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YouTube Droid Chat reviews the InSound noise cancelling headphones by Cygnett

"In this video, I review the Cygnett InSound Noise Cancelling Headphones. These are a great pair of headphones, providing excellent sound quality." "I've been using these headphones for about two weeks now and i have to say they are really really nice" "The bass is just amazing" "Because of the noise cancelling it is really good and I actually could not hear anyone when they were talking to me"

Melbourne Girl Fashion Blog offers competition to win The Polygon Prism iPhone 5 case

"If you’re one of the lucky ducks out there who have snapped up a new iPhone 5, then you’ll love this comp we are running through the @melbgirl twitter page! One Melbourne Girl fan will win themselves a Cygnett ultra slim Polygon prism case! The feather-light, ultra slim Polygon case features a sleek triangular prism texture to enhance the design of your new iPhone, while providing grip. The snap-on shield protects its edges and includes a prism screen protector."

YouTube Imappleboy reviews The Polygon Prism iPhone 5 case from Cygnett

" do get a lot of stuff for the price you pay! This is only US$18.99 and you do get the front shield, the Polygon one, a special type of film." "This case is a super slim case it's a very low profile case, for the price you pay its a really good deal. You also get a good screen protector. If you have a full body skin on your iPhone you can still put the case on, just make sure the side skins on the back and front are allowed to be on." "This case is one of the slimmest cases I've ever reviewed, it adds NO bulk at all to the iPhone 5, this thing is so lightweight too, it doesn't even feel like you have a case on"

Cygnett 'Design your own iPad case' competition entry

Have a look at Tom Street's iPad case design! Tom muses, "I used a freehand drawn type to illustrate my cover, i thought long about creating some element of charm and quirkiness in my work and with the combining of ideas about apple and my ironic quote ' you are the apple of my eye' i was able to express my believe of how consumers are becoming obsessed with apple designed products and how it seems to be a fundamental materialistic thing. Despite from that i just wanted to create a attractive working design that was ascetically pleasing and something that stepped away from 'keep calm and carry on' that seems to be the only widely available piece of type that is used on product covers"

PC Mag's Computer Shopper features The WorkMate for iPad mini in '15 Best Cases for the Apple iPad Mini'

"This heavy-duty case is built with multiple material layers to make the cover extra protective. The composition of the case helps cushion your Mini against impact, while the form-fitting design leaves all of the ports, lenses, and controls accessible for use. Cygnett offers the WorkMate in slate-gray or red versions for $39.99"

YouTube macmixing reviews The UrbanShield for iPhone 5 by Cygnett

"There's our nice, shiny brushed aluminium backing and it does feel nice" "The inside is extremely smooth, it's very very smooth take my word for it" "It covers up pretty nicely, it covers up all those edges we worry about scratching" "It's important to note that the edges on this case are a lot like the edges on the iPhone 5 design"

Mobile Tech Review takes a look at the Urban Shield for iPhone 5 by Cygnett

"The UrbanShield case is subtly stylish and nicely understated. The edges are black, and the backplate is brushed aluminum. It's the inclusion of this true aluminum backplate that gives the UrbanShield a quality feel without making it heavy or bulky. Snap it on and it's barely there design is more reminiscent of lingerie than clothing. This isn't to say that it's feminine. In fact, its gender-neutral design will appeal to anybody who is looking for something slim and sleek."

iLounge reviews The FlexiGel case for iPad mini by Cygnett

"Cygnett's FlexiGel ($20) is, surprisingly, the first plain rubber skin we've been sent for the iPad mini. Available in black or blue, the case is extremely simple. Here that simplicity turns out to be a good thing, as FlexiGel offers a high level of protection in a slim and unobtrusive design. For iPad mini users looking for straightforward protection at an affordable price, this is definitely a case to consider." "It doesn’t take a lot of talent for a company to make a rubber case, but it does require attention to detail to do it as well as Cygnett has here. While other cases offer extra functionality or screen protection, those features always come at a price. FlexiGel is inexpensive but it’s not cheap. The only real problem with it is how quickly it attracts fingerprints. Otherwise we’re quite fond of this case—it’s very affordable, fits great, and offers the kind of protection that a great case should—making it worthy of our high recommendation. "

