"Finally, we have the Cygnett Workmate Utility Case, an iPhone 5S case that was – you’re not going to believe this – actually designed to protect your phone, first and foremost. It’s a stocky case made of thermoplastic polyurethane, polycarbonate, thermoplastic elastomer, along with a PET screen cover. The result is a hardy rubber case that offers protection on all sides. With raised edges, the screen is protected, too. You can tell just from looking at this case that it will probably do a good job of helping your iPhone 5S outlive its contract, but if there was any lingering doubt, Cygnett went and did urban drop tests with it by dropping phones from moving skateboards. Even the ports are protected with rubber coverings, but your fancy new fingerprint scanner on the home button will still be within reach. The Cygnett Workmate Utility iPhone 5S case looks like it’s setting the bar for iPhone 5S protection, and comes in at $40."

Source: http://www.chipchick.com/2013/09/cases-gold-iphone-5s.html

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