We're very excited to announce the release of a new extra-protective case for Samsung Galaxy SIII – WorkMate. WorkMate has become one of Cygnett’s most renowned series, after the huge success of the case for iPhone and Galaxy SII.

The WorkMate shock-absorbing case combines a heavy-duty polycarbonate (PC) outer and impact cushioning silicone inner.

The slimline, dual material case is pocket-friendly, offers extra protection to defend the device at work or play and provide access to all functions, ports, camera and flash apertures.

 The WorkMate for Samsung Galaxy SIII is available in two colours Red/Black and Slate/Black. The colour selection was designed to complement the natural tones of the SIII – the slate recalls stony outcrops and the red evokes the rich red earth of the heart of Australia.

 WorkMate Shock-absorbing case for Samsung Galaxy SIII 

The WorkMate features a soft, rubberised feel PC shell, spark-etched silicone for grip and lay-on-the-table design.

WorkMate is available at major retail outlets; to find a retailer visit www.cygnett.com

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