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Tuaw features The ICON Art series in 'Cygnett's ICON case contains the story behind the artists and art'

"Still, there are always a few cases worth pointing out every year, and this year the honor goes to Cygnett's ICON Art Series of iPhone cases. Cygnett is an Australian company, and the ICON series is a group of iPhone cases that boasts some amazing art from around the world, including Aborigine artist Ronnie Tjampitjinpa, graffiti artists Tats Cru and Scarygirl creator Nathan Jurevicius. In addition to offering iPhone cases with these artists' works on the back of them, the ICON line also provides a writeup inside each case, that informs you about the work and the artist."

YouTube Techtalk10 reviews The Apollo for iPhone 4/4s

"This case does come in many colours; purple, black, white and a few more... The hard shell is scratch resistant and very protective for the iPhone 4.... The phone fits very snugly in the case. There's no gaps between the phone and the edges of the case...which is really good! I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a protective case"

Apps Gone Free features Cygnett cases for iPad and iPhone at CES 2013 in 'Cygnett Shows Off New Case Options For iOS Devices'

"If you’re looking for a case that stands out from the crowd, you’ll definitely want to take a look at Cygnett’s ICON Art Series Cygnett was also showing off its Workmate line of cases for iOS devices. The rugged case uses a soft inner core and hard outer shell to protect the device. I’ve extensively tested the Workmate for the iPhone 5, and it is easily one of my favorite case for the handset so far"

Impulse Gamer reviews TATS CRU for iPhone 5

Welcome to the latest design from Cygnett's Icon series of cases that is inspired by the renowned group of New York street artists called Tats Cru, The Mural Kings. With over 20 years experience of street art, Tats Cru are true professionals who create some amazing "graffiti" type art and have even been hired by Coca Cola. Their gift to Cygnett is the Bronx which looks like it has been taken from a Subway in New York with its sharp edges, vibrant colours and stylised art. We tested both the iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5th Generation cases from Cygnett which features the same striking design.

macmixing interviews our very own Michael Van Raay in '[CES 2013] Cygnett Shows Off New iPhone And iPad Cases For 2013'

"Cygnett has an awesome new case lineup for iOS devices. We caught up with Michael from the Cygnett booth at CES 2013 to get a rundown of the hottest cases for your shiny new iOS devices. Check out the video!"

CES Daily features the Cygnett case ranges for iPad and iPhone

"...offering a striking aesthetic...extremely protective..."

Geek Sugar reviews The Underground series in 'The Galaxy S III Travels Across the Pond in Cygnett's London Cases'

"Android phones are woefully underrepresented when it comes to stylish tech accessories, but no longer! iPhone, you don't get to have all the fun anymore thanks to Cygnett's line of snap-on London Galaxy S III cases. Choose between designs with a hard, plastic shell or those with grippy rubber texture and included screen protector to show the iGadget there's a new bloke in town. Sorry, mate!"

Gizmodo features 'Speed Graffiti' video of TATS CRU Artists at CES 2013

"Check out this video of one of the incredibly talented TATS CRU artists, customising a GIZMODO case for Cygnett at CES 2013"

The Trigger interviews Cygnett Marketing Director, Sophie Swann at CES 2013

"Sophie: Any kind of phone case is something you take around with's an extension of yourself, what do you want to say about yourself? We have the TATS CRU art, where the Mural Kings of New York came out and designed some custom cases for our lucky customers"

YouTube mtpflyers 'Cygnett Products from CES 2013'

"One company I always love seeing at CES is Cygnett and they do have a full line of products They have great minimalistic designs, as well as ones that will protect your devices If you want to listen to your stuff, they have a cool range of headphones that they are coming out with"

YouTube mtpflyers reviews The Bronx and Anti-Glare + for iPhone 5

"The Bronx - This is from a designer line stu up by TATSCRU. A very clean design here along with the rest of the case. AntiGlare + - The value is there wih 3 in a pack. NO glare NO fingerprints, you can definitely be happy with that"

Getty Images features TATS CRU and Cygnett exhibit at CES 2013

"Artists with Cygnett make custom iPhone covers during the 2013 International CES Digital Experience media preview at the MGM Grand Conference Center on January 7, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada."

