Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone Xs & X


Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone Xs & X


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The Cygnett RealCurve 3D Edge to Edge 9H Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Xs & X by Apple offers the ultimate in screen protection against damage due to everyday wear and tear or from daily use items such as keys and coins.

The RealCurve 3D also provides protection from fingerprints, water and oil as well as smudges. The RealCurve 3D feels good, looks almost completely invisible and offers extra full screen wrap around protection whilst still maintaining the elegant distinction of your phone..

9H hardness protection - the highest level of scratch protection available
Oleophobic coating gives barrier protection against water and oil with an easy clean finish
6 layer slimline 0.3mm tempered glass which is almost invisible
• Bubble free step by step guide for easy installation


Benefits and General Use

The tempered glass material offers super high protection using 9H hardness which is the highest level of glass protection available. The RealCurve 3D offers full screen coverage with edge to edge protection your phones surface avoids damage and will always be protected from the elements that are around you.

With added Oleophobic technology it provides you with an easy clean surface as well as a protective barrier against water, oil and also eliminating fingerprint marks and smudges.

True touch sensitivity results in you never having to worry about the screen protector interfering with buttons or functions you touch on your screen and very high HD visibility and definition due to the RealCurve’s almost invisible nature means there is second skin protection for your device.

Installation and Application

Installation is now almost fool proof when compared with previous screen protector application processes. Long gone are the frustrations and bubbles of applying your screen protector and are replaced with a simple step by step bubble free guide.


The Cygnett RealCurve 3D Edge to Edge 9H Tempered Glass Screen Protector is compatible with the new release iPhone Xs & X and works in conjunction with all of the Cygnett iPhone Xs & X compatible cases.