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MobileAppTech - Feel Galaxy S4

'The Form cases has a really interesting colour. The case is very hard, but has a soft, almost baby skin texture. There's access to all ports and plenty of protection, but a very soft feeling.'

MobileTechReview - UrbanShield for Samsung Galaxy S4

"Cygnett cases are well made and precisely machined, the UrbanShield for Samsung Galaxy S4 is no exception. The case is slim, light and easy to put on or take off the phone. Both the carbon fiber and the aluminum versions look sleek and can certain provide strong protection for daily use in the office or around town. The case comes with a free front protector and Cygnett's lifetime guarantee."

Mysmartphoneable - WorkMate Evolution for Galaxy S4

'It's very, very impressive, with nice grip, three materials and cut outs for power and volume. The fist thing you will notice is this massive lip, offering insanely ultimate protection across the whole device.'

technobaboy - SoundWave Bluetooth Speaker and Stand

"The Cygnett SoundWave Bluetooth speaker delivers where it counts. Other Bluetooth speakers can claim the most number of features but most of them do not sound as good as the Cygnett SoundWave. To most consumers, only sound matters and if you’re one such consumer, you’ll never be disappointed with the sound performance of the Cygnett SoundWave."

YouTube Techgirl0 - Cygnett S4 case roundup

"Cygnett has whatever you need whether you're looking for style, protection or the best of both worlds."

XDAdevelopers - Cygnett Carbon Fiber Case for S4

"The case is a simple snap on design. The Carbon Fiber back looks really sleek and you can tell it is of high grade carbon fiber material. My favorite part of the case is actually the sides. The sides are of a matte finish that really enhances the grip of the phone. If you're looking for a real slim case, then this will be a good one to look for. The case is kind of expensive sitting at 30 dollars, but I feel the quality is worth it. I've had similar snap on cases from Ringke, SGP, and Elago, but the Cygnett case design is superior and overall the case just feels much sturdier. Also the matte finish has the best grip of any snap on case I've ever used."

The Economic Times - Cygnett launches operations in India

"Cygnett, the leading international digital accessories brand, has launched its operations in India. The Australian company has partnered with Delhi-based RCA for all India marketing and distribution. RCA (part of the Rhythm Corner group) has been in the consumer electronics business since 1971. It has been consulting leading MNCs on India entry strategies. RCA specializes in the lifestyle gadget accessories space and distributes throughout India via a network of distribution partners and large format retailers. Cygnett will be offering its unique theme based range of tab and smartphone cases for leading brands Apple & Samsung which will cover iPad, iPad mini, iPhone 4 & 5, iPod, Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, S2 & some Blackberry models besides a host of enhancements like headphones, chargers, car mounts & speakers in India."

YouTube MobileTechC - iPhone 5 UrbanShield Black

"This case is a dual material case, on the back you have a nice anodised aluminium plate."

EFY Times - Cygnett, The Leading International Digital Accessories Brand Launches Operations In India

"Cygnett, the leading international digital accessories brand has launched its operations in India. The Australian company has partnered with Delhi based, RCA for all India marketing and distribution. RCA (part of the Rhythm Corner group) has been in the consumer electronics business since 1971. The company (RCA) has been consulting leading MNCs on India entry strategies. RCA specializes in the lifestyle gadget accessories space and distributes throughout India via a network of distribution partners and large format retailers. "

PC & Tech Authority - Semi-rugged smartphone cases reviewed

"For everyday wear and tear, Cygnett’s new Workmate Evolution (available exclusively for the Samsung Galaxy S4) fits the bill nicely, as it manages to be stylish and semi-rugged at the same time – especially if you opt for the orange or blue versions. The tri-material construction consists of a shock-absorbing silicone inlay, a TPU chassis and a polycarbonate shell that wraps around it. If you drop your Galaxy S4, not only will it stay protected, but the case remains unscathed as well. The textured silicone pad on the back is also nice and grippy, and it works well for keeping the smartphone in place when you put it on a car dashboard or other moving surface"

Before it's news - Digital Accessories Brand Cygnett Forays Into Indian Markets

"Speaking about the launch George Souris, President Sales USA & Export, Cygnett said, “India is a big opportunity for us. With its smart phone and tablet market of 155.6 million units which is growing at 60 % CAGR, the country is hard to ignore. We feel that our USP of protection, fashion and function, will attract the fast maturing Indian consumers. Here every region is like a new country unique in both size and characteristics."

