"Much to my surprise I found a perfect replacement for the Incipio Feather....it's called the "AeroGrip Feel" by Cygnett.
It has the same soft-touch black color that I liked with The Feather. It fits great, no "play" at all when it's on the phone. It has some dimples down each side to add a little grip. It comes with a screen shield, a little plastic card for applying the shield, and a small micofiber cloth.

The best part? It was only $18.99! I'm pretty sure the Incipio Feather is $29.99.
All in all I love the case so far and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a thin snap-on case. It's just what I was looking for"

Source: http://forums.imore.com/accessories/247364-incipio-feather-vs-cygnett-aerogrip-iphone-5-a.html

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