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Impulse Gamer reviews AudioAxis-Editor's Choice

EDITOR CHOICE! 9 out of 10: 'Once again a very nice piece of technology from Cygnett. The Cygnett AudioAxis best feature is the clear crisp sound that generates when the iPad is docked. The sound quality is unbelievable for such a small system, whether using it to listen to music or just watching a movie. Very clear!'

MRKRAZY1870 reviews Lavish Earth for iPad

'Feels really solid and really gives the iPad a professional look.'

MRKRAZY870 reviews YouTube Metalicus

MRKRAZY870 YouTube reviews Metalicus 'This is gonna have to be one of my favorite cases for iPhone 4 & 4S...'

Everything 4 iPod YouTube reviews Aerosphere

'When you first look at this case you thing, wow, it looks amazing... the colours are awesome, the bubbles on top give it that much more texture... overall it's a really great case.'

The Gamer With Kids reviews ICON

'The ICON is very slim and stylish. It may not be very protective but what it lacks in protection, it makes up for in style and attention. Seriously if you are looking for a case that will get you looks, the ICON does the job flawlessly. I’ve already had so many compliments on this case that I’m willing to overlook its shortcomings just because people come up to me asking about it.'

G Style Magazine reviews ICON Art Series

'The design that Cygnett sent to me is the “Hootsville” (Owl) design which to my surprise, drew lots of comments on my Instagram post, mainly from women. They all seemed to really like the design and I’d have to agree with them. It’s very eye catching and definitely makes a statement.'

The Gamer With Kids reviews Apollo

'All-in-all, the Cygnett Apollo is a very nice, protective case. If you’re looking for something that will protect your iPhone from most drops and bumps, I do recommend the Apollo.'

G Style Magazine reviews Alumni & Metalicus

"After all of those cases I think the Alumni case is one that I could really see myself using on a daily basis. I actually really dig the metallic inspired style that reminds me of the finish on the Macbook Pro.''

iMums reviews Blast Portable Media Speaker

"After having used the speaker for a few weeks now, I understand why it’s been so popular. When they say big things come in small packages, I think they were talking about this speaker as I have been blown away by the sound quality and volume this little gadget outputs."

TXBradS reviews Lavish Earth for iPad 2

'It's a leather-style case that provides plenty protection for your device.''

James Bon reviews Lavish Connect

''Cygnett Lavish case is perfect for the office and business use with its portable and convenience. With the professional and highly stylish, it is suitable for any business occasions, besides, it often leave a deep impression to others with its high work functionality which combines three different functions into one.''

Vetalisize YouTube reviews SoundCheck Stereo Headphones

"For first impressions, these headphones look really awesome. You have a little cushion for the head and you also have on the bottom as well which is comfortable. It also has a Cygnett logo on the side as well, which is very nice."

Today's iPhone reviews Lavish Earth along with other cases

“Overall, the Lavish Earth has won me over. I can deal with the extra bulk, because it offers the best all round performance. It’s pretty, it’s got some great viewing angles and it doesn't get in the way of you using your device.”

iPhone Jailbreaks reviews OpticClear Screen Protector

''Cygnett screen protectors are regarded as some of the best on the market today. The protector will defend your iPad 3 / iPad 2 screen against the daily elements whilst retaining the touch screen’s sensitivity or screen responsiveness.''

Computer & Technology Radio reviews Metalicus, Lavish and Lavish Bluetooth

"So I was walking out the office the other day and I dropped my phone on the concrete. I looked down and there was a pretty good size dint in the case and I looked at the phone and the phone was perfect. I have a case that I've been using which is from Cygnett, which I found out after talking to the publicist who I called and said thank you for saving my Iphone. Its a beautiful metallic case and this thing save my phone." (see review from 17:00)

Today's iPhone reviews Lavish for new iPad

''As an overall package, it’s the best Folio case I've ever used. The materials, and practicality of design make it shine in a market full of cases that offer similar features but fail to miss the mark on a few of them. My dislikes aren't major, and for that reason I knocked off half a mark. Brilliant.''