YouTube InstaNewsTV - Bluetooth SoundWave

Check out this review from Instanews in Italy!

Techweez - Hands on with Cygnett UrbanShield for S4

"Now why I chose the Urbanshield case was because of three things. •It has a brushed Aluminium back for that sturdy feel while also being beautiful without meaning it. In the inside there is rubber so the phone meets rubber. •The rubbery sides for that grip while making sure every button or port is open and easily accessible, not pressing though touch rubber. The Rubber is matte, so is also cool looking. •Thirdly the Cygnett Urbanshield Case comes with a screen protector as an add-on. You won’t need to go back shopping for the screen protector, you will only need a dust-free place to fit it in. There is great installation instructions inside there, with a lint-free wipe, and some tool to fit the screen protector on your own. You save some money there and learn DIYs while at it."

CU media release - 2013

"Des coques iPhone et Galaxy, il y en a plein, mais celles-ci ont une histoire, une particularité. Cygnett, marque que j’ai découverte au MedPi, est australienne et qui vend des coques pas plus chères que les autres. Il y en a une qui m’a vraiment emballé et qui m’a fait reléguer celle que j’ai depuis longtemps. Elle fait partie de l’Icon Art Serie. Cygnett a eu l’intelligence de demander à des artistes australiens et plus particulièrement au plus connu des artistes abo (abo pour aborigène) de reprendre des motifs traditionnels. (L’artiste en question a été récemment exposé au quai Branly, c’est beau !) Ce qui est beau, c’est la coque qu’il a dessiné, qui est très graphique, qui a une matière agréable, vraiment très plaisante sous la main et qui ne vaut pas plus cher qu’une autre."

YouTube Jayce Ooi - Cache for Galaxy S4

"A stylish flip case with integrated stand. It's rock solid and made of premium materials."

YouTube Mahis Vodu - Frost for Samsung Galaxy S3

"The Frost case for the Samsung Galaxy S3; fingerprint resistant, flexible design, access to the camera and all ports and a one-piece design."

Simple Gamer - SoundWave Bluetooth Speaker and Dock

"The Cygnett SoundWave Bluetooth Speaker and Dock recently had a price drop, making it quite an attractive purchase for a simple speaker solution. What I really love about it is its simplicity – it really does what it says. It’s a speaker, that can be attached via Bluetooth and comes with a dock for your device. The speakers can be powered by 8 AA batteries as a portable speaker solution, or plugged into the mains."

Android Spin - Incline Case For Samsung Galaxy S4, A Case For The Slick Professional

"The Cygnett Incline is part of the line of cases for the “slick professional”, much like the UrbanShield and Cache cases I looked at in another review. In the box, you’ll find all your Cygnett staples: screen protector, cleaning cloth, screen protector applying card, all the fine print you need and of course, the case."

YouTube MynMobi - Lavish Executive for Galaxy S4

"The cool feature of this case is of course, that you can use it as a stand."

Droid Horizon - WorkMate Evolution for S4

"Although I didn’t perform any drop tests I have little doubt that the dual-layer system offers great protection against drops and general wear and tear."

YouTube Android Authority - Samsung Galaxy S4 Cygnett case review roundup

"Cygnett is a front runner in the case game... UrbanShield - This is designed with actual carbon fiber and has a nice white accent. Cache - This is a very very stylish case and it is also very functional. FlipFiber - Very durable in the back with some nice artwork on the front as well. Feel - It has a nice rubberised coating on the outside that feels great, hence the name. WorkMate - The best of the best...with unmatched protection."

iGadget News - WorkMate Das iPhone Case fur Action Helden

"Es gibt Situationen, in denen einem das iPhone verletzlich vorkommt. Wer einem körperlich anstrengenden Beruf nachgeht, oder eine actionreiche Sportart betreibt, braucht eine iPhone-Schutzhülle, die besonders viel aushält. Hier genügt einfaches Polycarbonat nicht mehr um das Apple-Smartphone effektiv vor Schaden zu bewahren. Solch ein leistungsstarkes Case ist das WorkMate von Cygnett."

