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Gulf News features Cygnett Leather Folio cases

A sample of our Leather Folio cases suitable for iPad and tablet varieties

Around Apple Russia reviews The Bulldozer iPhone 5 case from Cygnett

Around Apple, Russian edition, takes a look at The Bulldozer iPhone 5 case

G Style Magazine reviews new cases for iPad mini

"Like with the iPhone 5, Cygnett already is announcing cases for the just introduced iPad mini and will release these cases at the same time. This means that the Apple branded Smart Cover won’t be the only choice you’ll have. Cygnett is releasing their popular Workmate and Lavish lines as well as the new Vector, Armour, Enigma, and Flexigel."

iLounge iPad mini case roundup

"In the wake of Apple’s unveiling yesterday of the iPad mini, more companies are announcing cases for the 7.9” tablet... Cygnett introduced five cases: the flexible folding Enigma ($40), the extra-protective Armour ($40), and the soft-feel FlexiGel ($20) are all said to be in stock now, with the shock-absorbing Workmate ($40) and impact-resistant Vector ($20)"

Stuff/Middle East showcases New iPad mini cases

"The dust has barely settled on the iPad Mini launch, and already we’re seeing the first cases for the 7.9-inch tablet arrive. Mere minutes after the launch we also got word of Cygnett’s new cases, of which there are no fewer than six. The Workmate (pictured, US$35) is made of tough, shock-absorbing material and comes in slate grey and red finishes. Lavish (US$45), as the name suggests, is a swish folio-style case aimed at preening professionals and comes in black and purple."

Mommies with cents reviews Cygnett products for Macbook, iPhone 5 and iPad

"If you have any techies on your holiday shopping list this year, Cygnett can help. They’ve got quality accessories for smartphones, tablets laptops and more. "

Slash Gear reviews new cases for iPad mini

"Well that was fast – just a few hours after the iPad Mini got its big reveal during Apple‘s press event, Cygnett has some new cases for the tiny tablet. There are six different cases in all, each with a number of color variants, and each one comes with a design all its own. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a stylish or rugged case for your iPad Mini – Cygnett has you covered."

The Latin Times features Cygnett iPhone 5 drop test

' According to the folks over at Cygnett, the iPhone 5 handled a four foot drop "quite well." '

AlliOSnews reviews three iPhone 5 cases from Cygnett

"If there is one thing that is true about iPhone cases it is that there is one for you no matter what your need is in that case or your aesthetic taste. No where is that potentially more true than with Cygnett. The Australian company has dozens of styles of cases for iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5s to meet virtually any look, feel and design you have in mind."

Mac Life reviews The Polygon case for iPhone 5 by Cygnett

"If minimalism is your thing, check out Cygnett's Polygon case. The Polygon comes in either clear or a slightly translucent blue, and the clean design won't add much bulk to your new iPhone 5. The back of this plastic shell features a series of triangles that form a modern hexagonal pattern. It'll protect your phone from scratches, and it's easy to put on and take off if you change cases frequently. The thin plastic features cutouts for buttons and ports."

Mac Life reviews the WorkMate iPhone 5 case from Cygnett

"If you're clumsy, or work outdoors, Cygnett's WorkMate is a heavier-duty case made of flexible plastic and rubber. WorkMate comes in Slate Blue or Khaki, which is actually a military green. The rubber covers make your phone's buttons a bit harder to operate, but you may appreciate the additional protection in rougher environments."

Total iPad reviews Alumni iPad case by Cygnett

"The Alumni is another terrific iPad case from Cygnett, Total iPad’s favorite iPad accessory maker. The Alumni retails for only $29.99 and features 4 beautiful colors: Blue, Green, Black and Pink. The Alumni is made of a canvas fabric and will help protect your iPad from dings and scratches."

Mac-Enstein reviews UrbanShield for iPhone 5 by Cygnett


Mashable Lifestyle features 7th-Gen iPod Nano cases from Cygnett

"We have found nine solutions that will help protect your shiny new iPod. Take a look through the photo gallery above for our selections. Let us know in the comments below what kind of features you’re looking for in a case for your nano."