Phones Review looks at The WorkMate case for iPad mini from Cygnett

"Manufactured from layers of silicone that have been combined with a high quality polycarbonate shell. This will protect you device from damage by absorbing any shock in an event of a fall. Despite this the case is nice and slim so will not add bulk to the iPad mini, and there is still easy access to all of the ports, controls, and connectors of the slate. This new case continues the successful trend of its predecessor the Cygnett Workmate, but this case is made from layers of silicone combined with the shell instead of being made from entirely silicone."

Gadgetix reviews The WorkMate for iPhone 5 by Cygnett

"For me Protection is everything next to design, so for those that have a busy life and are out and about and just want their new iPhone 5 protected at all times then this case is for you"

The UrbanShield makes The Chicago Tribune's 'Great gadgets for less than $100'

'From iPhones to e-readers, nine holiday gifts that won't bust your budget. The Cygnett UrbanShield (; $30) is a slim carbon-fiber case with a screen protector.'

Lavish iPhone 5 case review

‘‘Cam takes a look at the new iPhone 5 Lavish case by Cygnett. It’s a genuine leather flip cover case with a plastic shell. The case is minimal, and simple in design and very slim adding very little bulk or weight to your iPhone.’’

Gizmo Fusion reviews The WorkMate for iPhone 5 by Cygnett

"The Cygnett Workmate case for the iPhone 5 uses a blended construction. It is made up of both soft silicone and polycarbonate materials that fit together in the places that they need to in order to make the case as light as possible. The case is designed for rough and tumble and is built rugged in order to handle rough treatment. It differs from other cases that are similar because of the fact that the polycarbonate material does not completely cover the iPhone 5. The soft silicone is left to protect the top of the iPhone 5, the camera, and the bottom of the iPhone. It seems like it is a little to easy for this to peel away from the iPhone and detach itself. It also has a tendency to pick up a lot of lint. As a heavy-duty case, I love the protection that it provides. It is not the same size and bulk that you would expect from say an Otterbox case, but it is definitely up there when it comes to protection. The inner layer is made of a shock absorbent material that will help cushion your iPhone from drops and accidently damage. The outer layer is a hard polycarbonate shell with a soft touch finish. They can be separated for installation but it is really not necessary. The whole case overall fits like a glove."

iLounge reviews The WorkMate for iPad mini by Cygnett

"Shipping shortly after the iPhone 5 version, Workmate for iPad mini ($40) is Cygnett's take on a heavy-duty protective case. It's made up of a rubber lining and a hard plastic shell that's fit over it, just like the smaller version, however we found this one much more difficult to install as the pieces didn't fit together as easily. There are dedicated openings for the ports and full button protection along the edges."

Mac World looks at The Lavish Connect Folio case for iPad

"This compact iPad case comes with a detachable Bluetooth keyboard. The Folio features a magnetic closure, but be careful the keyboard doesn’t scratch the iPad screen, as there is no covering protection. You can alternatively use the keyboard with your Bluetooth-enabled Mac from a distance of up to 10m. Cygnett also offers the Lavish Earth Folio Case for $69.95."

YouTube Twin Geeks Video reviews The UrbanShield Carbon case for iPhone 5 by Cygnett

"It looks really smart, it has a really sophisticated look to it" "This is one of my favourites, it's got a soft touch rubber feel and it's very thin" "I like the fact that unlike a lot of the other iPhone 5 cases on the market, the silent and volume buttons actually have protection" "What I really like is the case back! It's made of genuine carbon fibre. Having that genuine carbon fibre back is a really nice touch"

YouTube Sharie Reddick reviews The Lavish Connect iPad case from Cygnett

"Slim folio case includes magnetically-attached yet easily removable bluetooth keyboard" "Beautifully crafted and elegantly designed to protect your new iPad" "Concealed magnets keep the case securely closed"

TiP features The ICON Art Series in 'How do you accessorize your iPhone?'

