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Top Ten Plus reviews Apollo

Rated #1 in top ten cases for iPhone 4; "Cygnett Apollo is a solid option for you iPhone 4 Cover and is the best and most hot cover for you iPhone we yet have discovered. The plastic exterior is of great material and don’t show any fingerprints even in sweating and not a single scratch.The Soft Rubber Interior is shock absorbent and cool place for your iPhone to reside in it.It has gained popularity in a couple of months and costs $30. It also has some cool combination of colors for there cases"

Today's iPhone reviews Lavish

"10 Accessories I Couldn't Live Without... I don’t like folio stands as standard, but, the Cygnett Lavish Earth is so beautiful and sturdy that I’d not easily give it up. It has a good number of viewing angles, and the attention to detail in its construction is unmatched by anything similar. Not only that, but it lives up to its name in that it’s lined in a lavish velvety microfiber material on the inside. The magnet that keeps it shut works well and wakes up your iPad when the cover is opened."

G Style Magazine reviews InSound

"First of all, the InSound headphones are completely black and stealthy looking... The Cygnett InSound Noise Cancelling Headphones are the first headphones I’ve used with this technology and honestly, I can’t see myself going back to regular headphones anymore when traveling. The fact that these completely drown out all external distractions is simply amazing and definitely a must have on long flights."

iGadget Geek reviews Lavish Earth & Alumni

"The Alumni is canvas, a nice folio style with pocket, nice cut out for the camera, nice suede inner and leather accents... Lavish Earth is a little different, it varies by incorporating a stand with different viewing positions... both have magnets to lock and unlock your iPad. A very nice, high end leather finish."

Chic Luxuries reviews Alumni

"You'll never forget where you put your iPad with this bright pink cover. Pink not your thing? No worries, it's also available in blue, black, and green... This case is perfect for a new graduate, college student, or anyone who wants a sturdy, attractive case at a reasonable price. If you have an iPad, you surely want to protect it from scratches, dirt and damage."

AMom'sTake reviews InSound

"My husband works from home and needs something that can help tune out the constant noise of a household full of children... He wears them most of the day and still finds them to be really comfortable throughout the day and appreciates the over-the-ear style... We are able to still get his attention if we need him but he can tune out most of the noises going on around him to be able to stay concentrated on his work better."

GadgetSpeak reviews LavishConnect

"Obviously I am not alone in finding that typing using a mobile device’s keyboard, whether physical or on-screen variety is not as convenient as when using a proper keyboard. Cygnett, an Australian company, has recently released its Lavish Connect product. This piece of kit consists of a folio case, Bluetooth keyboard and a microUSB lead. Although it has been designed specifically for use with various members of the iPad family, you should be able to use the keyboard with other Bluetooth-aware tablets and mobile devices."

Gadgetgal38 reviews Lavish Earth

"Beautifully crafted, elegant design and look at the stitching; very nice... I really do love this case guys. Right now, this is my favourite case."

AvorahTV reviews Aerosphere

"You've spent your entire life savings on your new Macbook, Macbook Pro or Macbook Air?! Yes we thought so! Well we recommend you get a good quality and, of course, good looking sleeve for your device, when your forced to travel away from those pesky debt collectors. Well we think this Cygnett Aerosphere Sleeve is just the perfect companion... It's our sleeve of choice right now."

The Gamer With Kids reviews InSound

"In terms of audio quality, I’m really impressed by what I hear. Music comes in loud and clean with no distortion at all. It’s a bit biased on the treble side but it just means that I can actually hear all the words being sung. The bass is pretty thumpy too but not overly deep where it completely overwhelms the song. I tried these out with every type of song imaginable from pop, hip hop, dance music, and even country."

Pink Dandy Chatter reviews InSound

"These headphones are great to use during travel, around the house or whenever you need some private time to relax. And the sound quality is amazing! Every time that I wear them, I always feel like I am listening to my music in an up close and personal way."