YouTube wwwinsanelygreatmac reviews The Enigma for iPad mini at CES 2013

"What's cool about it is, it has an interesting folding design, a little origami can also fold it over for keyboard typing. Of course when you flip over the cover you get protection of your screen and all the way around, plus all your ports and controls are all available"

T3chniq features The ICON Art series in 'CES Day 2: Cases, Cases, and More Cases'

"We stopped over at Cygnett’s booth where they had a whole lineup of cases for us to check out. Cygnett partnered with world-renowned Aborigine artist Ronnie Tjampitjinpa. I personally love these cases, I was able to test one out and the ICON series are a great thin low-profile case, but what really sets them apart (other than awesome artwork partnerships) is the feel of the products, the ICON series is covered in a soft-touch rubber material, providing great hand-feel, but not detracting from the “pocket-ability” of the case. We will go more into detail with the Cygnett Product line post-CES."

Slash Gear report on TATS CRU personalised iPhone 5 cases at CES 2013

"This week at Digital Experience (during CES 2013) we caught up with the case makers at Cygnett where they had none other than the world famous TATS CRU joining the fun for fully unique customized iPhone 5 ICON cases Also note that the TATS CRU have several hot graffiti-inspired cases up on the Cygnett that you’ll be able to pick up right this minute fantastic creations, bright and vibrant. TATS CRU through the future will bring you the sharp lines and lovely street style you desire one way or another – grab one right this minute!"

Chip Chick report on TATS CRU and Cygnett at CES 2013

"TATS CRU, the Mural Kings and internationally renowned graffiti artists, have recently teamed up with Cygnett to produce one of the best iPhone 5 cases around. Here at CES, Cygnett has not only showed off their second TATS CRU Icon Series case, but they flew the group out to customize cases right here on the CES floor!" "Their Icon Series iPhone cases could potentially be the best case out there. It’s the perfect balance between sleek, light, and protective, plus it has some amazing artist inspired designs"

Melbourne Girl Fashion Blog features 'The Bronx' by TATS CRU for iPhone 5

"ICON Art Series was inspired by Cygnett’s passion for creativity, art and design. For ICON, they have collaborated with creators who illuminate an original, exciting and imaginative vision. My favourite case in the ICON series would be the bright graffiti design by Tats Cru, the Bronx-based, New York street artists who have change the perception of graffiti over 20 years."

Johnny Urban Blog features TATS CRU in 'Cygnett Makes Custom Graffiti-Inspired iPhone Case'

"Cygnett is one of the worlds’s leading digital accessory designers and manufacturers. We care about what we do and the people who use our products. So, we share the love with CYGNETT CARE, including a lifetime guarantee on all our cases and screen protectors.” Artists with Cygnett make custom iPhone covers during the 2013 International CES Digital Experience media preview at the MGM Grand"

Italiamac reviews a wide range of cases for iPad mini and iPhone 5

Cygnett, azienda poco conosciuta in Italia, sembra saper offrire ottimi prodotti

iLounge features The Vector and Indigo Denim in the Cygnett Show Report

"Known for its interesting and occasionally polarizing designs, Cygnett has a number of new and updated cases on display at the 2013 CES. Cygnett's Indigo denim case ($70) for iPad features hand-stitched detailing and pockets to hold smartphones. The Vector 360 ($40) case for iPad mini is a just-released, updated version of the Vector case. It features full protection for the front and back of the device."

metagamers reviews the 'Haven' case from the ICON Art Series for iPhone 5

"The ICON Art Series case ($24.95) by Cygnett is an ultra thin hard shell case that protects the iPhone 5 from scratches and scuffs, while keeping the slim, minimal design of the iPhone itself. The ICON Art Series case is a collaboration project with some of the world’s leading artists: Aboriginal artist Ronnie Tjampitjinpa, Scary girl creator Nathan Jurevicius and New York’s famed street artists Tats Cru."

Apollo and FlipWallet for iPhone 5 feature in Prodijee Magazine

"FlipWallet - The minamalist, modern case has an androgynous utilitarianism to suit both masculine and feminine fashion. FlipWallet is not a traditional wallet - it's centred on the technological...the case is recyclable, hardwearing, stain-resistant, and water repellent and has anti-UV properties" "Apollo - A colour selection that taps into the coming northern and southern hemisphere seasons, high street fashion and emerging trends"

The Star Tribune features The ICON Art Series for iPhone 5

"The minimalist cases, which cost $30 each, snap onto an iPhone 5 easily. The hard shell is durable, with a soft finish that makes it easy to hold, but it's slim enough to slide in and out of pockets. The cases do not have much padding, but they offer enough protection to safeguard a phone when it's dropped"