'Another case I own is a model from the Cygnett ICON Art line, a case designed for aesthetic pleasure, not protection. My particular version features this cool temple design, but there are loads to choose from. The design hugs the iPhone fantastically, and the added bulk is minimal. Naturally, I’d be a little more concerned if I dropped my phone using this case, because the protection isn’t quite as good as some cases. I’ve found the design is really useful when it comes to starting conversations with women… sadly, owning this many iPhone accessories ensures it doesn’t go any further.'

iLounge reviews The WorkMate case for iPhone 5 by Cygnett

"Workmate is a very good case and deserving of our strong general recommendation. If you’re looking for extra protection without breaking the bank, it’s worth considering."

The iMums iPad mini Madness Competition

"The iMums are very pleased to launch our series of iPad Mini giveaways with our first prize package sponsored by four wonderful developers – Little Learning Tots, SoGaBee, Loeschware and Heppi Apps. The iPad mini is a great size for children – lighter and easier to carry than the original iPad, but with access to the same great catalog of apps. The prize package, which totals to over $400, includes all you need to get started:- ■A new Apple iPad mini 16GB WiFi; ■A Cygnett Workmate shock-absorbing iPad mini case; ■A huge collection of apps to kickstart your iTunes library!"

Alice Springs News Online features the ICON Art series

"Cygnett were researching the broad field of Australian Indigenous art before they decided on Tjampitjinpa. His “extremely bold and visually striking” work was immediately appealing, “contemporary yet rich with the heritage of the Central and Western Desert”: “It just worked.” "

PC Mag lists their 'Best iPad mini Cases'

"This heavy-duty case is for the clumsy folks out there, providing serious protection for the thin and light iPad mini. The Cygnett WorkMate features a shock absorbing, dual-layer design that will protect your mini from bumps and drops. It comes in understated slate grey or loud red."

YouTube olis4 reviews the WorkMate for iPad mini by Cygnett

"You've got really good drop protection compared to any of the other cases I've reviewed." "...when it's on the table, these rubber parts stop it from moving about, which is quite good for typing." "...if you're like me and you want something, that if you drop your iPad mini you know it's going to be protected, this is definitely one to go for!"

YouTube olis4 reviews The Enigma case for iPad mini from Cygnett

"It's a flexible folding folio standing case, so it's got a stand built in, it's got this nice soft lining to protect the screen from scratches and its a snap on back case" "All in all a really good case, definitely one of the better ones I've reviewed"

MobileFun reviews The WorkMate for iPad mini by Cygnett

"The Cygnett WorkMate Pro is a new, super-protective case for the iPad Mini. It falls on the more armoured scale on iPad Mini cases, sporting a fair amount of protection for your iPad Mini. It is built with layers of silicone combined with a high quality polycarbonate shell to prevent damage occuring when the iPad Mini is accidentally knocked or dropped. The unique layered construction allows the case to withstand more abuse than similarly sized cases with a more pedestrian build. The screen is also protected by the case’s lip around it, somewhat eliminating the need for an iPad Mini screen protector."

YouTube buymeaniphone reviews the Polygon Ultra Slim Prism case for iPhone 5 by Cygnett

" 'As always, all Cygnett's cases come with a lifetime manufacturers guarantee' 'Something not to overlook, this has the prism design on the screen shield it's not just your generic screen shield' 'It's a nice feel to the hand and it's a snap back design' "

iPhone Life reviews the Cygnett iPad mini drop test and The WorkMate

"Cygnett is at it again with a new video of the well-tested Workmate shock-resistant iPad mini case in action, as it protects the new iPad mini from what would otherwise be a ruinous effect. As you see when you watch the short video, the differences in results with and without the Cygnett case are nothing if not dramatic. In other words, the Cygnett Workmate works, and works well! I like a product that does what it says it will do, don't you?"

