JULY 2013


It may be the baby of Samsung’s Galaxy range but the S4 mini is set to be huge in the worldwide smartphone market, without burning a hole in back pockets of Galaxy lovers.

The screen of the S4 mini measures 4.3 inches in diameter, a size that is dwarfed by the flagship S4 but that is on par with the smaller screen size of the iPhone 5.  

With an infinitesimal weight of about 107g, the S4 mini is extremely pocket-friendly.  Cygnett’s range of Form, Feel and Crystal cases allow users to maintain the slim profile and curved edges of their S4 mini whilst protecting it against scratches, sharp objects and bumps.

The Form, Feel and Crystal ranges RRP $24.95 enhance the ergonomics of the S4 mini and are above all, practical.  The S4 mini range features colours such as: Matte Black, Diamond White and Ruby Pink.

As Freya Torrington, Product Manager for Galaxy accessories describes, “The S4 mini is essentially the baby brother of the Galaxy S4 flagship device, tiny…but mighty.  It’s the perfect compromise for those wanting to own a Samsung Galaxy without the associated price tag of the S4.  With that in mind, we’ve put forward the most successful and practical case designs from the S4 range and reimagined them for the S4 mini.”

These case designs are no hand-me-down though; the S4 mini range is constructed with perfection in mind and the fit is spot on.

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