YouTube iMore reviews iPad cases; Lavish Earth, Glam and Alumni

"Cygnett makes some of the most beautifully made products. These iPad cases have a soft, almost velvety feel and it's beautiful. You're not going to have to worry. Some of the cases I've used the stitching comes undone. But, this case is stitched all the way through, not glued so, you know that when you buy this case it's going to last for a really long time"

PC Mag features The FlipWallet in 'Best iPhone 5 Cases'

"If you don't want to haul a big bag for all of your stuff, or if you're traveling extra-light and don't want to carry anything but your phone, The good looking, tri-fold FlipWallet from Australia-based Cygnett integrates credit card slots and a billfold so you can leave your wallet at home. An included screen protector keeps your display safe from your credit cards when the case is folded closed."

2Phat2Tech reviews The iPhone 5 case range

"All these cases come with manufacturers lifetime guarantee plus a two-year warranty Flip-wallet – it’s for people who like to carry around everything in one case, rather than having to carry a separate wallet ICON Series – Great unique gift Bulldozer – Impact resistant case, made of silicone"

The New York Times reviews The ICON Art Series in 'Protect Your iPhone With a Vision From Australia'

"Cygnett joined with some visionary artists for the line, called the Icon Art Series, to create some striking looks, including bright graffiti designs by Tats Cru, the Bronx-based muralists, and hypnotic birds by the Australian illustrator Nathan Jurevicius. I was partial to the bold designs by the Australian indigenous artist Ronnie Tjampitjinpa, which gave the cases a gritty, rough vibe"

Housing magazine features The WorkMate for Samsung Galaxy SIII

"Global digital accessories designer Cygnett has recently launched WorkMate, its new mobile phone case for Samsung Galaxy SIII. The new shock-absorbing case combines a heavy-duty polycarbonate outer and an impact-cushioning silicone inner in order to provide your phone with extra protection and easy grip. According to Cygnett, the slimline design and dual material case also make it pocket-friendly, while still providing easy access to its camera, as well as all other functions, ports and flash apertures. The WorkMate has become one of Cygnett's most renowned series after the huge success of the case for the iPhone and Galaxy SII, and is available at most major retail outlets."

ICON Ronnie Tjampitjinpa cases now at Telstra

"We’re thrilled to have our Icon Art Series: Ronnie Tjampitjinpa iPhone 5 and iPod touch cases, now available nationwide at exclusive Australian stockists, TELSTRA. To celebrate the Australian case release, we’ve published Papunya Tula Stories, Part Three: History of Papunya Tula. Ronnie Tjampitjinpa was one of the founding artists of the Papunya Tula Artists (PTA) movement. And, in 2004, Ronnie Tjampitjinpa was appointed the Chairman of Papunya Tula Artists the pioneer Aboriginal Artist-owned cooperative model. This year, Papunya Tula Artists celebrates its 40th anniversary and its artists featured in the NGV’s first touring exhibition, ‘Tjukurrtjanu’, opening at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), Melbourne and Musée du quai Branly, Paris. In Paris, Judith Ryan, Senior Curator Indigenous Art, NGV, reflected on PTA’s inception in 1971, a ‘big bang for Indigenous Artists throughout Australia’ when a ‘painting practice emerged and created a modern art form.’ Judith described; ‘Papunya Tula stands alone with the strongest reputation, but has had an impact on Indigenous Art in the cities, right across Arnhem Land, the Kimberley and Tasmania… It’s without a doubt that if Papunya Tula had not been established, we’d have a very different Australia today.’ Papunya Tula has promoted individual artists, but been instrumental in preserving the rich cultural heritage of its owners, whilst contributing millions of dollars towards community youth, educational, health and sport programs."

YouTube Technologetic mini-review of The Vector and The Apollo

"Vector - It's a soft case, comes in two different colours. The unique feature about this case is actually this texture on the back. There is a 3D pattern going on here with all of these lines. This case provides good shock absorption" "AeroGrip Feel - It's a hard shell case made of poly-carbonate. It feels good in the hand. On the side you hae these bubbles, that's the design feature of this case"

IT Pro Portal features The Enigma for iPad mini in 'Apple iPad mini case roundup'

