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MobileTechReview features The Mint Feel for Samsung Galaxy S4

"Very slim and light, the Cygnett Mint Feel Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a great case for those who are looking for something that's grippy but adds very little bulk to your ultra slim S4. The case feels great in hand, it's very easy to use and very accessible. If you're partial to pastel colors, like this one found on some vintage Chevys or guitars, you'll like the look and feel of this case."

Tech Guide - Protect your Samsung Galaxy S4 with Cygnett's WorkMate case

"The case, which is ideal for tradesman or anyone else who enjoys the outdoors and doesn't want to compromise their activities because they’re afraid they’ll damage their phone."

YouTube Accessory Village - Cygnett WorkMate Evolution for Samsung Galaxy S4 - Review

"It is a very robust case and it will protect your S4 from any nasty shocks and damage"

Smartphone Fanatics Blog features The Cygnett WorkMate Evolution Drop Test for Samsung Galaxy S4

"Cygnett makes some amazing cases and the new WorkMate Evolution tri-materail protective case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is no exception. But don't take my word for it. Check out Cygnett's torture test video. (No Samsung phones were hurt during the filming of this video.)"

YouTube Chris Voss - Cygnett WorkMate Evolution Case Galaxy S4 Review

"Great shock absorption, look at these edges! This is designed to take some hits"

YouTube PhoneArena looks at the UrbanShield White Carbon Fiber case

"The unique thing about the UrbanShield case is the rear pattern design that's going gives it a very appealing look" reviews The UrbanShield Carbon for Samsung Galaxy S4

"Above all, the thing that catches our attention the most with this case is its attractive carbon fiber pattern in the rear. Depending on the angle we hold it, the case will glimmer and shine under the sun’s gaze. Furthermore, the subtle rugged feel of the UrbanShield case seems like it’ll handle some of those minor bumps and bruises"

Fresh Gear, The Herald Sun, Ripe gadget picks you absolutely must own

"Cygnett's latest hard-working phone case is designed to serve and protect Samsung's flagship phone, the Galaxy S4. The three layer case features a hard plastic chassis, a rubberised exterior and silicon inserts around the exterior layer to absorb impact."

Core77 design magazine and resource - Cygnett's WorkMate Phone Case

"For Cygnett's WorkMate line of protective cases, ID'ers Shannon Brown and Haydn Smith have whipped up a tasty stew of thermoplastic polyurethane, silicone and deliciously rubberized polycarbonate. The combination was chosen to pack a lot of shock absorbency into a slim package while still providing a measure of ergonomics; the rubbery texture means it's less likely to fly out of your hand, but if it does, the protective design does the rest."

WorkMate Evolution for S4 discussion on XDA Developers

"Anyone tested Cygnett WorkMate Cases ? it looks great"

YouTube olis4 reviews The UrbanShield Aluminium for Samsung Galaxy S4

"All in all I do like the case, I like the styling..."

YouTube Mikerz5 reviews The UrbanShield Aluminium for Samsung Galaxy S4

"First impressions are this is a really unique case and it looks really cool as well"

Gizmodo - 'Watch These Aussies Try And Break A Samsung Galaxy S4 By Dropping It'

"Aussie case manufacturer Cygnett already have some skin in the game when it comes to Samsung Galaxy S4 cases, including a new version of its WorkMate case that will reportedly survive drops of three metres from a scissor lift. Here’s a video"

AusDroid - 'Cygnett tests out its cases by dropping a Galaxy S4 from height'

"As you can see in the video above, Cygnett have put their cases to the test by dropping them (eventually) from a scissor-lift that’s 3 metres up. I wouldn’t be trying this, but they did. The video is an interesting watch, but if you’re keen just to sit on the edge of your seat, you can skip ahead to the drop at the 1:50 mark. Unsurprisingly, the Galaxy S4 survives the drops, and while this could be the result of very controlled drops, it equally could be (and probably is) a testament to the quality of the cases Cygnett make."

YouTube EverythingiOSDevice - 'Cygnett Boston Leather Case Review for iPhone 4 & 4S'

"We do have a three colour design...the brown leather is very soft and rich"

Impulse Gamer - 'Cygnett Samsung Galaxy S4 Form High-Gloss slim Case'

"The Samsung Galaxy S4 is not cheap, especially if you buy it outright and contracts generally last up to 2 years. This is where Cygnett's new fashion inspired Form case comes into the picture which not only looks great but offers much needed protection to your phone"

Impulse Gamer - 'Cygnett Samsung Galaxy S4 FlipFiber Soft microfiber flip case'

"Welcome to the FlipFiber Case from Cygnett that almost... and I mean almost... reduces the need for carrying a wallet or handbag. The FlipFiber is a soft microfiber case that is like a book cover for your Samsung Galaxy S4. When closed, the case protects your SmartPhone and when opened, you have full access to the functionality of the device."

