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Impulse Gamer reviews London Underground

"God save the Queen... and give your iPhone a unique "United Kingdom" look with Cygnett's latest range of iPhone 4 and 4S cases to coincide with the Queen's Jubilee and the 2012 UK Olympics. The themed UK designs from Cygnet include the Underground, TubeTrain, TubeMap, NightLines Day Lines, Union Jack Montage and Union Jack which transform your iPhone into a true British fashion statement."

Gizmo Fusion reviews Lavish Connect

"I can’t express enough how incredible this case really is. I am not afraid of my iPad being damaged in any way, and in addition to that, I get the ability to type on a physical keyboard instead of having to settle for using the on screen keyboard that I have been using for so long."

G Style Magazine reviews Glam

"I love the color red. I love a shiny, bright red that screams give me your money, take me home and show me off. So when I saw the Glam iPad case from Cygnett it was love at first sight.The folio style case is a fire engine red with a smooth high gloss finish that’s sure to grab people’s attention."

Gadget Reviews reviews Snaps Duo

"Overall, the Cygnett Snaps Duo for iPhone 4 is a great little purchase and not only does it give you the confidence to know your gadget is well protected, it also looks the part. If you’re in the market for an iPhone bumper, I’d definitely recommend this one."

A Mom's Take reviews Glam

"I was thrilled to be able to try out the Red Glam case for my iPad! Red is my favorite color and pretty much the only color I use to decorate, so it matches my house and style perfectly. Aside from looking great, the Glam Case protects my iPad from my not-so-careful children who tend to drop it on occasion!"

Chip Chick reviews Glam and Lavish Earth

"The Good: Great Designs, Very Functional, Built-In Multi-Angle Stand, Protective, Durable, Auto-Wake Cover. The Bad: A Tad Thick, Charging Port is Deep and Tricky to Access ."

G Style Magazine reviews Lavish for iPad

"Since receiving the Cygnett Lavish, it’s become my default case for my iPad 2. Despite the fact that it’s thicker and heavier than my last case, it’s more stylish and classy looking. It has the added benefit of concealing my iPad a bit better from prying eyes. I’d like to also add that it’s really not that expensive of a case and only costs $49.99 which is a decent price for a protective iPad case that also works as a multi-view iPad stand as well as functioning with the iPad’s built in lock/unlock feature."

Chip Chick reviews Union Jack Montage for iPhone

"Crikey! This is a nice looking case. Maybe the Union Jack isn’t your thing, but Cygnett’s Union Jack Montage Case has one of the nicest finishes we’ve ever seen on an iPhone 4/4S case. The matte finish is ultra soft to the touch, and it even has a raised texture."

Impulse Gamer reviews InSound-Editor's Choice

"Rated 9.5 ..the big test was the audio quality of the InSound. We connected our iPhone 4S to the device in order to test a variety of music that included Sleigh Bells, Foo Fighters, Mass Effect 3 Soundtrack and Lana Del Ray. The audio quality was exceptionally clear and the headphones produced a wide range of highs, mids and lows. Voices were extremely clear and we tested the headphones with some audio books that included the Ricky Gervais Podcasts... once again, clean audio. Compared to some higher end noise-cancellation headphones, the InSound produced some great audio quality, especially considering the price."

Buzz Focus reviews InSound noise-cancelling headphones

Rating 8/10 "Overall, InSound Noise Cancelling Headphones are a great option for handheld device users, who aren’t ready to step into the $200 price range. If you travel often via train, bus or airplane, these earcans will definitely give you delightful musical solitude for a low cost. Your eardrums will thank you for it."

James Bom reviews Red Glam

"With a gloss finish which can turn heads when you pull out of your bag. Notable, the red color makes the Glam looks like it as a patent leather spiked heels. Apart from that, its interior is made from a soft, suede-like material that can help to protect the iPad’s screen. Additionally, it also serves to help stabilize the iPad when displayed in an upright position due to the natural resistance of the material."

AccessoryVillage reviews Aerosphere

YouTube review; 'This is the orange Aerosphere, the best selling and nicest-looking version in my opinion... These are literally air bubbles... the faux-fur is amazingly soft... offers great protection.'

The Gamer With Kids reviews WorkMate Pro

'The Workmate Pro is a very good heavy-duty case. I found it to be very protective and like the fact that it does also protect the home button from dust and debris. It’s also a very grippy case which if great as I have found many cases these days to be too slippery when held and makes your phone more prone to drops.'

My Trendy Phone Blog reviews Groove Platinum

“With Groove Platinum Headset by Cygnett you can listen to your favourite tunes in high-quality audio sound. The well-packed earphones have a cosy, light construction and feature excellent performance. Most importantly, they provide dynamic sound with high-grade bass. An integrated microphone is very handy for taking and making calls hands-free, and delivers crystal clear sound."

Accessory Geeks review Red Glam

"Cygnett's Glam Red Folio Case comes with a balance of function and style. As the name suggests, the exterior of the case comes in a high-gloss red. The exterior is padded with a suede-like material for soft iPad protection. But the case does a little more than look pretty. It supports multiple viewing angles for the iPad and uses magnets for secure closing when the device is not in use. For users who don't like red, the Glam Rock features the same high-gloss finish in silver."

