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The iMums - Favorite Accessories for Dad, WorkMate iPhone 5

"The Cygnett WorkMate case for combines a heavy duty shell and impact resistant inner to defend your iPhone at work or play. Made tough for harsh environments, the WorkMate offers excellent protection from inevitable drops and knocks. The slim fit, dual material case is pocket-friendly and sure to be a favourite of the tradies. There’s access to all buttons and functions and a screen protector included."

AusDroid - Cygnett announces FitGrip for S4

"Unlike the other cases in Cygnett’s range for the Galaxy S 4, this FitGrip case is designed with an hourglass shape and a grippy rubberised trim around the case which both makes it easy to grip, and gives you a firm hold on the case when in active use. The case design is also such that it will protect your precious phone if you drop it while at the gym."

MoDaCo and Gemini Devices - SoundWave Bluetooth Speaker and Dock

"As the name suggests, the stereo speaker uses Bluetooth to allow you to stream music from any Bluetooth enabled device, or alternatively using a 3.5mm input. The speaker can be powered from the mains using the supplied adaptor or using 8 x AA batteries for rocking out in the park. Pairing / setup and control is a piece of cake using the buttons on the top of the unit and the package usefully includes a stand / dock for placing your device on. It is adjustable to fit your device and includes cable routing to allow you to pop your charging cable up from underneath, quite cool."

XDA Developers - Otterbox Commuter or Cygnett Workmate Evolution?

"Thugosauraus Rex - If I were you I'd go with the workmate..."

B2C - Cygnett FitGrip Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

"I like how its got this ergonomically rounded area that fits very well in the hand and feels very comfortable...and on the back, it looks really cool"

Android Authority - Cygnett case review, Samsung Galaxy S4

"UrbanShield Carbon - This one is a stunner. It has a white body and real carbon fiber strands to attract looks and protect the Galaxy S4 from most falls The Cache case is a stylish flip case, as well as a nice media companion The FlipFiber is another flip-style case. It is wrapped in micro-fiber for an unmatched look and texture. WorkMate Evolution - This case is without a doubt the most protective of the lineup. the blue case I tested really accented the darkness of my GS4 In the end, I'd be satisfied using any one of these cases daily. They are built well, look nice, and feel great."

vimeo - Cygnett Product Range Showcase, May 2013

"We've developed a current Cygnett product range showcase for our channel partners. It's designed for the retail floor or events, featuring our key product lines from May 2013."

Mobile Tech Review - Cygnett WorkMate Evolution Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

"So far the Cygnett WorkMate Evolution Case is one of the toughest cases we've seen for the Samsung Galaxy S4, and for those who are afraid to drop their phone and crack its screen, the WorkMate Evolution provides excellent drop protection. The case is very protective and easy to handle. The phone is very functional while in the case and we like the color combos currently available. It does add some bulk and weight though, but if you're out in the field and don't want your phone scratched or damaged, the WorkMate Evolution will do the trick. "

Android Headlines - Cygnett FitGrip Case for the Galaxy S4

"The FitGrip case comes in multiple colors including Black, Blue, Pink and White in addition to the Lime color that I have here. I’ve been using it on the Galaxy S4 for a few days now and I must say it’s a pretty nice case. Definitely something I’d buy for myself. It feels really nice in your hand and also looks nice. Even though I’m not a huge fan of Lime, I still like the color."

YouTube Chris Voss - FitGrip for S4

"It's got a nice perforated area that going to hold up to any sort of descruction you might try and put it through."

YouTube Android Authority - Samsung Galaxy S4 - Cygnett case review roundup!

"Cygnett has exactly what you need whether you are looking for style, ultimate protection or the best of both worlds"

Best cell phone case; Protect your Galaxy S3 with a hard case from Cygnett

"Anyone who owns the Samsung Galaxy S3 knows that it’s so streamlined and thin, that it’s kind of hard to hold on to. When I bought this case, I wasn’t sure if it was just going to end up being a piece of smooth plastic that still made my phone hard to hold on to, or if it would actually give me a better grip. When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was actually made of a hard plastic with a really thin, almost rubbery coating. The coating allows for you to get a great grip on your phone, but the case itself is so thin that you don’t even notice it. It really gives you the best of both worlds. "

Android Headlines; Cygnett Form for the Galaxy S4

"Today, we’re taking a look at yet another Galaxy S4 case from Cygnett. This one is their “Form” and it comes in blue as well as many other colors. Other colors include black, green, white, and pink. The Form is a plastic case that basically just covers the back of your device and the left and right sides"

Gotta Be Mobile - Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Review, Black Carbon Fibre UrbanShield

"The case is a great choice for people who like the idea of protecting their phone’s edges, back and screen, but don’t want to add much weight or thickness."

Tecnophone; Recensione cover WorkMate Cygnett per Galaxy S4. Protezione estrema!

"Oggi vi consiglio una cover “super protettiva” che definirei “Die Hard” per il Samsung Galaxy S 4. Il modello si chiama WorkMate ed è prodotta da Cygnett"

Gotta Be Mobile - Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Review, Cygnett Workmate Evolution

"The Cygnett Workmate Evolution case comes in four color combinations, but we really like the orange, black and gray case they gave us to try."