Mac User Magazine - Cygnett Lavish Executive

"This real leather flip case has a boxy design that makes it feel pleasantly retro..."

Gotta Be Mobile - 'Cygnett WorkMate Evolution Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 Drop Test'

"The Cygnett WorkMate Evolution case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 gives owners of the new handset a rugged protective case that they promise will keep the phone intact, even if the user drops it on hard pavement. They decided to prove their claim in a drop test video posted to YouTube." - 'Samsung Galaxy S4 meets WorkMate in drop test'

"The 3 and half-minute video can be seen above this article and it features Haydn Smith, Industrial Designer, and Shannon Brown, Cygnett’s Lead Industrial Designer. During the video they explain the reasons why users should choose a WorkMate case for their Galaxy S4, and explain the logic behind the case during the drop test that increases up to 3m."

Twitter - Cygnett Drop Test WorkMate Evolution for S4

"Check out our #Samsung #Galaxy #S4 #drop #test #video with #WorkMate case. Click to view!"

FitTechnica - 'Cygnett Action Armband Review'

"If you’ve decided to use your smartphone as your main training partner, the Cygnett Action Armband will make your life far easier. Rather than having your phone smacking against your leg while you run, it will sit comfortably on your upper arm."

chrislowthian reviews The UrbanShield Bronze for iPhone 4/4S

"MobileFun were kind enough to send me the Cygnett UrbanShield for iPhone 4 and 4S to review and after using it for a couple of weeks it seems to be a great all-round case."

YouTube LoveCasesTV - 'Cygnett SoundWave Speaker'

"As you can tell from that little music clip, the SoundWave offers exceptional music playback and delivers at a high volume and as you can tell, there's no distortion at at all"

MacLife - 'Cygnett Purple Vector for iPhone 5 Review'

Until Apple starts cranking out iPhones in colors other than black and white, cases are the best way to add a splash of color, and low-cost cases like Cygnett's $19 Vector (which comes in purple or black) let you change up the color as often as you change your shoes. Rated 4/5 "great"

YouTube TechFansTV - 'Unboxing + Review, Cygnett AeroGrip iPhone 5 Case' (Germany)

"Hi, willkommen bei diesem Video! Hierbei geht es um ein Unboxing und Review zu dem Cygnett AeroGrip Case für das iPhone 5, es handelt sich hierbei um ein Snap on Case welches einen sehr"

YouTube AccessoryVillage - 'Cygnett Case's for Samsung Galaxy S4 - Review'

"A look at a range of Cygnett Case's for the Samsung Galaxy S4"

Cygnett - 'Harlem Shake'

"Check out our UK Cygnett peep Harlem-shaking at CU Exposed. LOL."

MacLife review The Vector for iPad mini in Red

"It also comes in black, but the cherry red color looks great with both the black and white iPad mini models. The etched design in the back of the case provides some extra grip, and if you absentmindedly run your fingernails over it while you're reading a particularly engrossing article, you might be inspired to crank up some bluegrass music and scratch along on the case like it was a rich-man's washboard." - 'Cygnett is no ugly duckling with Samsung Galaxy S4 cases'

"In advance of the Galaxy S4, the Melbourne-based digital accessories brand has unveiled a very strong and eclectic range of cases. Unlike actual swans, which only come in black and white, Cygnett cases come in a multitude of designs and styles."

YouTube olis4 - 'Cygnett Carbon Fiber Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Review - UrbanShield'

"This is actually genuine carbon fiber, it's not just some copy..."

YouTube Milkerz5 - 'Cygnett UrbanShield Samsung Galaxy S4 Case - Carbon Fibre Black'

"If you're looking for something slim and light that looks cool as well, then this is the case for you!"

YouTube MobileFunTV - 'Cygnett Soundwave Bluetooth Speaker and Dock'

"What's great about these speakers is because they are bluetooth, they will connect with all smartphones, tablet and e-readers (if they have bluetooth), the lot"

YouTube NHTech - 'Cygnett Chromatic Two-Tone Mirrored Dockable Case for iPhone 4'

" just feels really good to have this Chromatic thing looks really neat...and it's shiny!"

PC Advisor - Cygnett’s Workmate iPad mini case review, bulky but protective

"If you’re worried about dropping your iPad mini, you may want to invest in a heavy-duty, shock-absorbing case such as Cygnett’s £25 Workmate. This hard shell case is made of two different materials—a harder, impact-resistant plastic, and a softer, shock-absorbing rubber—to help keep your iPad mini from suffering damage when it falls on hard surfaces. "

Aus Droid - 'Cygnett releases a slew of refined cases for the imminent release of the Samsung Galaxy S4'

"Once we get our hands on a Galaxy S4 review unit, we’ll be trying these cases out so you can make an informed choice about protection for what will probably be (a) the most popular smartphone of 2013 and (b) your next purchase. From a look at the cases before us, it looks like Cygnett’s put a good bit of effort into their work."

