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(China) Six foreign tablet external keyboards


iPhone Life - 'The iMums to Give Away Two iPad Minis to Kick Off Go Mini! Promotion'

Chicago, Illinois - The iMums, a children's tech review site, is giving away two iPad minis to kick off its 2013 Go Mini promotion. Cygnett is donating the cases for the giveaways

iLounge - 'Cygnett Vector for iPad mini'

"Simple and to the point, Cygnett's Vector for iPad mini ($20) is a semi-rigid rubber case with a cool Morse code-inspired pattern to set it apart from the masses"

EASA, Top designers of the world have created a design for the covers Cygnett iPhone 5 (Russia)

"Лучшие дизайнеры мира создали оформление чехлов Cygnett для iPhone 5, которые уже поступили на российский рынок. Все чехлы обладают эксклюзивной текстурованной поверхностью. Дизайн нового чехла для iPhone 5 из серии ICON - The Bronx создал один из самых известных уличных художников Нью-Йорка - Mural Kings, который более 20 лет работает в стиле граффити и является ярким авангардным деятелем стрит -арта . Оформление The Bronx отличают дикие, сложные надписи и взрывные цвета на жестком и тонком корпусе, что придает iPhone 5 уникальную индивидуальность, не теряя при этом практическую ценность - защищает от ударов, потёртостей и царапин."

Larry Greenberg from RunAroundTech reviews The Lavish for iPad mini

"This is a folio style case, it's built exceptionally well. It feels super solid"

Stromstock - 'Hardware: Cygnett Enigma'

"Verarbeitung und Materialwahl sind hervorragend"

YouTube Finley McGregor - 'Cygnett Workmate Case for iPhone 5 & Giveaway'

"I think it adds less bulk (than the Otterbox 'Commuter')...It's very tactile and easy to use"

Tech Guide - 'Cygnett's iPod nano and iPad Mini protection for work and play'

"If you’re a person of action and like to take your devices with you then a protective case is a must and Cygnett’s latest range fits the bill perfectly."

Macworld reviews The Workmate for iPhone 5

"I really like the WorkMate for iPhone 5; it’s a worthy successor to my beloved WorkMate for iPhone 4.The case looks great and offers excellent protection."

The Gamer with Kids - 'Cygnett Workmate, FlexiGel, and Vector Case for iPad mini Review'

"After checking out these three cases, I can say that I’m still a fan of Cygnett. If you don’t need a cover for your iPad mini but want a case that offers great rear and side protection, the Cygnett cases have you covered"

TuxWinMac - 'Polygon Ultra-slim prism case per iPhone 5 by Cygnett'

"La Polygon Ultra-slim si presenta nella sua piena eleganza, grazie alla trama unica che troviamo sulla parte posteriore della cover case che protegge ottimamente l’iPhone 5 senza aumentarne il peso o il volume."

WellConnectedMOM - 'Valentine's Day Gifts for the Loves in Your Life 2013'

"Cygnett has a number of fun, international cases that are sure to make a phone stand out. They have a bunch of fun British focused cases to support your wanderlust."

TuxWinMac Review, Aerogrip Feel e la nuova cover case per iPhone 5 firmata Cygnett

"Cygnett è sinonimo di qualità, dopo aver provato questa cover, noi di TuxWinMac la consigliamo per la qualità davvero eccellente e la linea elegante e sportiva allo stesso tempo."

Mac World reviews The Bulldozer for iPhone 5

"The case envelops the iPhone 5 snugly and fits securely, and thanks to its rubbery flexibility, it’s a breeze to put on and remove...The case looks good, feels good, and fits the iPhone 5 well to boot. If you’re concerned about exposing your iPhone to drops, bumps, or other impact, the Bulldozer is a fine option for protecting it. "

Computer World - 'Cygnett Bulldozer silicone case offers iPhone 5 protection'

"Cygnett makes great silicon cases, and the Bulldozer is no exception. The case looks good, feels good, and fits the iPhone 5 well to boot. If you're concerned about exposing your iPhone to drops, bumps, or other impact, the Bulldozer is a fine option for protecting it."