ChrisLowthian - Cygnett GroovePower Plus Dual USB Charger

"With a trip planned in the near future I was looking for a way to connect multiple devices to one power outlet to save taking multiple chargers in my luggage and also due to past experiences in hotel rooms with next to no power outlets. Overall I think the 2 port USB charger is very handy to have around the house and for traveling, and will definitely be taking it with me on my next holiday."

Mobile Tech Review - FitGrip for S4 Forum

"Editor's Rating - 4/5 Cygnett offers the FitGrip case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 in four colors, black, pink, white and lime green. The case stands out in its curved-side design and the bold colored back. The Cygnett FitGrip is a very protective case and it's easy to install the phone in the case and take it out. The case is also very functional and it comes with a film protector for the front glass."

Herald Sun Switched On - Top Technology Buys for EOFY FitGrip for S4

"If your weapon of choice is a Samsung Galaxy S4, Cygnett’s new FitGrip range could be the fit for you. It’s called a hybrid case, meaning it’s not just something to make your phone look pretty, or prettier depending on how attractive you find it to start with."

YouTube Tech4Geeks - Lavish Executive S4

"The stitches both inside and outside are done very well. What I like about this case is that it doesn't add any bulk in your pocket due to its slim design."

Android Dissected - SoundWave Bluetooth Speaker

"Overall, the Cygnett SoundWave is by far the best Bluetooth speaker I’ve reviewed to date."

YouTube WhatTechnology - FlipWallet for iPhone 5

"This is a good case for anyone who wants the functionality of carrying their phone and wallet in one."

iAppleMania - Cuffie stereo SoundCheck di Cygnett

"Anche l’ergonomia è molto buona, grazie ai cuscinetti presenti sui padiglioni infatti anche dopo alcune ore di utilizzo intensivo non abbiamo sofferto di alcun fastidio; a differenza di altri prodotti simili recensiti in passato."

Paper Blog - Explore London Underground With Galaxy S3 Cases by Cygnett

"If you ever find yourself in London with this case on your Galaxy S3 you will never get lost. Cygnett has designed a series of cases devoted to famous London Underground, with different motifs that associate with London’s most popular means of transportation."

FoneArena - Soundwave Bluetooth Speaker

"Let’s start with volume. This thing has plenty of it. I never got to testing if it distorted at maximum volume, because I didn’t feel like going deaf. Unless you are taking this to a large ballroom, this should fill up a typical room or even a living room."

Android Spin - FitGrip for Galaxy S4

"Being that the FitGrip is designed for active users, it incorporates a hourglass design to make it easier to keep a firm grip on your precious S4. Conveniently, this design also gives the case more padding at the corners which would be a huge buffer if you were to accidentally drop your phone while exercising."

Manus Produkttests und Testwelt - Cygnett WorkMate fuer mein S4

"Dieses Case ist für all diejenigen unter uns, die aktiv sind. Ob Sport, ­Outdoor oder andere Aktivitäten, mit dieser Hülle ist das Smartphone perfekt geschützt. Die robuste Hülle "Workmate" passt sich dem Smartphone perfekt an, ist leicht aufzuziehen und verhindert bei einem eventuellen Fall jegliche Folgen für das Handy."

AutooMobile - 5 Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases Out There

"Another case that comes in numerous colours, including grey, black and fairy floss, is the Cygnett Feel case. The case is very slim with a design of polycarbonate, which gives protection for the back and front of the device. The WorkMate case comes with a great look and we love the orange and blue colours which provide the case with the look of Tron."

