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hearldonline reviews iPhone 5 case range

"FOR THE ROUGH AND TUMBLE: The WorkMate and the Bulldozer. The WorkMate, made from impact-resistant silicone and polycarbonate, is an extra-protective, impact resistant silicon design. Like its name, the Bulldozer is built rugged to handle tough treatment."

Petit Hermine reviews Alumni

"Overall, I like this case and how it looks. I think this would be great for a young person who likes colorful things and who's probably going to stuff this into a crammed bag."

Petite Hermine reviews the Alumni iPad case from Cygnett

"Overall, I like this case and how it looks. I think this would be great for a young person who likes colorful things and who's probably going to stuff this into a crammed bag."

Cygnett first look - SecondSkin Silicone case

"Have a look at our SecondSkin silicone case for the iPhone 5"

Deanozaur reviews Alumni

"The case does come with sleep wake functionality. Another thing that's good about this ipad case is that is does have the lay on the table design. So you can place your ipad on the table face down without scratching the screen. It has a pretty cool texture to it, It does feel very high quality and soft to touch."

DZD reviews Cygnett Alumni case for iPad II and III

"They really are the professional looking cases"

Before it's news reviews Lavish Connect

"The case looks nice and stylish—more stylish than most cases on the market. The keyboard (which adheres with a magnet) also doubles as a magnetic lock for your iPad, so it turns on and off when you open and close the case."

Youtube MyTrendyPhoneUK showcases Groove BassBall speaker by Cygnett

"Works with iPod, iPhone, iPad, MP3 player, laptop, smartphone, CD player or any PDA via 3.5mm jack. • Pocket-size portable speaker • Expandable design delivers dynamic sound and bass • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery for 3 hours of play-time • Roam-free - play any song, anywhere • Includes USB cable for recharging"

Gizmofusion reviews Appolo Hybrid Case for IPhone 4/4s

"Overall, I love this case. I love the color of the case I was given, which is purple, and how it stood out. My sister-in-law is currently sporting the case, and she loves it as well. I have yet to see her use a different case on her iPhone since I gave it to her. The case is available on their website for $29.99, which is a good price for this type of case. Check it out now."

UnboxTechnology reviews PlayUp Case for iPod Touch 4G

"Favourite case i've ever viewed. Will protect your phone very well and protects all your corners. It also covers everything and the sides are very nice too."

Youtube UnboxTechnology reviews the PlayUp case for 4th generation iPod touch

" 'In my opinion, my favourite iPod touch 4th generation case that I have ever reviewed.' "

Computer Shopper reviews The Lavish Connect Keyboard/Case

"Wish you could use your Apple iPad as an occasional productivity tool, and leave your laptop at home? These keyboard cases, from budget to deluxe, make it possible. "

Simple Kind of Life reviews Alumni iPad Case

"The material the case is made out of is awesome. You can tell that they took the time to use a good quality canvas and the leather material is sturdy as well. Protection is key. Once the iPad is in this case, it is covered pretty snug on all sides. There is no movement or slipping in this case when using it and the edges don't cover any of the key buttons or fit awkwardly."

Gadgets Magazine reviews Groove Bassball Speakers

"Groove BassBall is a pocket-size speaker, but full of energy, so you can play music from your device when you want it and wherever you want it, again & again. A Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery will provide you with up to 3 hours of amazing listening experience. The Ball-shaped speaker can easily be extended if you twist its end, and thus the sound will be even more powerful."

Unbox Technology reviews Frost case for ipod touch 4G

"It's very thin so it can easily be put into a dock. It does look very nice and slim with a see through effect as well. It is also scratch resistant and it's a great case. I do recommend it."

My Trendy Phone blog features Groove BassBall Rechargeable and Portable Speakers by Cygnett

"Perfect for hanging out on the beach, your room or at work – or you can simply pop it in your pocket when you’re on the move. Feel free to move, and play any song anytime and anywhere!"

Jaysworld77 reviews Boston Leather Case For Iphone

"This is a soft Leather Pouch that is equally at home in sporty , formal or even casual settings. It has a really nice pouch design, that offers you protection from both bumps and scratches. Overall thoughts is that this is a very nice, elegant and sophisticated looking pouch, the stitching on the case is really nice and it also has a really nice quality leather "

Youtube jaysworld77 reviews Boston Leather Case for iPhone 4 & 4S from Cygnett

" 'So this is a really nice pouch design, offers your iPhone a high level of protection from bumps and scratches.' "

IPhone Life reviews Workmate Pro Case Fore the iphone

"Cygnett’s WorkMate PRO comes with an adhesive screen protector for a little extra protection, and a two-year warranty. The external hard shell has a smooth silky traction to it keeping it securely snug in your hand but not making it so silicone-sticky that it’s hard to get out of your pocket, or that it’s a dust magnet. The access to the docking port and headphone jack is unobstructed, and the case is available in a few color choices, including a unique orange and grey combo."