YouTube Run Around Tech reviews The Action Sports Armband for Apple products

"It's water resistant, sweat resistant and weather encapsulates whatever device you put in it"

BSC kids reviews a range of Cygnett products for iPhone 5, and iPad

"If you have given your child one of these great devices and you do not want to see it break in the next few weeks, Cygnett has you covered, literally, in a sleek and stylish manner for all of your iPad, iTouch, iPhone devices"

Dave from NH Tech reviews The WorkMate Pro for iPhone 4/4S

"...really nice, I like how they have that nice grip...feels good in the hand"

Tablet Cases and Sleeves - 'Cygnett Lavish Bluetooth for new iPad '

"Ideal for easy on-the-go use, the protective Lavish Connect features a super-thin magnetically-attached 84-key QWERTY Bluetooth keyboard and integrated stand. Concealed magnets activate the sleep/wake function and keep the case securely closed when your new iPad is not in use."

Run Around Tech reviews The WorkMate for iPhone 5

"The case offers a surprisingly slim finish for a case that’s very protective. It has a soft touch grip which helps insure you don’t lose a hold on your iPhone 5"

YouTube RunAroundTech reviews The Vector for iPhone 5

"It's cool to find a TPU case that isn't like others that I've seen...this one has these industrial looking grooves along the back"

iPhone Major (Germany) reviews The Aerogrip Feel for iPhone 5

"Ich bin mit der Case wirklich sehr zufrieden. Die Case bietet viel Grip und lässt sich sehr gut in der Hand halten. Die Displayschutzfolie welche ich jetzt auch schon etwas länger auf dem iPhone habe, hat bisher noch keine Beschädigungen..."


A video from one of our Spanish speaking reviewers

Blissful Blog features The Urbanshield for iPhone 4S

•Superb detailing, with bevelled edges and silver insert •Easily access all ports, controls and connectors •Includes a screen protector and microfiber cleaning cloth •2 year manufacturer’s warranty

Tech Radar - 'Best iPhone 5 case: 15 to choose from'

"The close-fit and smooth bevelled edges of the UrbanShield emphasize the solid protection it gives your iPhone against keys and coins in your pocket. Meanwhile the rubber rim around the front panel of the case protects the glass from falls, and dips into a nice carbon weave detail on the aluminium rear. A screen protector seals the look"

CU spotlights the Cygnett iPad range for educational iPad applications

"A comprehensive range of iPad cases and accessories from Cygnett designed to extend and enhance the learning experience."

Telstra Magazine features The ICON Art Series for iPhone 5

"Artwork steeped in Aboriginal dreamtime adorns the hard, slim case and includes a screen protector"

Tablet2Cases reviews The Indigo for iPad

"Crafted from high-quality denim fabric , the case will not only offer one-of-a-kind, catchy looks, but will also protect the device form everyday bumps, bruises and scuffs."

YouTube BlueNoodle reviews The Enigma for iPad mini

" get a nice soft front piece and a hard shell back piece which is great for protection" "a solid 4/5"

9 to 5 Mac - 'The 10 best Bluetooth keyboards for your Apple TV'

"Cygnett, a company that makes several iPhone and iPad accessories we’ve enjoyed, has another great option with the high quality but lightweight Cygnett Keypad pictured above in the middle."

Tech4Geeks' Jens Garcia reviews The Lavish Connect

"Setting up the keyboard is quite is compatible with Bluetooth PC and Mac computers as well....The battery has enough charge to run for a week, depending on how much you use it"

The iMums review The Enigma for iPad mini

"if you are looking for a “grown-up” iPad mini case that is fun looks stylish and keeps the mini light and slim the Enigma may be the case for you"

RunAroundTech's Larry Greenberg reviews The CrossStitch for iPod touch 5th gen

"You get three spools of can actually use the yarn to stitch your very own design across the back of the case..."

ChipChick reviews The Healer - Self-healing screen protector

We could swear we’re touching iPhone 5′s actual screen. The Healer is silky smooth and it even shows less fingerprints than the glass screen. The viewing experience is exactly as it would be without the screen protector, and even with less smudges, fingerprints, and dust. It’s called the “Healer” because it’s actually capable of healing from small scratches. It’s made of a super-high clarity polyethlene substrate that has a dry application film that reseals scratches on its own. After a couple weeks of use, we don’t have the slightest scratch."

