"The PurePhonic headphones have a compact design and, when you’ve finished listening, they fold up for storage inside the included compact hard case.

On the right ear cup there are also navigation and volume controls to allow users to move forwards and backwards through their music without the need to touch their device.Also onboard is a microphone for those users who are linking the PurePhonic Bluetooth headphones to their smartphone.

The headphones will allow users to make and receive calls and returns you to your music when you’re done.

Cygnett’s headphones can be paired with up to eight compatible Bluetooth devices so its easy to swap between gadgets.And what we liked was fact that the audio quality was just as good whether we were listening wirelessly or through the cable.
If you’re after a good quality and affordable pair of headphones that offer excellent sound and the added convenience of wireless connectivity, then the Cygnett PurePhonic Bluetooth headphones truly fits the bill.

Tech Guide Rating - 5 Stars"

Source: http://www.techguide.com.au/reviews/audio/1548-cygnett-purephonic-bluetooth-headphones-review

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