Pink Dandy Chatter reviews Designer Iphone Cases

"This case provides all over protection with raised edges and is impact resistant. The case itself is a clear color and is also see through, so you will be able to see all the detailing on the back of your phone, right through the case. Both of these phone cases come with a screen protectors and microfibre cleaning cloths. This durable and flexible case will help to protect the front touchscreen, if your iPhone or iPod Touch falls screen down on a flat surface. The anti slip grip allows you to hold your device firmly, without worrying about it sliding right out of your hands. And, lets not forget to mention how amazing these cases feel! They have almost a baby powder feel but in solid form…so soft and so comfortable!"

Jessica Demaio Blogspot reviews Alumni Ipad Case

"While I would say the design is simple and unisex, it still has a classic and professional look. When opened we both really liked the clean interior design and neutral colored lining. We both agree that we prefer this design for a case over the fabric sleeves that some sell for iPads that have to be completely taken off when using. A case that can stay on while using the iPad is a plus. The material the case is made out of is awesome. You can tell that they took the time to use a good quality canvas and the leather material is sturdy as well. Protection is key. Once the iPad is in this case, it is covered pretty snug on all sides. There is no movement or slipping in this case when using it and the edges don't cover any of the key buttons or fit awkwardly."

MikeYFItalian reviews ICON Art Series Case for iPhone 4/4S

"The buttons are very easy to press and access and it has a good feel to it."

EverythingiOSDevice reviews Icon Art series Cover for iphone

"Nice art owl design on the cover. The cover Snaps on really nice. It has a great opening for volume rockers speakers & the USB. "

The Apple Update - Aerosphere is on of the coolest cases for iPhone 4 & 4S

"Well one of the coolest and most popular cases out at the moment is the Cygnett Aerospace as pictured above which is easily distinguishable by its unique bubble or golf ball like texture."

Legit reviews Frost & Form cases for Samsung S III

"Cygnett has you covered if you are a Samsung Galaxy S III owner, with nine different case series available for this Smartphone! Prices range from $19.99 to $39.99, so they are priced competitively with other brands on the market. Cygnett sent Legit Reviews several cases for the Samsung Galaxy S3 to check out, so we could get a good feel for their product lineup."

JrProductions reviews Folio Case for ipad

"This case is very easy to install and features great smart on off awake function as you open and close the case. With the magnetic closure it really does make sure your ipad is secure and wont open and close by itself. The case itself is made out of very high qualty materials and does feel very sturdy in your hand. I give this case two thumbs up and I would really recommend it."

DriodChat reviews Aerosphere 17' Notebook Sleeve

"Very simple to open, and it's very, very nice. It also has a very shiny fleece and that is the good thing about it. Fleece."

Our Love Nest Blog reviews Alumni Fashionable Case for Ipad

"The case is sleek, slender, and the pop of color makes my heart happy.It's light enough to fit right into your purse, and functional enough for use in class, on a plane or with your kids! "

Zsazsa Bellagio reveiws The Glam Case For Ipad

"Straight off the catwalks of Europe this glossy patent-leather style case offers fashionable, beautifully crafted protection for your iPad 2 offering chic defence against wear and tear. Instantly impress with the convertible stand, designed to showcase your iPad contents in the best possible light."

ILoveGadgets77 reviews Frost Matte Slim Case for ipod touch 4G

"My Overall thoughts on this I have to say it looks very nice It is a very slim profile case that doesnt add any bulk to the ipod touch it was also very easy to put in and out of your pockets."

Fashion Love Struck reveiws The Glam Red & Glam Rock Case for Ipad

"The cases come in all different colors and fabrics, which is great because you can treat this accessory like your bags! You have a bag for different types of outfits or occasions, and the same rule should apply to your iPad case. If it goes everywhere with you, then it might as well contribute to your overall style and look."

Hip Girlie reviews Glam rock Ipad Case

"The fit and the grip are both quite secure while all the ports/buttons being accessible including the camera lens on the back. I like the wake/sleep feature (by closing and opening the case) along with multi-view stand (3 different viewing angles). Glam-tastic! I’m happy with the overall look and protection – it’s really like putting on a metallic bomber jacket. And the affordable price tag of $59.99 is a huge plus. The only drawback is that you must handle with care, any scratches and/or indentations will easily show due to the high-gloss finish."

Android Authority reviews The Cygnett Frost Matte Slim case, The Tube Map Case & The Form Case for Samsung Galxy 3

"The Frost case has a simple and elegant design and protects your Galaxy S3 without adding unnecessary bulk. This case comes with a screen protector and an electronics cleaning cloth in the box. The case is semi-transparent, which means you can still see the Samsung logo on the back, even though we looked at a black case. The Frost case has a nice and thin profile, and feels great in the hand."

Mommies With Style reviews The Fashionable Alumni Case for Ipad

"I received this Cygnett Alumni iPad Case right before I left for a business trip just last week. I’ve always been partial to the magnetic cover I have from Apple and haven’t found one iPad case that I use regularly. But I can definitely get used to the convenience of the Cygnett Alumni case. Some features include: a magnetic closure makes it easy to close (and stay closed). Also love that opening it automatically wakes the iPad. Not sure how that works but it’s pretty cool.Also, the cover is made of a hard wearing canvas that’s tough. I like that it’s not anything crazy hard like a plastic that may look cheap, but a canvas material that is tough but still nice looking."

iMore reviews cases for iphone4/4s

"What I love about this case is it's extremely light weight. It is easy to take on & off and has a beautiful soft feel to it. Some Slim Cases are extremely hard to get off but this was is not which is a big plus. It has Easy access for all the buttons, has a good amount of space for the flash. All in all Cygnett makes a wide variety of different cases at exceptionally."

