"Cygnett Enigma Folio/Stand for iPad Mini. FOR WHO: Your best friend who has an iPad Mini already (in fact probably has everything) but who’ll appreciate updating their accessories. DESCRIPTION: A cover-come-stand with a rather Zen-like origami feel to it: folds to reveal flexible viewing positions, and features a rubberised cover and microfiber inner to protect screen from scratches. COST: $40. AVAILABLE FROM: Handy accessories sites such as iLounge, Macfixit, and Tablet2Cases. TIP: Tech accessories are always a clever gift for fussy friends and family; just be sure they’ve actually got the techno gizmo you’re aiming to accessorise or things could get really embarrassing."

Source: http://www.creammagazine.com/2012/12/the-cream-last-minute-christmas-gift-guide/

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