"Adding some creative and unique designs, all while throwing extras at you, like the screen protector, micro-fiber cloth, and squeegee as well as a case, all for under $30 is huge. I highly recommend heading over to the Cygnett website and checking out all the products they have to offer! "

"Cygnett – a name that is pretty familiar in the accessory game. I haven’t used any – before now – but I do know the name. I am somewhat sure you have as well. So for those of you that were in the same boat I was, and even those of you that are interested in getting back into the Cygnett game after acquiring your – most likely – scuffed iPhone 5, this post is for you…Well…It’s for everyone else too"

Source: http://beforeitsnews.com/science-and-technology/2012/11/cygnett-iphone-5-case-round-up-part-1-2500782.html

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