Kurt "Cyber Guy" Knutsson reviews The FlipWallet for iPhone 5

"I own it. I use it. I gift it. They love it."

YouTube AppleHelp Romania reviews The WorkMate for iPhone 5

Check out this video from a reviewer in Romania

Gaming Shogun reviews The Lavish Connect

"The Lavish Connect wasn’t so much tested by me as it was put to immediate use..." "The Cygnett Lavish Connect has improved my home life as well as looking stylish and making my reviewing far more portable and convenient. With a much less bulky profile and weight than a laptop and a comfortable design including a built in energy efficiency wake up/sleep mode I would expect for people to see this little black beauty by my side most places I go."

The Herald Sun - 'Five great back-to-school gadgets'

A pair of decent headphones can help high-school "students stand the commute to school and these Cygnett PurePhonic headphones have a lot going for them, including buttons to navigate tracks, volume controls and a microphone to answer phone calls. Rating: 4/5"

Blouin Artinfo reviews The ICON Art Series 'Echidna Dreaming' for iPhone 5

"“Echidna Dreaming” based on the original artwork, “Echidna Dreaming At Tjungaringya”, depicts body paint designs associated with Tingari ceremonies relating to the Tjilkamata (Echidna) Dreaming at the claypan and rockhole site of Tjungaringya, south of Lake Mackay."

Elegantly Wasted reviews The Aerosphere for iPhone 4/4S

"I was so happy with case as my iPhone looked well, very clean With the Cygnett Bubble Case, the iPhone is easier to grip and fits snugly in my Mumi mobile case"

YouTube AppleHelpRomania reviews The Bronx for iPhone 5

"Le multumesc celor de la Cygnett pentru aceasta husa primita gratis de la ei pentru review eu voi pastra husa dupa review."

Mad Shrimps review The Apollo for iPhone 4/4S

"The silicone interior is meant to absorb the shocks and its raised edges will protect the front part of our iPhone. Also, the hard plastic exterior is meant to enhance the overall strength of the case and is also made from a scratch-resistant texture."

Phone Arena reports 'Cygnett Enigma Flexible-folding iPad mini Case hands-on'

"You ought to check out Cygenett’s Enigma Case for the iPad mini... First of all, the Enigma is a convenient and clever folding case that protects and props up the tablet in an assortment of configurations. Even better, the inner portion of the front cover is lined with microfiber to clean and protect the iPad mini’s display"

Run Around Tech's Larry Greenberg reviews 'Rainmaking' for iPhone 5

"The back has the 'rainmaking' really cool work of art that has been made into a case"

The Irish Times feature the CES 2013 TATS CRU artists for Cygnett

"Artists with Cygnett make custom iPhone covers during the 2013 International CES Digital Experience media preview"

MBA INFOGRAPHIC - The rise of Android

Fantastic infographic on the rise of Android

Mashable features The Indigo case for iPad in 'Quirky cases for the iPad and iPhone'

"This iPad mini case is made (and feels) just like any pair of jeans. It costs just as much as them too -- about $75 (from Cygnett)."

Mobile Syrup features interview with Cygnett's own Michael van Raay at CES 2013

"Cygnett is also one of the fist manufacturers to show off a new MFi line of Apple accessories. MFi stands for “Made for iProduct” and denotes an official licensee of Apple’s accessories, including the new Lightning adapter. Cygnett has a full line of Lightning-compatible accessories, including AC adapters for the iPhone (1A) and iPad 4 (2.1A) and car chargers with Lightning ends, one of the first non-bootlegs that I’d seen."

Gear Diary visits the Cygnett stand at CES 2013

"We love Cygnett Cases at Gear Diary. They offer a tremendous number of unique styles in a variety of price ranges, and it’s always a treat to see their newest designs. While at CES 2013, we were lucky enough to swing by their booth and get a tour of the highlights on deck for 2013!"

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