Paper Blog - 'Ultra-slim Design of Cygnett Galaxy S4 Covers'

"Considering the slim profile and sleek design of the Samsung latest high-end phone , the Cygnett has created the cover for Galaxy S4 that doesn’t add much mass or bulk to this smartphone, and what is more, it doesn’t interfere with the vital functions, such as ports, buttons, camera. This way you will have free access to them all, without taking the phone out of the case."

TGBuzz - 'iPhone 5 Cases review'

"Cygnett has been coming out with quite a few unique iPhone 5 cases recently, so here is our review of some of their most recent additions to their line cases for the iPhone 5. All of the cases come with screen covers for the iPhone 5."

Product Reviews - 'Hands on with multiple Cygnett iPhone 5 cases'

"All the Cygnett iPhone 5 cases on this page are snap-on, so they fit pretty easy and we had no problems during our test."

Mac World - Cygnett’s Workmate case for iPad mini is bulky but protective

"The Workmate definitely feels like it will protect your mini from drops and spills. It’s also easy to put on and take off, so you don’t have to put up with the extra bulk all the time."

Apple Scene - 'Macworld Reviews, Cygnett Workmate Protective iPad Mini Case'

"The hard shell case is made partly of impact-resistant plastic and softer rubber with shock-absorbing qualities. That case will keep your iPad mini safe even in case you drop the device on hard surfaces. From the inside, the case is made of soft rubber-covered black metal, and outside the Workmate is covered with harder material. The Cygnett Workmate iPad case comes in dual color schemes: slate gray-black, and red-black."

iPad Life Germany - Mini-Hullen 16 Cases for iPad mini

"Das Folio-Case von Cygnett bietet mit Deckel und stabiler Kunststo(rückseite guten Schutz für Ihr iPad mini. Der Deckel ist auf der Innenseite mit Mikrofasern ausgekleidet, die Kratzer vermeiden. Außerdem lässt sich der Deckel aufrollen und auf mehrere Weisen falten. So dient er als iPad-mini-Ständer in verschiedenen Positionen."

Android Guys - 'Cygnett GS3 WorkMate case review'

"It’s clear that Cygnett’s design team put a lot of thought and time into this case. There are several little things that really make a difference, starting with the materials. The solid polycarbonate offers a rigid, sturdy feel and reassures you that a mild drop isn’t going to do any damage. In addition, the silicone inner layer gives users a bit more of a grip, which further backs up the protection aspect. The two materials are combined seamlessly to form a case that’s strong, but not bulky."

Geek Alerts - 'Cygnett UrbanShield Samsung Galaxy SIII Case Review'

"The Cygnett UrbanShield is very attractive and enhances the look of the Galaxy SIII in a sleek, professional way. The case is also very thin, excellent for people that like to keep their cellphone as thin and light as possible"

Covers and Cases - 'It's a family affair - we chat with Cygnett'

"Our first product way back in 2003, was a flower in a can, if you can believe it! Then, we started to realise the potential for creating some interesting accessories for what was then the new iPod. We’ve since developed digital accessories for each of the Apple iPhone, iPod, and iPad iterations and expanded into Android devices like Samsung, Blackberry, HTC, Motorola, Kindle; as well as audio, power, stands and holders and screen protectors. Twenty-five years ago, our father, David Swann, established Swann Communications, a successful global security and tech company, so his entrepreneurial spirit obviously inspired us!"

YouTube Sandwellmobiles - 'CYGNETT ICON - Rain Making CASE Review for iPhone 5'

"It does clip in very's sort of a paving stone design, definitely very different"

iLounge - 'Cygnett Holster Hybrid Case for iPod nano 7G'

"The best combination of protection, features, and price is found in the Holster Hybrid Case. B+ recommended"

YouTube iDeviceMovies - 'Graffiti Case For iPhone 5 - Cygnett Icon Tats Cru Case Review'

"Here is one of the best iPhone 5 cases I have found due to its truly unique graffiti artwork design. Tats Cru real graffiti art looks amazing on this Cygnett ICON case!"

iPhone Maj0r - Cygnett Vector 3D Tough Case fur das iPhone 5

"Hier geht es um eine sehr schöne Case für das iPhone 5 mit einer 3D Oberfläche. Es handelt sich um die “Vector 3D Tough Case” der Firma Cygnett. Neben der Case ist im Lieferumfang noch eine Displayschutzfolie und ein Reinigungstuch enthalten."

YouTube Sam Pullen - 'Samsung Galaxy S3 WorkMate - Cygnett'

"It's a very very nice looking case, nice materials used. It is a very high quality case"

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