G Style Magazine reviews Nomad

'This case is another winner from Cygnett, which adds just enough style, married with function to produce a great accessory for your beloved phone.'

G Style Magazine reviews Union Jack

'It’s a hard slim profile, snap-on case with the British flag. I’ve been using this case for the past week and I think it’s my favorite Cygnett case thus far. One of the best features of the case is that it’s textured. It has a very nice soft touch matte feel to it and it looks extremely stylish.'

App Advice reviews Glam, WorkMate Pro, London Underground and ICON

'The red Glam looks like it was meant to match your fancy pair of patent leather spiked heels. It is so shiny I can see my reflection in it.'

G Style Magazine reviews WorkMate Pro

'The Workmate Pro is the toughest case that Cygnett carries. If the Apollo Hybrid was an armored car, the Workmate Pro would be a tank.'

Trendy Travelista reviews Union Jack for iPhone

'How fun is this Union Jack iPhone case? In honour of the upcoming Summer Olympics in London, Cygnett has a whole line of London-inspired cases, some featuring Union Jacks, others featuring tube maps and stops. Love!'

Test Freaks Blog reviews GrooveTrip II

"If you’re using an older car that doesn’t come with any audio input jack then the Cygnett GrooveTrip II Mini FM transmitter is an option to consider if you want to take your music with you. The GrooveTrip II works well and it’s very easy to use. You can preset up to four frequencies that you know work in your area for quick and easy access."

Mad Shrimps reviews UrbanShield

"The UrbanSheild for Samsung Galaxy S2 case from Cygnett gives us enough protection on the back and laterals, while maintaining a sexy look. The brushed aluminium back is really stunning and thanks to the smooth rubberized laterals, the phone will not stick to the interior fabric of our pockets, like other cases use to do."

The Gamer With Kids reviews Aerogrip Edge

"The Aerogrip Edge is basically an alternative to the standard iPhone Bumper case but improves upon the design a bit by adding a high-grip finish and dimples for easier handling."

My Great iPhone reviews Lavish Earth

YouTube review: 'A really, really nice case, Cygnett have done an excellent job at manufacturing professional looking for the iPad.'

Chip Chick reviews ICON Art Series

"The Cygnett Icon collection is just three cases at the moment, but these three abstract cases are unparallelled in artistic styling and creativity. The colorful, limited-edition artwork on these iPhone 4/4S cases is by Australian-born artist Nathan Jurevicious, creator of Scarygirl."

Gizmo Fusion reviews Glam Red

'Overall, I love this case. It looks incredible, offers great protection for my iPad, and at $59.99 I wouldn’t expect anything less. Cygnett takes pride in their cases, and it shows that they want to offer their customers the best. This case is not going to let you down.'

G Style Magazine reviews UrbanShield

"Overall, I really do like the look of the Cygnett Urban Shield and how slim it is. It’s a very slick, attractive looking case and it doesn’t cost much either at only $19.99 in your choice of 4 colors and as I stated above, also includes a screen protector."

G Style Magazine reviews AeroGrip Edge

"If you don’t like the look of the standard Apple bumper case, the Cygnett Aerogrip Edge is almost as good of an alternative. It really is quite grippy and the dimples on the sides to help with handling. It seems a bit more rubbery than the Apple bumper though. It fits very well and is pretty tight so you don’t have to worry about it possible slipping off in your pocket or something."

The Gamer With Kids reviews UrbanShield

'The Urban Shield is very thin. It barely adds any thickness to the iPhone which is great for those who like the slim dimensions of the phone naked.'

Run Around Tech video reviews Apollo

"I previewed Cyngett’s new line at CES 2012 and walked away very impressed. I see them as a company with a lot to offer in the future when it comes to making fresh, new, exciting cases for the iPhone. The Apollo Case, available in three colors, black, white, and purple, is the company’s take on a hybrid case... I'm a big fan of the Apollo case."

Chip Chick reviews Deco and Skin for iPhone

"The Cygnett Deco and Cygnett Skin are similar iPhone 4/4S slim cases but their unique finish makes them completely distinct and yet equally marvelous. The Deco has a luminous, glossy, and glam finish while the Skin has a textured and sophisticated finish... The textured Skin case brings out your iPhone’s inner reptile."

Phone Review reviews London Underground series

"These London Underground iPhone cases come from Cygnett and will certainly catch people’s eyes."

Mobile Syrup reviews London Undergrond series

"Cyngett has etched the “Official Licensed Product of Transport for London” on the inside of each case, a lovely addition. Seeing this, the cases immediately became collectors’ items and I can’t wait to complete the set."

My Great iPhone reviews SoundCheck headphones

''Extremely comfortable, strong and flexible, very stylish, bass, mids and highs very well done. Excellent price, a definitely bargain and absolutley loved them.''