"Unlike the Apple Smart Cover, the Cygnett Enigma covers the front and back of the iPad mini, ensuring that it’s completely protected when it’s in your bag. The cover can be folded in a multitude of ways – hence the Enigma name, no doubt. Folding the cover together like a paper aeroplane allows you to stand the iPad up for viewing video"

iMore Forums post praises The AeroGrip for iPhone 5

"Much to my surprise I found a perfect replacement for the Incipio's called the "AeroGrip Feel" by Cygnett. It has the same soft-touch black color that I liked with The Feather. It fits great, no "play" at all when it's on the phone. It has some dimples down each side to add a little grip. It comes with a screen shield, a little plastic card for applying the shield, and a small micofiber cloth. The best part? It was only $18.99! I'm pretty sure the Incipio Feather is $29.99. All in all I love the case so far and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a thin snap-on case. It's just what I was looking for"

Technology Tell reviews The FlexiGel case for iPad mini

"It’s very minimalistic and thankfully does not add too much bulk to the ultra-thin form factor. But don’t worry, because the thinness does not undermine this case’s ability to protect your device. Appletell Rating : 4/5"

iRumours reviews The Enigma for iPad mini

"If you’re seeking a simple yet trendy iPad mini case with a quirky way of folding into a stand, the Cygnett Enigma flexi-folding folio case is worth a closer look. The case is available in black, pink and blue color designs"

The Duper Tech reviews The Apollo for iPhone 5

"This is our first review of cases from Cygnett. Cygnett makes amazing cases for mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, etc. They are based in Australia. The Apollo Black is one of our favorite iPhone 5 cases. Why? Because it adds very less bulk and has an amazing design. Black Apollo is an impact-resistant, fingerprint-proof and anti-scratch case. The back and the sides of the case are made out of matte-finish hard plastic and the very front edges of the case are made out of soft glossy plastic which have the characteristics of the iPhone 5’s chamfered edges. The case looks ‘sexy’. It comes with a front screen shield (protector). The case has raised edges in the front which let you place the phone on any side on a table. No need to worry about scratches. The interior of the case is beautiful, it has a rounded design which helps the interior become shock absorbent. The case is really easy to apply and remove. We loved the volume buttons of this case, they are over-sized and look great. All the ports and switches of the iPhone 5 are easily accessible. The best feature of this case is that it hardly takes up any fingerprints. Almost fingerprint free. The camera cutout is also perfect and lined up, the borders of the cutout are black painted so that it avoids flash-glare. Feels nice to hold! This case seems really well built and durable. The packaging of this case is also a positive feature, as you can put the case back in the packaging when you aren’t using it and pack it like how they packed it. The case also comes with a Manufacturer’s LIFETIME Guarantee. That’s amazing, which truly shows how durable that case is. Also a 2 year warranty. The case comes packed with a screen guard, micro-fiber cloth, squeegee, user-manual and a warranty card. We love this case."

YouTube TechCountry reviews The ICON Art Series for iPhone 4

"It is a nice artistic case, the design of it" "The star of the show is the has a really nice smooth, rubbery texture to it. It is very very light so it won't add any extra bulk to your phone" "On the back it really is a 'wow' type of abstract effect, you will attract a lot of attention from your friends and family"

TechGuide reviews PurePhonic Bluetooth Headphones

"The PurePhonic headphones have a compact design and, when you’ve finished listening, they fold up for storage inside the included compact hard case. On the right ear cup there are also navigation and volume controls to allow users to move forwards and backwards through their music without the need to touch their device.Also onboard is a microphone for those users who are linking the PurePhonic Bluetooth headphones to their smartphone. The headphones will allow users to make and receive calls and returns you to your music when you’re done. Cygnett’s headphones can be paired with up to eight compatible Bluetooth devices so its easy to swap between gadgets.And what we liked was fact that the audio quality was just as good whether we were listening wirelessly or through the cable. If you’re after a good quality and affordable pair of headphones that offer excellent sound and the added convenience of wireless connectivity, then the Cygnett PurePhonic Bluetooth headphones truly fits the bill. Tech Guide Rating - 5 Stars"

YouTube UnergyTech reviews The WorkMate and FlipWallet for iPhone 5

"WorkMate - Very easy to put on. Overall very good shock resistance if you drop it in any way. Protects your iPhone very well and looks pretty cool, I think." "FlipWallet - I was very excited to try this case out. It does close with a magnet which is very cool and inside you have a full wallet. If you look at other cases, they will have only one opening. With this case, you can put your bills in all at once, no closes perfectly, even with a full set of cards"