Android authority reviews Various cases for Samsung s3

"The case fits on great & feels really nice and is actually one of the nicest feeling cases i've had for the samsung s3. There's nice cutouts for all your buttons, speakers and camera which are all extremely accessible. All of these Cygnett cases are great ! "

GadgetXpert reveiws Opticlear Screen Protector For Ipad 2

"We were pretty impressed with the overall quality. The protector has been advertised as easy to apply without any bubbles or loss of screen, and to be honest, we couldn’t agree anymore. It’s extremely easy to apply; all you need is a bit of elbow grease. Once applied it offers extreme clarity and contrast, thanks to the special technology used."

The iMums reviews giveaway London Underground

"To celebrate the commencement of the 2012 London Olympics, the 150th anniversary of the London Underground Tube (next year) and of course our First Birthday next month, we’re giving away three London-themed iPhone 4/4S cases thanks to the wonderful crew over at Cygnett."

ChipChick reviews InSound

"The Cygnett InSounds are comfortable noise cancelling headphones, complete with the bells and whistles. The company has been full of surprises these past couple of years, and have yet to let us down. At $129.99, the Cygnett InSound are not cheap, but they are on the affordable side for active noise canceling headphones."

Gadgetix mini reviews Transport for London for Samsung Galaxy SIII

"Up close they look awesome; both are so different yet have a real class about them, when I showed them at work, my work mates loved them, they thought the TubeMap was cool, and love the colours of the NightLines case."

Gadgetix reviews LavishConnect

"When I took the case to work to show my work mates as pretty much 90% of them have an iPad 2 or 3, they all loved the case and one even wanted to take it home, one wanted it in hot pink… yes she loves that colour, maybe a black case with highlighted pink."

Today's iPhone reviews CarGo

"It was in the late hours of last night that I was even more thankful for Cygnett’s CarGo. Without it, I’m certain that the last 3-4 hours of driving would have been tear-filled and nightmarish. In fact, I wouldn’t go on a trip without it. It’s my safety net."

MamaBuzz reviews Lavish Earth, Alumni, Aerosphere and Playup

"I really wanted a case that would give it an extra bit of protection and make it easier to carry with us. Our favorite case was the Lavish Earth case...The (Alumni) case is quite simple, and the main thing I love about it is the color. The iPad slides right in and fits securely, as well...Otherwise, this (Apollo) case was fantastic...The Aerosphere Bubble-Effect Case for both iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S is an awesome looking case that really gives the appearance of bubble wrap...Jacob said that he likes the fact that since it’s a hard (Playup case it’s easy to slide in and out of his pocket."

The Chic Gadget reviews Glam for Ipad

"For the day-to-day, it’s important to have an iPad case that’s flexible and trustworthy…not to mention beautiful. I recently fell in love with the “Glam Case” in red by tech-accessory company Cygnett. At first I wasn’t sure that the red high gloss style was right for me, but it had such a nice feel and feel…so I made it a part of my outfit for the day. It looked amazing as an accessory."

2phat2tech reviews Frost and Form for SG3

"If you're looking for a case that is as light as the phone itself and won't add too much bulk to it, this is a case I would highly recommend."

Rainebrooke reviews Alumni Pink

"The Alumni iPad case has several great features. First off is the color. It’s a very nice pink. I would call it a bright carnation pink, close to a hot pink shade. If pink is not your thing, they also offer it in blue, green and black. Second is the exterior canvas. It’s a really durable feeling canvas that’s sewn onto the hard core of the case. The canvas material feels like it would take a real beating without getting ripped or torn."

MelbGirl blog reviews Glam

"Check out my new tech love! The travel-friendly high-gloss ‘Glam’ folio case by Cygnett, protects your iPad from drops and scratches with eye-catching style."

GizmoFusion reviews InSound

"The headphones look incredible. The InSound noise cancelling headphones are completely black and stealthy looking...Cygnett states that up to 85% of noise cancellation is achieved when using these headphones. After testing it out? I’d have to say it lives up to these expectations!... I connected the headphones to my new iPad and tested out different music. I tested out Billy Joel, Linkin Park, some Christmas music and anything else that I could possibly think of. The audio quality was extremely clear on these headphones."

Michelle's Design File reviews London Underground

"Of the five designs featured in the official London Underground Series the TubeMap has to be my favourite- looking at all those train lines brings back so many amazing memories from my visit there 2 years ago!"

MacWorld reviews Alumni

"The Alumni is a stylish case for the new iPad, made from a hard-wearing canvas to protect your tablet from wear and tear. The design has concealed magnets to keep the case closed and your device secure when not in use. It also has an automatic sleep/ wake function so you can access your iPad quickly and easily. Choose from blue, green, pink and black."

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