CNET reviews The Bulldozer and The UrbanShield for iPhone 5 by Cygnett

"Cygnett UrbanShield Carbon £19.95 Carbon fibre is all over the best sports cars in the world so why on Earth would you not want it around your phone? Cygnett Bulldozer £14.95 The Bulldozer is a rubber protective case that's not so massive as to make your slim new iPhone rotund. It's also got a pretty burly-looking tread pattern on it, which I'm sure you'll love."

Mobile Syrup reviews the UrbanShield and WorkMate from Cygnett

"It’s new phone season for many of us, and with the recent release of the iPhone 5, many users are clambering to purchase the right case to suit their personality or their proclivity for clumsiness. As we’ve heard, the iPhone 5 is particularly vulnerable to scratches and dents on its aluminum frame, so it should be no surprise that companies like Cygnett had a full range of cases ready to go at launch."

C2 Magazine reviews The WorkMate Pro on Facebook

"The Workmate Pro by Cygnett, is the supermodel of iPhone cases for the 4 and the 4s with a version for the iPhone 5 coming soon. The WorkMate Pro is by far one of the best products out on the market today. It will protect your investment and won’t pinch your wallet and still draw plenty of compliments."

YouTube alltheluck reviews Black Frost case for the Samsung Galaxy S3

"It's a slim-fitting case, anti-scratch and comes with a screen protector"

T3 The Gadget Website reviews the best iPhone 5 cases and covers for 2012

"If Apple’s most beautiful product bar none is simply not beautiful enough, you may want to invest in this sleek case offering from Australian case-maker Cygnett. Available in a choice of brushed aluminium and carbon fiber, the slimline shell will add a sleek, but understated look to the new iPhone with access to the camera to shoot freely from its snug surroundings."

Lazy Tech Guys review Lavish Earth iPad Folio from Cygnett

"Visually, the Lavish Earth looks great. Unlike the standard black folios we’ve seen before, this sandstone color is unique and stands out above the others. All of the iPad important buttons and ports are easily accessible and it can be propped up into 3 different angles."

YouTube Gadgetsboy reviews iPhone 5 aluminium case by Cygnett, the Urban Shield

"Set yourself apart with the brushed aluminium, dual material UrbanShield for your iPhone. Precision-machined, this slim statement case protects against scratches and allows access to all functions. Includes a screen protector."

YouTube olis4 reviews AeroGrip Crystal Clear iPhone 5 case

"This clear iPhone 5 case from Cygnett offers improved grip, protection and shows of the unique design of the iPhone 5. It comes with a lifetime warranty and screen protector"

Latinos Post features The FlipWallet case for iPhone 5 by Cygnett in 'iPhone cases that stand out'

"Cygnett's FlipWallet doubles as an actual wallet. Your phone on one side, credit card slots in the middle and a pocket in the back for cash. The tri-fold wallet includes a screen protector for the phone's display. It fits easily in your pocket."

G Style Magazine reviews The Vector case for iPhone 5 by Cygnett

"I’m a fan of Cygnett cases mainly due to the fact that not only do they function well, they are also usually pretty stylish as well. With the introduction of the iPhone 5, what I’m looking for in a case has slightly changed from what I wanted in a case with the iPhone 4/4S. With the iPhone 5, I still want something that protects, but at the same time, I’m looking for something relatively thin that doesn’t add much bulk to the the svelte new iPhone 5. With that in mind, Cygnett sent me their latest iPhone 5 case, the Cygnett Vector Tough case. The Vector, as described by them is a pocket friendly, impact resistant case that is inspired by the designs of skyscrapers and stealth jets. That may sound like a strange combination of things to take inspiration from, but surprisingly, it works well here."

