Cygnett is proud to release its new design series – Vector 3D tough case – for the iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5th Gen. Vector is a 3D textured and linear patterned case, made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) – a flexible, tough and impact-resistant material.

The adaptability of the TPU material allowed the designers free reign to execute an industrial aesthetic. The three different finishes – matte spark-­etch, standard satin matte and high-gloss – give the appearance of multiple materials while offering the strength of a one-piece case and an easy-grip feel.

Cygnett Industrial Designer Shannon Brown explained, ‘This is a more sculptural case than we’ve attempted in the past. We’ve added some new and interesting detail around the buttons, ports and apertures. And, we’ve also used a combination of spark-etched and high gloss surfaces to create a multi-material look.’ (Click to view design files video

The Vector 3D tough case series recalls the angular aesthetic of skyscrapers, the sharp, fractural shapes of stealth jets, and the stippled, sleek lines of morse code. Vector is designed to provide high abrasion resistance and shock absorption offered by an elastomeric material, while offering a striking aesthetic expression.

Vector takes its inspiration from cultural expressions of industry, strength and boldness. Our designers were interested in taking the idea of a standard case TPU case and altering the formula. In the process, the profile of the device is re-shaped; the edges of the case are drafted outward, with increased material thickness of TPU around the edge of the device. The Vector series includes;


Vector for iPhone 5 (available in Imperial Purple & Black) MSRP $18.99

Vector for iPod touch 5th Gen. (available in Purple & Black) MSRP $16.99


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