"Now why I chose the Urbanshield case was because of three things.
 •It has a brushed Aluminium back for that sturdy feel while also being beautiful without meaning it. In the inside there is rubber so the phone meets rubber.
 •The rubbery sides for that grip while making sure every button or port is open and easily accessible, not pressing though touch rubber. The Rubber is matte, so is also cool looking.
 •Thirdly the Cygnett Urbanshield Case comes with a screen protector as an add-on. You won’t need to go back shopping for the screen protector, you will only need a dust-free place to fit it in. There is great installation instructions inside there, with a lint-free wipe, and some tool to fit the screen protector on your own. You save some money there and learn DIYs while at it."

Source: http://www.techweez.com/2013/07/05/review-hands-on-with-cygnett-urbanshield-case/

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