t take anyone’s comments or views as gospel, we do not advise basing decisions on professional, medical, legal advice given in these forums.
  • Images – feel free to post images, but avoid posting images of other people without their permission or that the broader audience would find offensive.

What not to Do

The main rule is - Be nice to one another.

  • We’re a global community and as such are made up of many types of people, so when everyone comes here we want them to feel welcome.
  • Don’t create content that is discriminatory or derogatory. Robust conversations are great, but it can be done successfully without offensive, humiliating or intimidating content.
  • No trolling, No bumping, No Ghosting, No flaming, No sock-puppeting, No astroturfing.
  • Profanity – Humans swear. But go easy on the sailor speak and never directly curse at one another or we’ll have to tone you down. Remember, even if it’s not offensive to you, it might be to other people.
  • Don’t share content or advice that is illegal.

Moderation of content

Moderation explanations will not be made open for public debate. If you’d like to know why you’re content has been moderated, I’m happy to discuss it in a closed forum such as email or by the phone.

Reporting Abuse

Reporting abuse helps you look after the community, to report abuse please email me directly on

Contacting us

You can send Private Messages to the Community Manager via email on with feedback, questions or issues regarding the online community. For all other queries you should use our  Contact us form.

Thank you

We’re excited about growing our community and will make adjustments as we see fit to ensure we keep up with the demands of the community. Always feel free to write to us to suggest ideas and improvements that’ll allow us to strengthen the community and get others involved.