Cherry Blossom reviews Apollo, Alumni and LavishConnect

"I love the brightness of the Alumni Canvas Case (and the hidden magnets that put the iPad to sleep and wakes it up-seamlessly) and I love the versatility of the Lavish Connect... The favorite of all my iPhone covers has to be the Apollo Hybrid Case- it comes with an anti-scratch/fingerprint-proof surface with a shock absorbent interior."

MacWorld reviews London Underground

"With the Queen’s Jubilee, the London Olympics and the 150th anniversary of the Tube upon us, Cygnett has released two celebratory lines of iPhone cases. The London Underground series includes the TubeMap, TubeTrain, Underground, DayLines and NightLines cases; while the Great Britain Series feature either a single Union Jack or a montage of flags."

WAGI125 reviews Lavish Earth

"Muy buena funda con una sorpresa." (Very good case with a surprise.)

AMom'sTake reviews ICON & Lavish Earth

"The ICON Art Series Cases were so beautiful and colorful! I have never seen such an intricately designed case!...The Lavish Earth Case for the new iPad was perfect for my husband who is the principal at a middle school. He was looking for something professional that would also protect his iPad. This case was perfect."

KTrinh93 reviews Apollo

"The silicone is impact resistant and will take up some of the shock and it's a hard shell case that scratch resistant. With everyday rough-housing, it does a pretty good job of keeping your case protected."

Chip Chick reviews Apollo

"When it comes to protection, the Cygnett Apollo is pretty much as good as it gets. My iPhone can vouch for this. It even includes an iPhone screen protector! This clean and suave-looking case is also quite durable and very usable."

MacWorld reviews LavishConnect

"Cygnett: The $150 Lavish Connect is a sleek, folio-style keyboard case for your new iPad. It includes concealed magnets that support the iPad’s magnetic sleep/wake feature, and the device also features an 84-key Bluetooth keyboard and an integrated stand to prop your tablet screen into the desired position. It comes in black or sandstone."

MacWorld reviews Metallicus

"Encase your iPhone in a suit of withstanding armour – the METALLICUS from Cygnett is a sleek, metal protector for iPhone 4/4S, helping to ward off damage from falls and scratches. Available in three colours – black, grey and silver – the METALLICUS case is made of aluminium and features raised edges to protect the touchscreen. Additional screen protector is included."

mX reviews InSound

"These are a great option for those who enjoy their music but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars or look like a DJ on the train."

MelbGirl Fashion Blog reviews London Underground

"I love London – the people, the places, the fashion, the vibe. It’s been two years since I headed over there for the starting leg of our honeymoon and what I wouldn’t give to be in London-town for the Olympics this year! But we can only dream right! Well, the dreaming came to life a little bit when I discovered Cygnett‘s range of iPhone cases inspired by one of the UK’s most iconic symbols – the London Underground."

iGadget Geek reviews Apollo

"This dual material, fused case has a hard plastic exterior and soft silicone interior. The covered buttons are still really responsive. There's a generous cutout for the flash. All in all, it's gonna be a really great case."

EnterWebHub reviews ICON

"Some cool and stylish accessories to enjoy this summer; 1. Cygnett Icon Art Series iPhone Case. Wrap your iPhone in the wild, hypnotic, fantasy-scape of Scarygirl, by Nathan Jurevicius. Choose from 3 creative designs exclusive to Cygnett’s ICON Art Series. Finished in a silky smooth rubberised coating that’s soft to the touch, the slim-fit form of the cases accentuate the form of your iPhone."

Bouvanrooij123 reviews London Underground

"The London Underground case is an official licensed product, which is really cool. I love the hard shell case with transparent sides, it looks really good on the iPhone."

Kindle Obsessed reviews Lavish Earth

"3.5/5 Simple and sophisticated. Though Cygnett’s Lavish case for the Kindle Fire has a flaw that drove me (and my OCD) crazy it doesn’t take away from the fact that this case has some pretty serious selling points. First and foremost being it’s functions! Say what? Well, for starters this case boast not 1 or 2 folio viewing angles but 3! Want to read? Want to watch a flick? Want to type a note? No promblemo…there is a level for each purpose."