G Style Magazine - Workmate Evolution and FitGrip for Samsung Galaxy S4

"Overall, I really like the new WorkMate Evolution. It’s a terrific update to the old design and if you’re someone who works in a rough environment and need a solid, tough case that can withstand the conditions of your workplace, than this could be the perfect case for you FitGrip - The shape makes it easier to hold while also making it more comfortable. If you spend hours at a time gaming, texting, or social networking, you’ll want to get this case just for the sheer comfort it provides."

The Gamer with Kids - WorkMate Evolution and FitGrip

"The new WorkMate Evolution really is an evolution that builds upon the toughness of past designs but now features more style."

YouTube Meighan Allen - Lavish for iPhone 5

"This is a genuine leather case. It is a really nice feel, soft leather."

Android Guys - S4 Cases Roundup

"We recently received a handful of cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4, all of which offered different features and finishes. Suffice it to say, there’s something here for everyone. Looking for a classy, shiny finish to draw attention – consider the Urban Shield. Want to downplay things a bit and add some functionality? You might like the Cache Charcoal as it features a screen cover and a slot for credit cards."

Apfel News Germany - iPhone 5 und iPad Mini WorkMate Case von Cygnett bietet einen robusten Schutz

"Aktive iPhone 5 und iPad Mini Liebhaber aufgepasst! Das neue WorkMate von Cygnett schützt das wertvolle Smartphone auch bei härteren Stürzen. Vor allem beim Outdoor Einsatz dürfte ein robustes Case für das iPhone 5 oder iPad Mini einen super Dienst leisten. Die Kombination aus mehreren hochwertigen Materialien, zeichnen das WorkMate entsprechend aus."

GSM Arena - Samsung Galaxy S4 cases by Cygnett hands-on

"Out of the several Cygnett cases I spent quality time with, I found myself reaching most often for the UrbanShield brushed aluminum case. The cover adds a welcome dash of real aluminum to Samsung Galaxy S4, while keeping the handset’s slim profile fairly intact."

YouTube TheMyMobilePhone - Samsung Galaxy S4 WorkMate Evolution

"They made a video where they did drop the Galaxy S4 from 3 metres in this case and nothing happened to it, very impressive."

GSM Arena blog - Samsung Galaxy S4 cases by Cygnett hands-on

"Being one of the fastest growing designers and makers of mobile accessories, Cygnett naturally released a range of Samsung Galaxy S4 cases. Created in Australia, Cygnett products aim to bring design flare and substance into one package – enough to get me curious enough to want to spend time with them."

AppGetahreu - WorkMate for iPad mini

"Die Verarbeitung ist gut, iPhone und iPad lassen sich sehr einfach in dem Case platzieren, auch das Herausnehmen funktioniert ohne Probleme und wenig Kraftaufwand – bei vielen anderen Cases bricht man sich öfters fast die Finger oder hat Angst, das iPhone in zwei Teile zu spalten."

YouTube adrianisen - Samsung Galaxy S4 WorkMate Evolution

"Super insane protection here, across the whole device"

YouTube adrianisen - iPhone 5 Carbon Fiber UrbanShield

"It has a very very slimmed down design...with genuine Carbon Fiber"

YouTube adrianisen - Samsung Galaxy S4 Lavish Executive Leather

"It comes in a black leather, with a microfiber inside and the cool feature of this case is that you can use it as a stand."

YouTube adrianisen - White Carbon Fiber UrbanShield Samsung S4

"It is very slim, very easy to install on the phone. This one looks pretty cool and it has genuine carbon fiber."

YouTube emrahtass - Cygnett S4 case roundup

"Cygnett are a front runner in the case game."

YouTube Tech4Geeks - Cygnett WorkMate Evolution

"The WorkMate Evolution case for the Galaxy S4 is an iteration from the original WorkMate case. This is by far the toughest case I have used. I did dropped the S4 a few times and the result was quite impressive."

Slinky Studio - SoundWave Speaker

"What Cygnett have managed to do here is to craft a speaker that performs tremendously well statically or on the go via the use of batteries. At £39.99 in the UK or $50.99 in the USA it’s without question one of the best value for money Bluetooth speakers on the market today. 4/5"

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