Mobile Magazine - Genuine Solutions inks deal with Cygnett

"The distributor said customers were showing a strong interest in Cygnett’s range with the company already taking a high level of pre-orders. The deal sees GS offer Cygnett’s full range of mobile cases for iPhone 5 and Samsung S4 smartphones and tablet cases for the iPad 4 and iPad mini."

Best Cell Phone Case - Feather-light, ultra-slim and Cygnett Polygon Super Thin Hard Case for iPhone 5

"Just ordered my second one for the wife’s white iPhone. This case looks great with both colors. I hate screen covers, you don’t need it with this case. The case protrudes past the glass front ever so slightly, so unless you put your phone in your pocket with keys every day don’t worry about the front getting scratched up"

Phones review - Samsung Galaxy S4 cases with diverse price range

"The Cygnett Feel is an ideal case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 if you like simple hard-cases without much bulk. The Feel comes in 5 different colors and retails at $20. The Cygnett Form is very similar to the Feel, which is also offered in 5 colors at $20 with a minimalist look and soft rubber finish. Finally, the last Cygnett case is the FlipFiber that doubles as a wallet and flip case. In our opinion, this $35 option is the best Cygnett Galaxy S4 case" - Cygnett WorkMate Evolution Samsung Galaxy S4 case hands-on

"PhoneArena presents a hands-on video of the Cygnett WorkMate Evolution Samsung Galaxy S4 case. Video Rating: 4 / 5"

YouTube 2Phat2tech - Cygnett Cache and Lavish Executive Cases for Samsung Galaxy S4 Review and Upcoming Giveaway Info

"Lavish - Given that (The Lavish) is actually a fully leather case with microfibre lining, it's actually a decent price Cache - Once you put in the phone you can actually use it as a stand, you can also install a card, anything from a bank card to a shopping card"

Sidhtech - Top 5 Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases Right Now

"The first of the cases is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Cygnett FlipFiber case. This is not just a case; it is also a screen protector too. It is similar to the official flip covers and it comes with a slot in the case for a card. The last case is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Cygnett Workmate Evolution case. It makes the handset look cheap. It is rugged and will protect the handset"

YouTube olis4 - Cygnett Workmate Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Review

"In the drop tests I've seen with this case it does do really, really well. 3m on to concrete and the phone was completely unharmed"

coolsmartphone - Cygnett SoundWave Bluetooth speaker with dock Review

"The Cygnett SoundWave Bluetooth speaker is a great little speaker. Ideally suited to a kitchen, bedroom or workshop environment, but the addition of batteries means it can go outside with you should you want some tunes in the garden. In fact, the volume hits decent enough levels for it to liven up a summer barbecue or kids party."

Galaxy S4 Accessories - Cygnett WorkMate Galaxy S4 Rugged Case

"If you’ve been looking for something very protective and built like a brick sh-…. well, you know the rest. The Cygnett WorkMate is an extremely rugged Galaxy S4 case that consists of a polycarbonate shell, a TPU skin, and a silicone panel on the back for grip and extra shock dampening. There’s a lot of engineering that went into this product from the industrial designers at Cygnett, including a lot of elements that we love to see in any case that purports to be extra protective."

YouTube Raul S from Portugal - Cygnett WORKMATE S4 review

Check out this review from Portugal

PhoneArena - Cygnett Feel Samsung Galaxy S4 case hands-on

"Out of everything, it’s the soft touch feel of the case that really stands out most. Not only does it provide for a decent and soft grip in the hand, but it’s nice that the Cygnett Feel Samsung Galaxy S4 case has a very clean finish to its visage. Sure, it’s not trying to win any style points with its straightforward approach, but it’s comforting that there isn’t much bulk to it – so it essentially maintains the lovely slim profile of the handset. On one hand, the case will protect the smartphone against scratches when it’s stuffed into your pants pockets or backpack"

YouTube Phone Arena - Cygnett Form Samsung Galaxy S4 case hands-on

"The plastic material looks strong and does not add too much bulk to the handset, so you can maintain that slimline finish" - Cygnett Form Samsung Galaxy S4 case hands-on

"The Cygnett Form Samsung Galaxy S4 case does offer that minimal protection against scratches, but it’s hardly unlikely to put up any sort of fight against extreme drops. And yes folks, it still retains the smartphone’s slim waistline, as it barely adds any heft to it."

Product Reviews - Cygnett SoundWave Bluetooth gets hands on review

"For a Bluetooth speaker that retails for under $100 you can’t go far wrong with the SoundWave. For your money you are getting a great sounding, well made and robust speaker that can be used effortlessly at home or just as easily at the beach or park. With simple Bluetooth connection to many devices including Notebooks, Ultrabooks, Samsung and Apple products why not let all the party guests throw their own favorite tunes into the mix?"

