Premium Magnetic Dash and Window Phone Mount

MagMount Plus

Premium Magnetic Dash and Window Phone Mount


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The Cygnett MagMount Plus Magnetic Dash and Window Mount combines the most convenient way to attach your phone securely in your car for perfect driving viewing in a premium metal finish with the ability to take it anywhere.

• Premium in-car magnetic phone mount system
• 360° rotation and extensive pivot motion
• Mounts quickly and securely to your cars dash or window
• Premium metal finish
• Strong hold that is always reliable even on rough roads
• Effortless on/off attachment with a strong adhesive connection
• Includes Micro-USB cable.


Mount and Go

The Cygnett MagMount Plus Magnetic Dash and Window Mount is a magnetic mounting system for your car which allows you to mount your phone in any angle you choose including vertical and horizontal positions with pivot action for the perfect viewing aspect.

Featuring a secure strong magnetic grip meaning that your phone on even the bumpiest of roads is always held securely in place.

With an ultra-compact form made from premium metal the Cygnett MagMount Plus Magnetic Dash and Window Mount takes up very little space in your car offering both versatility and a strong design focus.

What's Included

Comes with a large metal mounting plate along with medium and small adhesive mounting discs and a spare adhesive patch for the window and dash mount. The large metal mounting plate does not require any adhesive application, simple place between your phone and phone case and you are ready to go.

The 3M adhesive used is a very strong adhesive, Please be aware that placing this directly on your phone may be very difficult to remove, or it may leave a mark.


The products ultra-compact form is suitable to work in conjunction with most current smartphones of varying sizes including the new Apple iPhone X / iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8.

Please note: Cases must have a flat back surface and they must be thinner than 1.8mm/0.3 inch or the magnet will not form a strong hold.

Maximum device weight: 250g

Do not use a credit card carrying phone cases with the MagMount Plus range as the magnet may wipe your credit cards.

Maximum device weight: 250g

MagMount Plus Dash Manual