TechCrunch reviews ICON for iPhone 4S

''I've finally found the perfect iPhone case... the other day I found my dream case, and I couldn't stop myself from telling you about it. It’s the Cygnett Icon Art series case, which I stole from my boss John and it’s perfect.''

Impulse Gamers reviews ICON Art Series

''Cygnett have just released their ICON Art Series Cases that are easily their funkiest cases to date. These cases have been designed by artist Nathan Jurevicius who lends his modern contemporary images to the surface of this iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S case.''

Technology Tell reviews Lavish Earth and Glam

''The Lavish Earth models work great for those seeking a professional appearance, while the High-Gloss Glam Red or Rock will appeal to those looking to make a splash. Either way, you’ll have a well-made case that’ll do a great job of keeping your iPad protected.''

Impulse Gamer reviews Apollo

''Cygnett have labelled this iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S case as futuristic and after a week of use, I'm actually starting to agree. Morphing anti-scratch and finger-proof surface technology together, they have created the Apollo, a sleek looking case that comes in three different colours, black, purple and white. The result means that when you touch the case, it leaves no fingerprints or marks on it whatsoever.''

CNet reviews Glam

''If you're looking for a folio case with a little glitz and shine to it, Cygnett's Glam fits the bill."

Impulse Gamer reviews Metalicus

''When it comes for looks, the Metalicus Aluminium Case from Cygnett is definitely one of the most stylish cases available for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.''

Tablet2Cases spruiks UK iPad Case Design Comp

"Cygnett, the makers of high-quality tablet cases, announced British “Design Your Own iPad Case” competition. The main point of the project is to take a look at the creativity and opportunities arising when various designers and artists put their hands to the same completely blank object, an new iPad cases this time."

Buy Me An iPhone reviews Apollo

"The Apollo is the perfect case for those looking for a nice quality and affordable case. For $30 you can’t go wrong. I like the matte finish and the silicon back side tab that makes it easier to remove the iPhone from the case."

Gadget Speak reviews GrooveAtomic

"While a lot of earbud manufacturers would probably love to be matched against this entry level unit they may be in for a nasty surprise as the sound quality per pound is excellent..."

TechKon reviews Arcade

"The Arcade case features a retro 80′s design which helps your phone to stand out from the crowd. It features retro shapes all around the back of the case to give it an old school feel... Yay or Nay? I would say Yay, you should definitely take a look at this not only for it’s nice design and accessories, but also it’s protection."

Insanely Great Mac reviews ICON Art Series

"The ICON Art Series from Cygnett is an iPhone 4 and 4S case that features custom artwork. The cases are printed with original art by Nathan Jurevicius, providing a unique look for iPhone users. The case itself is a slim design that snaps on to the back of the iPhone. It has a soft touch texture that has a rubberized feel."

Mashable Tech reviews Paparazzi White Flip

"This textured flip case gets a microfibre lining, which cushions your precious iPhone."

MacTrast reviews Lavish Folio Cases for iPad

"Cygnett’s new line of cases are functional art. Not only do they protect your device and hold it at the ideal angle for whatever task you may have in mind, they also look great, and at a retail price of just $59.99, they won’t hurt your pocketbook much while doing it."

Buy Me An iPhone reviews ICON Art Series

"Cool artwork, soft matte finish all the way around, from a respected company."

Buy Me An iPhone video reviews Metalicus for iPhone 4/4S

"When I saw this case at Cygnetts booth at CES, I had to have it. It’s a really sharp looking case that does a great job of protecting your iPhone 4/4S."

Impulse Gamer reviews Revolution Rotating Speaker

"The first thing that you will notice about the Revolution Rotating Speaker from Cygnett is the unique design. It's easily one of the most stylish speakers that I've had the pleasure of using."

International Business Times (UK)reviews coolest new iPad cases

"Here's a round up of the coolest cases, which best suits the new iPad."

A Sprouting Acorn reviews Alumni Jade iPad Case

"Did you know that jade is an ancient stone believed to have many significant energies? Holding it or wearing it can bring financial luck, and it can protect against accidents and misfortunes; and its soothing color provides healing properties, aiding in self-healing."

