8.5 Reviewed by James Wright (Design 9.0, Audio Quality 8.0, Installation 9.0, Value 9.0) "The first thing that you will notice about the Revolution Rotating Speaker from Cygnett is the unique design. It's easily one of the most stylish speakers that I've had the pleasure of using. I love the jet-black circular design that looks quite modern as opposed to many other traditional rectangular speaker docks. It is also quite sturdy so you can rest assured that this won't topple over, no matter how loud your music or dancing is. However for something this small, I wasn't expecting it to boom with audio quality but surprisingly enough, I was wrong and for its size, the quality was actually rather decent..." (Click the link for the full review.)

Source: http://www.impulsegamer.com/hardwarecygnettrevolutionrotatingspeaker.html

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