InRumour reports 'iPhone 5 cases Icon and WorkMate offer cool design and hard durable shell'

"A new line of iPhone 5 cases has been launched by Cygnett, an Australian case designer."

Activism reviews The WorkMate case for iPhone 5 by Cygnett

"Cygnett's WorkMate shock-absorbing case. I like the feel of it, I love the security it offers, and I like its ease of use"

Popular Mechanics 'iPhone 5 Cases That Won't Smother Your Device' features The UrbanShield Carbon

"Judging by the names of its cases, Cygnett thinks cities call for more protection than just plastic. Specifically, they demand carbon fiber, the material this Urbanshield case is made of. The case snaps on more tightly than any others we've tried. And more than any others, it says "I'm a tough dude with an iPhone, dude."

Impulse Gamer reviews The ICON Art Series for iPhone 5

"Cygnett thinks outside the square and by bringing in two famous Australia artists, they give users a real choice now. It's hard to pick a favourite design from both artists because I love the whacky design of Nathan Jurevicius' Owl and birds but Ronnie Tjampitjinpa's Echidna Dreaming just gets you mesmerised by the traditional indigenous designs. But if you can't decide, why not get both"

Cygnett's Mark Rogers features in MacWorld

Mark Rogers, Cygnett's general manager for UK and Western Europe agrees. "It's bound to be a success," he said. "The new price point will open the iPad up to a whole new market, and potentially a whole new range of uses." "One such application may be for children," Rogers continued. "They take to the touch screen interface in quite a natural way, and this smaller, lighter form factor is ideal for them at home or school."

Technology Tell reviews the Carbon Fiber UrbanShield for iPhone 5

"The carbon fiber appears only on the back of the case; the rest is a rigid matte plastic that has a soft, comfortable feel to it. It slips nicely around your iPhone 5 and leaves the top and bottom open for easy access to all switches and ports."

The Mac Observer reviews the WorkMate for iPhone 5 by Cygnett

"The overall sensation one gets from this case is something warm, soft and light. Part of that may be due to the fact that the polycarbonate back is textured, and part due to the exposed silicone. "

iPad & iPhone User print artoile - Haven case for iPhone 5

“The team at Cygnett has teamed up with the animator behind Scarygirl, Nathan Jurevicius, to come up with this all-new owl design for the iPhone 5”

iPad & iPhone User print article 'Christmas Gift Guide'

'Cygnett ICON - The Bronx'

Run Around Tech reviews The AeroGrip iPhone 5 case by Cygnett

"There are many different kinds of cases out there: thin to thick, minimal protection to protection overkill (for most situations). I’ve always been a fan of those that provide a sleek design and a minimal footprint. The Cygnett AeroGrip Feel is one of those cases. The side of the case features two separate cutouts for the volume buttons and ring/silent switch. Because the AeroGrip Feel is so thin, the cutouts are shallow and very easy to access. The side of the case also features circular dimples, which is where the case gets its name. It’s a small addition, but I really like the dimples. It gives a sense of better ergonomics and design.The AeroGrip Feel is a fantastic case. Cygnett has quickly become one of my favorite case companies. They often impliment new ideas into traditional case ideas, which is something admirable. I really like the small addition of the circular dimples along the side of the case, and the “soft-touch” feel it provides. If you’re looking for a minimal case with fantastic design and five different color variations, look no further than the Cygnett AeroGrip Feel"

G Style Magazine reviews the AeroGrip Feel & Form iPhone 5 cases from Cygnett

"Installing the Cygnett AeroGrip Feel is a breeze. You just snap it on and you’re good to go. Once on, the AeroGrip feel adds very little bulk to the iPhone 5. It’s a very thin and light case so your already thin and light iPhone 5 will stay that way."