Chip Chick reviews The Enigma for iPad mini

"Cygnett’s Engima Case for iPad Mini offers a unique alternative design to the traditional iPad case. This folio-style case has a cover which sports an original folding design that can’t help remind us of folding a paper airplane. That said, the cover offers a fun alternative to the traditional folding style case cover, and it works! The Good: Modern design with a unique folding cover design, design is very sleek and lightweight, bold color options, case easily snaps off"

WIRED reviews The ICON Art Series and The UrbanShield for iPhone 5

"The Cygnett Icon – Haven is a beautiful case. From the cover design (by artist Nathan Jurevicius) to the feel on my fingers, the Cygnett iPhone 5 cases are perfect for the person who always knows where their phone is. This is a luxury case, I am also reminded that a “cygnet” is a baby swan, and that is what this cover feels like. I have never had a case as soft or touchable as this one. It does not feel like ordinary plastic, and the colors seems richer and less shiny because of the materials used. I like the look of the brushed steel of the Cygnett Sliver UrbanShield case that I tested. It made my phone even more cyberpunk. I like that"

Switched On features PurePhonic Bluetooth headphones in 'Fresh gear: gadgets you must get'

"To eliminate tangles, Cygnett has cut the cord to these headphones. The PurePhonic headphones instead deliver sound by a wireless Bluetooth connection to a smartphone or MP3 player and they can do so for up to 17 hours a charge. They also feature a built-in microphone for taking calls and subtle controls for adjusting the volume"

Impulse Gamer reviews PurePhonic Bluetooth Headphones

"I've been using the PurePhonic Bluetooth Headphones from Cygnett for around 2-weeks now and I still can't fault this product Cygnett PurePhonic Bluetooth Headphones are the best headphones that I've reviewed all year. Not only are they affordably priced but the headphones produce some extraordinary audio quality. Brilliant!"

YouTube Jens Garcia from Tech 4 Geeks reviews The WorkMate for iPhone 5

"You really do get value for money. Although it has a dual layer, it's not going to make your phone really chunky - it's pocket friendly. This is available in three colours - white, slate-grey and green"

Test Freaks review The UrbanShield Carbon and The AeroGrip Crystal for iPhone 5

"Both of these iPhone 5 cases are designed to be low profile to help keep the phone’s aesthetic intact. Cygnett also includes a screen protector to protect the front of the iPhone. UrbanShield - 8/10 Pros: +Lightweight +Flexible +Carbon Fiber composition AeroGrip Crystal - 9/10 Pros: +Shows off entire iPhone 5 +Includes screen shield +Slim profile"

iRumours Now reviews The Lavish for iPad mini

"The inside of the Lavish is padded with thin, soft material that won’t scratch the screen of your iPad mini when the flap cover is in contact with the screen. The iPad mini is also safe and intact in the case’s soft plastic frame/holder that fits the mini perfectly. It’s also easy to remove and put mini in the frame/holder. As with other cases, the Lavish provides access to all functions and ports of the iPad mini."

TOV reviews four Cygnett cases; The WorkMate and Form for SIII and The UrbanShield and Polygon for iPhone 5

"Cygnett's first round in the Val-Cave has been a successful one and their latest cases – UrbanShield, Workmate, Form, and Clear Polygon not only look great but also does a great job protecting your smartphone from minor scratches to moderate drops. You can find these cases and many others by clicking the Cygnett logo to the right. And out of TOV stars, this set of cases gets an easy 5 star perfect and have been Valkor tested, TOV Approved."

YouTube Duffy Talks Tech reviews The SecondSkin for iPhone 5

"This is the first Cygnett case I have ever owned and I'm really impressed...It has an almost perfect balance between design and protection. I highly recommend this case"

Technology Tell reviews The Armour for iPad mini

"Here’s another option worth considering if you’re still looking for the perfect case for your iPad Mini. This one caters to business professionals who’ve found good use for their iPad mini in their everyday activities. The Cygnett Lavish leather folio case sports a sophisticated, travel-friendly and professional look that will make you not mind pulling out the mini during business meetings. Appletell rating - 4/5"

YouTube ComputerHQ reviews The UrbanShield Carbon for iPhone 5

"I enjoyed using the case so much that I am using it to this day. It looks very nice, people ask me where I got this case and how I got it. They just love the design of it"

YouTube MobileNationsGear reviews The Lavish for Samsung Galaxy III

"The case provides a notebook-like feel to your phone while ensuring that every feature is protected and accessible"

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