Cygnett is pleased to release the latest iterations of their successful design series – WorkMate – for the iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th Gen as well as Samsung Galaxy SIII. WorkMate has become one of Cygnett’s most prolific cases, designed for iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy SII and the rebooted WorkMate for the latest release.

Cygnett’s Industrial Designer Shannon Brown said, ‘WorkMate’s become a flagship series for us. We saw a need for a heavy duty case that didn’t add a lot of bulk… I’m really pleased with the new WorkMate series. It feels cohesive and resolved.’ (Click to view WorkMate Drop Test from a ladder onto the road,

The WorkMate shock-absorbing case series was inspired by a heavy duty aesthetic. The silicone inner is spark-etched and chemically enhanced to repel fingerprints and minor marks. It sits inside a strong polycarbonate shell, with a rubberised coating for an easy-grip, matte finish.

The silicone has inner ridges to create a cavity at the rear of the device that disperses point-of-impact shocks. The silicone protrudes beyond the polycarbonate on the front and back to create non-slip ‘feet’ and reduce wear to the polycarbonate.

Extremely protective, yet much slimmer than traditional highly-protective cases, the WorkMate is intended for those who’re not always kind to their things. The treatments and finishes reference industrial machinery – the triggers and housing of power tools and tread plate steel – but these touches are subtle within a slim-fitting form, so the WorkMate is suitable for any setting. The series includes;


WorkMate for iPhone 5 (available in Olive Green and Slate) MSRP $29.99

WorkMate for iPod touch 5th Gen. (in Olive Green and Black) MSRP $24.99 

WorkMate for Samsung Galaxy SIII (in Red and Slate) MSRP $29.99


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About Cygnett:

Cygnett designs, develops and manufactures innovative digital accessories for the world’s most popular gadgets and technology. From cases and accessories for iPhone, iPad, iPod, smartphones and tablets to portable speakers, earphones, power products and laptop bags, Cygnett is celebrated as one of the world’s major digital accessories designers and manufacturers.

With offices on four continents, products in over 55,000 worldwide retail outlets and in more than 50 countries, Cygnett's success is built largely on its ability to design and deliver quality digital accessories and products that tap into what consumers want – protection, fashion and function.

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