Today's iPhone reviews LavishConnect

"Cygnett’s Lavish Connect is essentially the same as the Lavish Earth I reviewed and chose as my number 1 folio, except it has a BlueTooth keyboard. Design-wise, it looks no different to the Earth. It has the same quality stitching and leather feel. The main difference (except for the keyboard) is that there are no ridges for multi-angle views. Because the mini QWERTY takes over the front, the designers have had to put a kickstand on the back, attached with a short piece of ribbon."

iGadget Geek reviews WorkMate Pro

"The workmate is a great case and at $19.99 they include a screen protector you will get the same level of protection as a case that sell for twice as much. I would recommend the workmate to anyone that is looking for a great rugged case."

Vince11211 reviews Alumni for iPad

"I have the Alumni, a blue one, nice colour. One of the cons is no stand, but the canvas fabric is very nice, it has sleep wake function, a wide pocket and a inner soft feel."

I Luv Gadgets 77 reviews Apollo

"Are you looking for a really nice case for your IPhone 4S or 4? Go checkout this website: and you will find what you need. This case provide protection all the way around, meaning that you have a hard shell on the outside and a soft lining on the inside the case so that your phone won’t get scratched."

Switching2Mac reviews Alumni

"The case feels high quality and is extremely comfortable to hold for long periods of time. After using the case for about two weeks, I have found the case to hold up very well and not fray or rip at the seams like most folio cases tend to do."

Cream reviews London Underground iPhone cases

"If you can’t make it to the London Olympic Games, you can at least look all well-travelled-like with one of these rather bright covers for iPhone 4 and 4S. Designed by global digital accessories group, Cygnett, the cases depict iconic interpretations of London including the infamous Underground logo (above) and Tube Map (below). RRP $24.95 each, they’re far cheaper than a round-ticket to the see the actual Games but, alas, not quite the same thrill. Still, we think they’re dashing."

Latest Gadgets reviews KeyPad

"For business travellers and anyone that types on the go, the Cygnett Keypad is extremely portable and light. It was only 200g, less than half a bag of sugar. You will have no issues packing this and it will add a minuscule weight to your bag. It is also very easy to setup. I was paired and typing away within minutes."

Vince 11211 reviews Lavish for iPad

"Lavish has a nice leather outer and very soft suede interior. It's tight-fitting but won't bubble your screen protector. Your iPad will be perfectly secure, with easy access to controls."

Connected Digital World reviews BlackFrost for Samsung Galaxy Note

"The packaging is clear so that you can actually see the case you are getting which is nice as I have previously found cases that don’t quite match the picture on the box! Including a screen protector in the box was a good move as that is one less thing to have to buy! ... The case is very light so it really doesn’t add anything to the weight of the Note."

MadShrimps reviews Lavish Earth

"The Lavish Earth iPad 2 case from Cygnett is meant to offer protection to the tablet, while keeping a professional, book-like appearance. The case also enables the sleep/wake function of the tablet, closes magnetically and offers viewing at three different angles, for multiple usage purposes."

Ariane Design reviews ICON Art Series

'One look at this case and I’m certain that my friends at Hootsuite will all want one... It’s a beautiful little case with a low profile that’s easy to both put on and take off.'

Gadgetix reviews InSound noise-cancelling headphones

"The base and treble are excellent in my view, listening to all the explosions and battle sounds on Modern Warfare 3 on my Xbox is out of this world. With the InSound headphones I believe that I have been converted back to the wired headphone world."

Run Around Tech reviews Ripple

"Made of durable, yet flexible TPU material that hugs the contours of your phone, the raised edges protect the touchscreen while the wave-like surface feels good in your hand."

Pink Dandy Chatter reviews Nomad and Arcade

"Cygnett offers some really amazing iPhone cases that are affordable and unique. I instantly fell in love with Nomad, which, reminds me of a subway sign or one of those modern wall art pictures that lists all the places you want to travel to in the world. The other iPhone case that I just LOVE is called Arcade."