Android Spin reviews Cygnett Cases for Samsung Galaxy S4

"Let’s start with the UrbanShield. This case was designed for the “Slick Professional” and there’s little to suggest otherwise; just looking at the case, this Brushed Aluminium version looks fit for a hot-shot executive The Cache is a more reserved case than the UrbanShield with its conservative notebook appearance which is made up of frosted-canvas The WorkMate is a much more rugged offering from Cygnett and has several features that will probably appeal more to… well, active people"

Electranetwork - Cygnett Form Case For Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

Cygnett Form Case For Samsung Galaxy S4 Review featuring Chris Voss

Electranetwork - Cygnett UrbanShield Case For Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

Cygnett UrbanShield Case For Samsung Galaxy S4 Review featuring Chris Voss

AUSDROID - Cygnett WorkMate Evolution case for Galaxy S 4, Mini Review

"Being somewhat brave, I’ve tested the durability of the WorkMate Evolution (and it’s protective impact on the Galaxy S 4) on a number of common surfaces around the place, including carpet floors, tile floors, brickwork, roads, concrete and even a simulated throw in anger against a wall. None of these have actually managed to damage the phone while so encased. I have no doubt that had I tried these feats of stupidity without such a chunky case, my phone would have been destroyed by now. If you’re working in environments where destruction might occur, then you owe it to yourself, and your wallet, to invest in this kind of protection for your Galaxy S 4"

Electranetwork - Cygnett WorkMate Evolution Case Galaxy S4 Review

"Cygnett WorkMate Evolution Case Galaxy S4 Review Check out the Chris Voss Show Amazon Store"

Gizmorati - Amazing Cygnett SoundWave Bluetooth Speaker Review

"The Cygnett SoundWave is probably the best speaker for outdoor parties and barbecues. It has two built-in speakers for the high-quality dynamic sound and the device also comes with a smartphone stand. The smartphone stand is adjustable and it was perfect for my iPhone 5. You can charge and sync the device while it is on the stand, since the cable fits perfect with the Cygnett stand."

CNET - Cygnett FiberFlip for S4

"Cygnett makes a few different folio-style cases, including the FiberFlip, Cache, and Lavish Executive (it's not that lavish, but it's nice enough). The FiberFlip has the most eye-catching design, but the Cache and Lavish Executive convert into stands, which is a good feature to have, particularly if you use your GS4 to watch video." - Cygnett WorkMate Evolution Samsung Galaxy S4 case hands-on

"With its rubbery thermo-plastic polyurethane inner piece, it seems adequate enough to protect the handset from some minor drops and falls – while its tougher polycarbonate outside frame splashes on some sturdiness. Cygnett is kind enough to include a screen protector with the purchase."

YouTube PhoneArena - Cygnett WorkMate Evolution Samsung Galaxy S4 case hands-on

"It has a rubbery feel to the back cover and a rigid pattern so you get a good grip in the hand, maintains also a nice clean finish at all times"

YouTube SuperFreshTech - Cygnett Workmate for the Samsung Galaxy S4

"This case is Tri-material meaning it is very protective and it has some great features"

B2C - Cygnett UrbanShield Case For Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

"It's a nice, hard case so it's designed to take some hits...and it's very good looking"

B2C - Cygnett Feel Case For Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

", they've got a great website you can go and check out all the wonderful things they've been doing"

The Chris Voss Show - Cygnett FlipFiber Case For Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

"It's got a really nice, soft feel...very cool on the device, I like how it sits up on the screen so if drop the phone on its face, you're less likely to scratch or damage the screen"

Cygnett Drop Test Galaxy S4 WorkMate Evolution

"DESIGN LOGIC + DROP TEST: Cygnett’s Lead Industrial Designer, Shannon Brown, and Industrial Designer, Haydn Smith, describe the logic behind the WorkMate design project with an escalating drop test of the Galaxy S4 with the new WorkMate Evolution, from up to 3m/10 ft."

YouTube - Cygnett Form Case For Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

"It's a pretty looking hard case, very hard in fact, so it can protect your device from getting bashed and crashed"

Digisecrets - Cygnett Soundwave Bluetooth Speaker and Dock

"For 40 GBP, Cygnett Soundwave Bluetooth Speaker and Dock is really worth it."

YouTube Phone Arena - Cygnett FlipFiber Samsung Galaxy S4 case hands-on

"The thing I like about the FlipFiber case from Cygnett is it has a soft touch feel all around, actually the entire surface, front and back is actually made out of soft microfiber" - Cygnett FlipFiber Samsung Galaxy S4 case hands-on

"We’re scoping out Cygnett’s take on Sammy’s very own flip cover case. Specifically, it’s the microfiber sporting Cygnett FlipFiber case, which so happens to combine the function of a wallet and flip cover case, together in one."

BIT WorkMate S4 review - 4 heavy-duty covers that stop your phone getting smashed and scratched

"The video below shows off the protective features of Aussie brand Cygnett's Workmate case, wrapped around a Samsung Galaxy S4."

The Age Newspaper gives a shout out to Cygnett

"If you're happy to sacrifice a little durability for a sleeker overall package, there's a variety of less rugged cases available from vendors such as Case-Mate, Speck and Cygnett"

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