"The Cygnett Icon – Haven is a beautiful case. From the cover design (by artist Nathan Jurevicius) to the feel on my fingers, the Cygnett iPhone 5 cases are perfect for the person who always knows where their phone is. This is a luxury case, I am also reminded that a “cygnet” is a baby swan, and that is what this cover feels like. I have never had a case as soft or touchable as this one. It does not feel like ordinary plastic, and the colors seems richer and less shiny because of the materials used.

I like the look of the brushed steel of the Cygnett Sliver UrbanShield case that I tested. It made my phone even more cyberpunk. I like that"

Source: http://www.wired.com/geekdad/2012/12/iphone-sena-and-icon-cases/

Tags: WIRED ICON Art Series Haven UrbanShield Silver iPhone 5 case