The Gamer with Kids reviews the AeroGrip Feel/Form Case for iPhone 5 by Cygnett

"Cygnett has the AeroGrip Feel case for the iPhone 5 that is a snap on case design but features a soft feel exterior coating (Feel) or a glossy look (Form) and indented dimples along the edges for added grip."

My News Desk reports Cygnett iPad mini cases are first to market

"Following the announcement of the iPad Mini last week, pre-orders for the small tablet have soared; highlighting Apple's attack on the small tablets market. To help keep the iPad Mini both protected and looking newer for longer, Mobile Fun have sourced a range of cases for the iPad Mini, including the Cygnett Enigma case in pink. Available to pre-order now, the Cygnett Enigma iPad Mini cover protects the entire iPad Mini from light daily damage caused by bumps, scrapes and scratches. The baby pink design of the case adds a splash of colour to the iPad Mini, helping it to stand out from the crowd and allowing a stamp of character to be added to the tablet."

Technology Tell reviews the Cygnett Workmate for iPhone 5

"I’ve been playing around with quite a few iPhone 5 cases over the past mont or so, and it’s time I started telling you about them. To begin, I want cover one of my favorites so far: Cygnett’s WorkMate shock-absorbing case. I like the look of it, I like the protection it provides, and I like its ease of use."

YouTube VMRPtv reviews The UrbanShield and The WorkMate cases for the iPhone 5 by Cygnett

" 'I would definitely reccomend them, definitely check out the Cygnett website....there's nothing more to say guys, these cases are just fantastic' "

Macworld reviews The Purple Armour iPad mini case by Cygnett

"The Purple Armour (iPad mini; $40) provides extra-strong protection for your iPad mini without adding excessive bulk. It features a padded, microfiber inner lining for shock absorption and can be used to prop up your tablet at multiple angles for landscape-orientation viewing. It comes in either black or purple and includes all the appropriate openings to ensure unhindered access to ports and cameras."

iLounge first looks at WorkMate

"We generally expect heavy duty cases to be pricey, but Cygnett's Workmate for iPhone 5 costs only $25. The case pairs a thick rubber skin with a plastic backplate that together offer significant protection. While the look might not thrill everyone, the inclusion of a screen film set might make it worth checking out, especially for people who tend to drop their phones."

Tech Radar chooses the best iPhone 5 cases

"The close-fit and smooth beveled edges of the UrbanShield emphasize the solid protection it gives your phone against keys and coins in your pocket. Meanwhile the rubber rim around the front panel protects the glass from falls, and dips into a nice carbon weave detail on the aluminium rear. A screen protector seals the look."

AlliOSnews reviews three iPad cases by Cygnett

"Today I’m going to review three cases they offer for the iPad 2 and new iPad. These cases provide protection for your iPad while giving you good functionality and good looks at the same time. All three cases are great choices and are just a small sampling of what Cygnett has to offer in their case line up."

YouTube Chris Voss reviews the Blueprint Polygon case for iPhone 5 by Cygnett

" 'You can see it's very light, very thin, designed to make it so that you can still see the back of your device and also protect it against drops and corner drops' "

B2C YouTube reviews Blueprint Polygon iPhone 5 case

"This is something I'd definitely use to take outside...and be able to protect my iPhone"

YouTube Chris Voss reviews Cygnett Silver UrbanShield iPhone 5 case

"It comes with a manufacturers lifetime guarantee, how about that?"

iPhone Life reviews iPad mini WorkMate case by Cygnett

"Another company that was ready to debut their ipad mini cases is Cygnett. Cygnett has a wide line of iPad mini cases, but the one I'd like to bring your attention to is the Workmate. If you are familiar with Cygnett cases then perhaps you are already familiar with the Workmate case, since they also offer a version for the iPhone 4 and 5."

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