CNET Reviews showcases Cygnett iPhone 5 cases

"Australian case-maker Cygnett has a number of cool iPhone 5 case designs, including The Bronx. It's definitely worth checking out the company's entire selection"

YouTube Chris Voss reviews Slate Blue WorkMate iPhone 5 case by Cygnett

"At their website, Cygnett have a whole mess of different cases for just about everything under the sun...(The WorkMate) definitely has a great rubber protection, shock absoption sort of system to it...I really like that, it's pretty cool!"

AlliOSnews - A review of three Cygnett cases

“Each one’s tailor made for a different type of user!"

YouTube Larry Greenberg reviews the UrbanShield Carbon Fibre iPhone 5 case

"Really nice, secure fit. You can see the black-on-black looks really stealthy"

YouTube mobilitytoday reviews The WorkMate case for iPhone 5 by Cygnett

" 'This is, personally, probably your best bet if you're looking for something for durability...It will give you the peace of mind that the phone isn't going to crack' "

YouTube Geekanoids review Vector iPhone 5 case

"Great matte with gloss design on the rear with a nice amount of protection."

iPhoneLife reviews iPhone 5 range

"Thanks to Cygnett, I can choose a different case for each event. The carbon fiber look of their UrbanShield slim case matches my motorcycle helmet's carbon fiber styling! ...They have a bright 'Bulldozer Orange' rubberized case that provides nice protection and helps you find your phone... Lately, the Cygnett Khaki (really olive green and black) two piece rugged case is where my iPhone 5 spends most of its time. It combines hard plastic inner shell with a silicone exterior."

Impulse Gamer reviews The Bulldozer iPhone 5 case by Cygnett

"With simple installation and extra protective features that would keep a tradesman happy, the Bulldozer case for the iPhone 5 is a well designed product from Cygnett. Coming in two colours that include Phantom Black and Canyon Orange which would standout quite a lot of a building site, this case is definitely for those users who want additional protection and would be the perfect case for tradies. It also comes with a Manufacturer's Lifetime Guarantee which will outlast your iPhone 5!"

Impulse Gamer reviews The UrbanShield iPhone 5 case by Cygnett

"The Urban Shield is also a slim fit case which minimises the bulk it adds to your iPhone 5 and once installed, it is almost like the case is non-existent. However before installing your iPhone 5 into the Urban Shield, you first need to install the screen protector which is simple as 1-2-3. Once the screen protector is installed, you simple slide your iPhone 5 into the case and it snaps in. Installation is complete and the user has full access to all functionality of their iPhone 5."

Impulse gamer reviews The UrbanShield Carbon iPhone 5 case from Cygnett

"At the end of the day, the UrbanShield Genuine Carbon Fibre Case is quite a stylish case that gives an element of sophistication to your iPhone 5 and best of all, it stands out. With a Manufacturer's Lifetime Guarantee, the UrbanShield Genuine Carbon Fibre Case is definitely for those iPhone 5 users who want something a little flash without compromising the look and feel of their iPhones."

Impulse gamer reviews The WorkMate iPhone 5 case by Cygnett

"Tradies love technology and quite a few of my friends in the building industry have already got the latest iPhone 5. They often ask me what's the best case available for their phones and I usually point them in the direction of impact resistant cases. This is where the WorkMate iPhone 5 case from Cygnett comes into play and is the perfect accessory for those people who work in industries where they are out and about such as building sites or people who work with nature."

Impulse gamer reviews The AeroGrip Feel

"The AeroGrip Feel Soft Feel Ergonomic Case from Cygnett has been designed to protect your iPhone from everyday with class. This includes scratches, bumps and knocks. Even should a fall happen, the case will add some additional protection to your Phone. The first thing that I noticed about this case was the high-gloss finish, soft-feel design and grip ridges on the side which was quite cool. It's definitely one of the more stylish cases available"

Today’s iPhone reviews The WorkMate for iPhone 5

‘‘Cam’s spent the last few days rocking the Workmate, and although he’d originally thought he wouldn’t like it, it surprised him with its quality look and feel. At only £20 ($25) it’s not over priced, and offers great protection.’’

