"THESE over-ear compact design headphones are extremely comfortable thanks to leather padding over the ears and a fabric cushion on the head. Adjustable height ensures complete coverage of the ears. Cygnett claims an 85 per cent noise reduction when active noise cancellation is in use. The system works rather well—normal background sounds are blocked out and loud everyday noises such as cars driving by are reduced to a muffle. Treble sounds just a tad flat but not enough that it will dramatically affect your listening experience, while bass sounds are rich and thumping. The headphones have a 100mW output and are powered by two AAA batteries. They can be used without the noise-cancelling function, but there is a noticeable decrease in maximum volume. The package includes 1m and 1.2m cables, an airline seat cable adaptor, a cloth pouch and a hardened fabric headphone zip case. These are a great option for those who enjoy their music but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars or look like a DJ on the train."

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