BlogCritics reviews Lavish and Alumni

"The Lavish Earth is a handsome well designed folio case that features a leather style slim case and high quality stitching around all edges... For a brighter option, I switched over to the Alumni case which was given to me in a radiant teal color."

Today's iPhone reviews London Underground series

TubeMap "he TubeMap is the typical hard plastic shell, except it has the central London underground map printed on the back. As a newcomer to the city, having that is so invaluable. It doesn’t cover the entire network, but, it gets everything between Paddington/Earl’s Court across to Tower Hill and Aldgate East... NightLines The design is great. The coloured lines look good against the black background, and the soft touch finish is really great in hand."

MyTrendyiPhoneBlog reviews Lavish Connect

"The latest Cygnett Lavish Connect iPad 2 /iPad 3 Case is a versatile piece of accessory that integrates several features. First of all, it safeguards your tablet computer. Then, it contains a practical and sometimes necessary 84-key QWERTY Bluetooth Keyboard. Lastly, this iPad 2 /iPad 3 case doubles as a stand, too. The keyboard is features magnetic system technology, aiding you to enhance your efficiency and precision simultaneously, and letting you make the most from your precious iPad device."

Run Around Tech reviews ICON

"Entitled “Chihoohoo’s Tea Party”, the back of the case features a cat-like creature having a tea party. I quite enjoy the artwork, but, of course, that’s completely subjective. However, the feel of the case is incredible. Sporting a “soft-touch”, the Icon Art Series case is easily one of the most comfortable cases I’ve had on my iPhone. Thanks to the slim profile and soft-touch, you can’t go wrong."

Mac Life reviews Alumni for iPad

Rated 3.5/5 "Remember when hardcover books had canvas covers? Well, they don't make them like that anymore, and with ebooks rising in popularity you might as well outfit your iPad as an old book. Right? That seems to be the trend. Cygnett's Alumni canvas case for iPad feels exactly like one of those books, and protects your tablet, too."

Mama Loves Her Bargains reviews Apollo and Icon

"The Apollo case feels really nice in my hand and not bulky at all. The outer material is scratch resistant and feels soft, not like hard plastic. The raised edge also protects my phone from falls... I was first drawn to this [ICON] case for the unique image on the front. I love how unique and colorful all of the images are! When I opened this case I couldn’t believe how soft and slim it was on my phone. It is really a pleasure to hold."

My Great iPhone YouTube reviews London Underground series

"TubeTrain's white outline drawing will grab attention... With a clear picture of tube stations in London, if you're going to the Olympics, you're gonna wanna pick up this [TubeMap] Cygnett case."

Gizmo Fusion reviews Alumni

"I used only this case for a week in order to get the best feel for the case, and I love it. Everything about it is up to my standards with a case."

Chip Chick reviews Alumni for iPad

"All-in-all the Cygnett Alumni Case is a really nice looking portfolio case. It’s protective and feels good in-hand. It’s pretty lightweight and has a really nice form factor. However, there is no stand, and keeping the cover takes a bit of maintenance, but other than that we enjoyed using it."

Chip Chick reviews London Underground TubeMap case

"Cygnett has taken a small portion of London’s Tube, specifically central London, and put it on the back of an iPhone 4/4S case. For visitors to London, it’s a great replacement for those nefarious pocket maps. This case will especially come in handy if you are making your way to London-town for the 2012 Summer Olympics."

Fox News US reviews Glam for iPad

Fox News Gadget Guy, Clayton, reviews best gadgets for Mothers Day gifts: "I was telling you about that study that came out 91% of moms would want ipad over flowers. Well, they also want stylish case... from Cygnett, a shiny one, a pink one and a whole bunch of others."

MacWorld reviews Apollo

(Rated 4/5)."Some cases feel flimsy without an iPhone in them, but the Apollo is not one of those cases. Despite its relatively lightweight and slim profile, the Apollo is a rigid, well made protective case in every regard."

iPhone Alley reviews Glam for the new iPad

Rated 4/5 "Cygnett are masters of design, really. They’ve focused on appealing to essentially one main group of potential customers with the design of the Glam case with the overall style attributed to it."

Gadgetsteria reviews Apollo & Alumni

Metalicus rated 6.5/10 "If you like snap-on cases and want something with more scratch protection as opposed to drop protection, this is your case." Alumni 7/10 "Design wise the Cygnett trendy thanks to the vibrant color options (blue, green, pink and black). Construction of the Alumni is not what you’d think (or at least what we thought — “Aluminum”), and is instead constructed out of colored canvas. The canvas gives the Alumni a nice heavily textured feel without going overboard."

FeverTV reviews Alumni

LC at FeverTV YouTube reviews Alumni Jade: "Cool green binding and silver tag... heavy duty canvas... document folder and sleep/wake function... both fashionable and practical."

Geek Dad reviews ICON Art Series

''Each case boasts a vibrant, surreal design combined with a satin finish that feels good in-hand. All of the appropriate cutouts are there, of course, for easy access to volume control and unobstructed camera flash, and the low-profile design snaps on easily without adding a lot of additional bulk.''

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