Today’s iPhone reviews The UrbanShield for iPhone 5

‘‘Cam takes a quick look at Cygnett’s genuine carbon fiber UrbanShield case for the new iPhone. It’s the same price as many Cygnett cases but is extremely slim, and very tough and light.’’

Geekanoids reviews Bulldozer for iPhone 5

"Cygnett Bulldozer iPhone 5 Case Review ... funky colours, lots of bounce & an awesome design ... what more could you want? Check out my review of the Bulldozer."

LazyTechGuys review UrbanShield and WorkMate

"The UrbanShield was a slim-line unibody design that had a modern appeal to it. The Workmate can take a beating and is definitely bulkier than the UrbanShield. Without a doubt the UrbanShield feels solid but because there’s very little protection on the front, it’s a case for decoration; not phone safety. The Workmate on the other hand is…a hand full. However, it does fit in the pocket fairly well. However, even though it is military grade, the only screen protection it has is the extra plastic cover you get for free. It’s not like an Otterbox that has a screen protector that’s part of the case."

YouTube JunoYeopTV reviews the UrbanShield for iPhone 5 by Cygnett

" 'It is a very stylish case and just at US$ 24.99 I think it is one of the better snap on back cases on the market' "

Geekanoids reviews UrbanShield for iPhone 5

"Cygnett UrbanShield iPhone 5 Case Review ... with Apple devices being so delicate & susceptible to marks & scratches you need to get a case on it. What better than this Carbon Fibre offering from Cygnett, which also comes complete with a screen protector. Check out how it protects & transforms the look of your iPhone 5."

A Mom's Take review and giveaway Aerosphere

"The Cygnett Aerosphere sleeve is perfect for my MacBook! The case is really cool and modern looking with the “bubbles” around the outside. My daughter thought it was really big bubble pop. The inside is really nice and soft and feels really protective for my laptop. I really felt I needed a case for when I was taking it out with me or packing in my suitcase or backpack. This way I will travel around with peace of mind and know it will not get damaged or scratched."

BuyMeAniPhone reviews UrbanShield for iPhone 5

"8/10. A nice, sleek looking case with an aluminum back. Comes with a bunch of accessories. Very nice tight fitting case."

YouTube Cygnett iPhone 5 case range scroll through in Geekanoids iPhone 5 review

Check out our iPhone 5 case range at the beginning of this Geekanoids iPhone 5 review

Blubrry reviews Aerosphere sleeve for Ipad

"The design of the Aerosphere is very unique and the bubbles not only look great but do a terrific job of protecting your iPad. The raised bubbles will protect your iPad from bumps to the case. I feel confident the bubbles with absorb most of the shock if it were to take a moderate blow. I love the fact that I can use this sleeve in what I like to refer to as ‘book mode,’ I can open the sleeve leaving the iPad intact and use my iPad. Also when I fold the front of the sleeve back it elevates the iPad a couple of inches and feels more comfortable to type on the soft keys of the iPad."

Shiny Shiny reviews The Form for Samsung SGIII

"A glossy blue case from Cygnett, which is specially made to protect your phone with a super snug fit."

iPhoneLife rates Cygnett in Top 10 cases for iPhone 5

"Cygnett makes stylish cases in an eclectic selection of styles and designs. Ranging from tough, shock-absorbing designs to aluminum and carbon fiber shells, as well as silicone skins and leather folio style cases, Cygnett cases are well designed and stand out from a crowded field with their textures and creative and innovative designs."

I Luv Gadgets 77 reviews Vector

"I have to give Cygnett 2 thumbs up for being unique when it comes to their cases, it is very rare I see unique case’s from different companies but the Vector 3D case definitely does stand out from the others. I have to say this is worth it when it comes to protection, bulk and especially the price."

Shiny Shiny lists top 10 new Samsung Galaxy S3 cases and accessories

"A glossy case from Cygnett, which is specially made to protect your phone with a super snug fit."

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