PC Mag reviews Glam

"Tired of all those tired matte black iPad folios? The glossy silver Cygnett Glam Rock with magnetic closures provides multiple viewing angles and a little more flash than your average iPad case."

Twin Geeksreviews Bluetooth Keyboard

"It's relatively thin, lightweight and easy to pop into a small bag... With Bluetooth, it works with any tablet or smartphone."

Case Reviewer reviews Apollo

"Cygnett, home of the cool and ideal cases for great gadgets, brings us another masterpiece – the Apollo Hybrid iPhone 4S case. Full-plated armor are the words that can best describe this hard shell Apollo case for the iPhone 4S. It offers a good back protective support making your device free from scratches, scrapes and other things that may tarnish the smooth look of your gadget."

MacWorld features Lavish Earth

''Cygnett’s Lavish Earth are solid offerings.''

APPLETELL reviews new iPad cases

''Alumni, the latest version of the company’s best-selling fashion case, the Glam, super-soft Lavish and Lavish Earth, new Lavish Connect with removable Bluetooth keyboard, as well as Cygnett’s trademark screen protectors OpticClear, available in clear and anti-glare.''

CNet reviews Lavish Earth

“The Lavish Earth, Cygnett's slightly different take on the Folio case is attractively designed and comes in the three colors shown here. It converts into a stand and has the magnetic on/off feature.”

Laptop Mag reviews Glam

“Cygnett Glam; Sometimes you need a little fire engine red in your life. The high-gloss Glam folio ($69.95) from Cygnett offers multiple viewing angles for watching movies, typing or flicking through iPhotos. Also available in Silver.”

MacWorld reviews Icon Art Series

“The first thing to notice is that this case shows off the artists’ work—it’s not just a coverup for your iPhone. It’s a hard plastic case, inside and out, with a rubberized matte finish that’s extremely smooth to the touch. The artwork is not just limited to the back of the case; it wraps all the way around the sides.”

Motoring Crunch reviews Lavish Earth

"With attractive colors and a Smart Cover style magnetic on-off feature, the $60 Cygnett Lavish Earth looks fantastic.'

Insanely Great Mac reviews Metalicus

"The Metalicus is billed as an extra protective case for the iPhone 4 and 4S. The case features an all aluminum design. The two-piece case comes apart in halves to accommodate the iPhone. It then snaps into place. Over all it looks like sleek protection and another options for a popular metal case design."

MacWorld reviews FlexiGel

“I was extremely pleased with this case's combination of sleek form factor and excellent protection. While I find the available colors to be nice, I’d love to see additional colors and patterns. Priced lower than many of its competitors, Cygnett’s Flexigel is an all-around great buy.”

Today’s iPhone reviews Metalicus

“There’s not a lot I don’t like about the case. I love the solid feel, and considering the protection it offers, the added bulk is minimal. The looks are mostly good, but, the raised lip on the front does look kinda odd from almost any angle, and there is a visible one-bar drop in signal when the case surrounds the phone. These two issues aren’t major and at $40, the Metalicus is a case that earns its price tag.”

iLounge reviews Apollo

“Like Case-Mate’s Pop!, Apollo is a very close runner-up to CandyShell, but the differences between them are small and mostly aesthetic. For $30 with a screen protector included, we see Cygnett’s case as a very good solution, and worthy of the same B+ rating that CandyShell and Pop! earned. Those who prefer matte finish cases will likely prefer this over the others for that reason alone.”

Appadvice reviews The WorkMate by Cygnett

"While the back has a rugged look, the case is easy to hold and feels really light – even more so than the Active. There are cutouts for the microphone, speakers, headphone jack, Lightning connector, and camera."

The Apple Update reviews Aerosphere case for the Iphone4/4s

"It’s a fantastic little case and just from testing it for a few days I was shocked at the amount of people telling me what a cool looking case it was. It’s a great combination of protection, attractive design and also while maintaining the beautiful sleek feel and look of the iPhone.You will not find a case of this design and this quality any where else and you will be surprised at how many people will ask you about it, it really is unique. Be assured it is also made of the highest grade crystal clear silicone to give a fantastic finish and guarantee the best protection for your phone."

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