Blogfully reviews Alumni, ICON and Apollo

"The Cygnett Alumni iPad case is awesome! I love how nice it looks covering my iPad, how crisp and clean it is; not one stitch was out of place, and the way my iPad stays securely in the sleeve…I love it!... Designed and authored by Nathon Jurevicius, the ICON Art Series Case (left) is soft (almost satiny) to the touch and disguises its very sturdy hard shell underneath...The Apollo Hybrid Case (right) is super nice. It has a shock absorbent interior, it gives complete 360-degree protection, and each is impact-resistant with raised side edges to better protect the touchscreen."

Herald Sun Fresh Gear reviews Frost for Samsung GSIII

"It's not just Apple phones that go undercover. Samsung's new flagship smartphone has attracted plenty of attention, including a look from Aussie case-maker Cygnett. The Melbourne-based company has released cases for the Galaxy S III, including the hard-bodied Frost cover that offers a slim fit and three colour choices."

Today's iPhone reviews Aerosphere

"The sleeve is pretty innovative in the way it protects your tablet. The outside is covered in air-filled bubbles that resist any small collisions or knocks, keeping your iPad secure. Also, the inside is lined with a lovely soft lining that ensures your display isn’t likely to become scratched or dirtied. I’ve got two young children, so I was delighted to see it comfortably handle being dropped (at least, while it’s shut.)"

Dad of Divas reviews Lavish for Kindle Fire

"This case offered perfect protection for my Kindle Fire. I loved the magnetic enclosure and the ability to make this into a stand for the fire as it made it so much easier to use and appreciate. At the same time, the case was easy to set up and offered the padding and security that I was looking for as well. If you are looking for a case that will protect, while still looking great look no further than this great case!"

Ideas Tap features Design Your Own iPad Competition

"Cygnett are very excited to announce the Cygnett UK ‘Design Your Own iPad Case’ Competition, to run between Friday, 18 May and Friday, 26 October 2012. Aimed at attracting young and emerging British artists, the project will explore the creative possibilities when different artists, designers and creators each customise the same blank object."

KindleObsessed reviews Lincoln for Kindle Fire

(Rated 4/5 Stars). "It’s a great case for travelers! Why? Because not only does it sport an interior document pocket (and pen holder) but it also has a handy little card holder as well! The quality is top notch. There is nothing to hinder the operation of your Fire, and the locking dock (which holds your Fire in) is sturdy and dependable. (Your Fire isn’t going to go flying!) The only negative I can find is the excess leather on the spine which can cause the top of the cover to slip a little.’s almost a non-issue so you can decide for yourself if that is a deal breaker. Overall…nice quality case."

TGITechday reviews Apollo

"The overall feel - it feel's like you're getting your money's worth. I chose this case when I'm not reviewing. I would definitely recommend it."

Impulse Gamer reviews LavishConnect-Editor's Choice

Rated 9.0 Editor's Choice "The Lavish Connect is the perfect accessory for your iPad that not only gives the user a stylish business folio case but includes a super thin magnetically attached Bluetooth keyboard. The design of the Lavish also features magnets that enable the sleep/wake function of your iPad so when the case is closed, your iPad is not using additional power. To turn your iPad on, you simply open the case and the magnets will activate your device. It's that easy...Another brilliant design from Cygnett!"

Impulse Gamer reviews Nomad

"Rome, London, Prague, Berlin... these are cities that inspire a wealth of visions from romance to adventure and more importantly when linked together, travel or for that matter... fashion. This is also the latest inspiration for Cygnett with their Nomad iPhone case that puts some of the greatest cities of the world on the back of your iPhone to give it a true fashion statement."

TechGuide reviews InSound

(4/5 stars). "During Tech Guide’s testing of the Cygnett InSound noise-cancelling headphones we were surprised by the level of outside sound it suppressed when it was activated. When we flicked the switch it was like the sound got sucked out of the room."

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