Tats Cru - "This actually feels really nice, very slick, very real...looks like Cygnett gets it right...that looks great with the black, that looks very cool"

Vector - "It's certainly not as flimsy as other cases taht we've seen in the TPU...I like the bottom of the case where the cutouts are, that looks really cool...that;s a nice looking case"

UrbanShield - "I like the look of this a lot...everything is really tight"

"Those are some really cool cases for the iPhone 5"

WorkMate for iPad mini - "We've got a nice TPU inside within the shell...It wraps around it really nicely ...it looks good, it feels good..the buttons are really responsive...this is going to offer some good protection"

FlexiGel for iPad mini - "It's going to be nice to put that on...very soft on the inside so you're not going to have to worry about your iPad mini getting scratched...great lay on the table coverage...it definitely looks aesthetically pleasing"

Source: http://youtu.be/VlkOhhkqU1s

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